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about me

name / anu (pronounced anew)
sex / f
age / 22
date of birth / may 22
location / finland
height / 165,5 cm

small update:
i haven't been active in gaia/cb for a long time..
but i still do (and will, in future) reply to PMs,
ones that i get from some of you,
please be patient, might take a week
for me to do so, cause:
these days i have been working
in a foster home as a maid
and i live together with my boyfriend
(jon, since 12.3.2014 -> )
and our sweet little kitten (darth maul).
my life offline is more important to me,
cause of doing all those things
that grown ups gotta do..
i miss all of you, and i still love your PMs.
i guess this is my retirement message,
but no worries,
i will still visit gaia once a week
(to check messages)
and maybe, every now and then,
to make a thread, if i feel like it.
i'd like to thank everyone for being so amazing,
and i hope we stay in contact!


// likes
doctor who / breaking bad / sons of anarchy
dolls (pullip, blythe, bjd)
tattoos & piercings
energy drinks & sugar rushes
peppermint / candy canes
pokemon & tekken (on 3ds)
steam: age of mythology, warlock 2, DOTA 2 etc.
stalkers & socially awkward, clingy people
dubstep, hardstyle, synthpop, drum'n'bass,
pop punk, punk rock, post-hardcore,
experimental rock, progressive rock,
screamo, emo, 80's, classical music

fav bands/artists: bring me the horizon,
sleeping with sirens, hurts, bastille, mew,
ayumi hamasaki, neon hitch, jhene aiko

// dislikes
lavender (scent of it)
(too) loud noises
alcohol & drugs (i'm a teetotaler)
fish (seafood in general),
pickle & raw onion (as a food)
& over spicy foods
dishonest / shallow / racist etc. people


// comments & PMs are appreciated.
but please don't send me random friend requests,
i'd like to know a little bit about you first.

and if you really want to impress me,
write "so it has come to this.."
into the PM before sending it, so i'll know
that you have read my "about me".
i'd really like that.

♦ or then, you can leave a comment, to my profile.

♦ also, if you are feeling like it, you can crush me.

♦ i have/use kik
(username in both: lieutenantdoll)

♦ i have steam ask for it! , -

♦ i have tentacl
(username: lieutenantdoll)

my no more active youtube channel.. , -


- avi art received

- signs received

- vocaroos received


// the song playing in my profile usually
has something to do with how i'm feeling
/or have been feeling lately.


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anu (anew) / 22 / finland /
crush me , -

we were supposed to be
princesses and astronauts


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