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xxhello there darling, i'm lovely sides. my real name is lisa. i'm twenty year old female. i have pretty bad grammar. i have mdd(major depression disorder), pretty bad anxiety, and a lot of shitty other problems. so im pretty ******** up and at times i rather be dead. im pretty shy yet friendly, lets be friends. ( n v n )
xxoscar is my boyfriend, he the best thing in the world. only he can make me happy, i only need him. i probably talk to you about him 24/7. he is so dreamy, he is my prince charming. ( ♥ ◇ ♥ )hehe i love him so much. he makes me feel pretty and giggly. and his voice hnnnnnng //drool (v///n///v) he is the greatest. he is my everything.
xxmichael is my best friend. he is an adorable person, I met him on here and just hit off when we first met. he listens to me when I cry about my problem. he is truly a great friend.
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