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Anamosa Valentine Report | 12/24/2016 10:19 pm
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Anamosa Valentine Report | 12/20/2016 6:39 pm
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Anamosa Valentine Report | 12/10/2016 11:14 pm
Ah don't worry, I won't ever forget you. Not after all the art you've done for me. ^.~ And I'm still here!

Know that Akira Toriyama's one of my favorite artists, so its no surprise that I liked all his arts in Chrono Trigger. But by far, I loved hi works in the Dragon Quest series the most.
Anamosa Valentine Report | 12/10/2016 10:55 pm
Sinivar!! You changed your name! xd You must really love Lucca! ~
Anamosa Valentine Report | 10/19/2016 2:03 am
Guess there are rough days ahead for you. I'm all good, relaxing and enjoying a D&D PC game with my family. You might feel envious of me hearing that, but I'm just lucky for now. ^.~
Anamosa Valentine Report | 10/19/2016 1:22 am
Just paying you a little visit. How are you faring? ^^
Anamosa Valentine Report | 09/02/2016 9:32 pm
Hello, how are you faring? I thought I'd pay you a little visit! ^.~
Anamosa Valentine Report | 04/14/2016 8:22 pm
Yeah, bad stuff happens in life every now and then. Not even the richest folks in the US are happy either. ^.~

I'm okay but gradually getting tired and bored of this site. It's not entertaining any more now that most fun stuff is gone and I don't like Lake Kindred's monotonous grinding. So I do something fun in real life.
Anamosa Valentine Report | 03/30/2016 1:14 am
Chrono Trigger! So you loved the character Lucca? I didn't think you'd be a tinker/mechanice type like my sweetheart. ^_~

Long time no see by the way! How's life been for you?
Anamosa Valentine Report | 10/14/2015 10:49 pm
Good to see an update on you after a long time! ^.^ heart I hope you and your daughter are well! ~
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