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Who am I?

"Do you actually oppose to the idea of video games being challenging and expecting players to get better at it?"

This is your friendly neighborhood Lucario fanboy. I don't do a whole lot here anymore because this site is going downhill, but I imagine you're already aware of that by now.

I am...

-A guy who plays games If I use the term "gamer," people will scream at me like I used a racial slur.
-A brony (yes, I know...)
-A Pokemon fan
-A closet furry of some sort
-A novice chiptune composer
-Some lowlife who works $8 an hour at a shitty fast food joint
-Possible flamebait
-An occasionally edgy nimrod
-A filthy casual
-Basically almost every type of internet cancer in one person
-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-why are you still reading this?

Miiverse (alt)

If you wish to speak to me about Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, or MOBA games, then you're talking to the wrong person, because I don't like those games. #ThugLyfe




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Reno Takamiya Report | 09/17/2015 2:19 am
Reno Takamiya
Hey, Lan. Remember when Scott Cawthon said FNAF4 was going to be the final game in the series or at least the last chapter? Yeah, well, it looks like that's not the case even if it seems to be a spin-off game... Five Nights At Freddy’s Is Being Turned Into An RPG
OctoCamo Report | 09/05/2015 12:43 am
Hey, what's up?
Princess Auracat Report | 08/18/2015 2:12 am
Princess Auracat
sup! whee
OctoCamo Report | 08/15/2015 11:23 pm
Oh yes, the old timey folk were super into memes. It's understandable that they would find them interesting living near trolls with le trollface singing the trolololollololloloo hahahahahaa song.

Such excitement, wow. You can also catch one of the most common Finnish phrases, "Jumalauta Saatana" when the guy gets hit by the bicycle.
OctoCamo Report | 08/15/2015 5:28 am
Well, to be honest everyone wearing underwear was quite an immersion breaker. It always did bother me a bit when I loot some dead marauder's clothes off and wasn't greeted by erect 12 inch schlong and when I couldn't have animated intercourse with my wife in my sex lair player house.

Speaking of Darude Sandstorm, have you ever watched the music video without music?
OctoCamo Report | 08/15/2015 3:45 am
Oh, that sucks. Here it's a law that Sundays and Holidays pay double and I'm pretty sure Saturday also has some sort of bonus. I've only worked handful of Saturdays. I'm an IT and work regular office hours unless there's an emergency or I need to do network changes off hours.

Ugh, those people really piss me off. Raptr has tracked me playing 301 hours of New Vegas, 245 hours of Skyrim and 140 hours of Fallout 3 on Xbox 360 without mods and I never grew tired of any of these games and never played Skyrim and Fallout 3 to 100% completion. None of them reached 10 hours for me on PC with mods before I ran out of Fs to give. I can understand tweaking the game with some texture packs or skins, but I'll fight anyone who says that a blimp, lightsaber, gun, Thomas the Tank Engine summon and Macho Man Dragons are essential part of the real Skyrim experience.
OctoCamo Report | 08/15/2015 12:53 am
Oh, I- I'm so sorry. I forgot what you did for a second, I suppose weekend work isn't uncommon on that line of work. Do you get bonuses for weekend shifts?

That sounds more promising. If you play it, let me know if it's the definitive Mystery Dungeons experience.

Right. My friend gave me crap for it for longest time and for everything else I did in the game, he was close to ruining the game for me.
You'll be able to do all the covenants for their rewards, you're not stuck with one covenant forever. There's a guy in a bell tower that you can talk ot abandon current covenant without any penalties.

I pay 25 euros for it a month and that covers all calls and text messages within the country too.
OctoCamo Report | 08/14/2015 10:11 am
Ohmigod, Ohmigod, Ohmigod, it's finally a freaking weekend. I was starting to suspect that it was never coming.

That's weird, I played the blue rescue team enough to see a ton of Pokemon, so it's weird that they'd make one with a small cast. And it is weird that they'd leave a fanfavorite like Lucario out. It's like making game based on first generation and not include Charizard. Didn't remember that it was roguelike.

I'm definitely on side of grinding. My friend complained that I was ruining my experience by grinding for levels which he thinks isn't the way the game was meant to be played... You don't need to be a sunbro to summon Solaire.

Oh, wow. A big family then. I only have one brother.

That's more like it. I have 50 Mbps unlimited 4G connection on my phone that I quite often just hotspot from.
I believe that. I'd probably quit internet if it became the only option and I was expected to pay for it.
OctoCamo Report | 08/13/2015 7:59 am
Sorry for not responding yesterday. Fell asleep right after work and woke up 15 hours later just in time for going back to work.

How are the Mystery Dungeons? I got one with my DS Lite because I wanted a Pokemon game and Diamond and Pearl had sold out. I played some of it, but it wasn't really my thing, it was blue rescue team or something like that. I got Xenoblade on Wii, but never got around starting it, same with Pandora's Tower. I blame all of Sweden for me losing interest in Xenoblade.

I always start with the master key because it let's me do suicide runs to some tougher areas for good loot. I wouldn't really call it broken, besides valley of the drakes door I can't remember many cases where it would be that big of the benefit and that access only does you any good if you know what you're doing. I know many people who used that shortcut and got stuck in Blighttown after resting at the bonfire in the bottom and then had no skill or power to get back or advance.

They're not the hardest bosses in the game, but co-op makes it much easier even if the other player does nothing. It's about getting other bosses attention to someone else for a bit. Even summoning the NPC Sunbro helps out quite a bit even though he usually doesn't survive long.

Oh okay. Didn't know that you had a brother (two brothers?) and that the PS3 was his. If I were to play it on PC, I don't know if I would bother with the patch. To my knowledge it wasn't worse than the console version but exact same, which outraged the PC mustard race. I would much rather play with locked 30 FPS than unintended 60 FPS.

Oh. Limited data plan is a weird concept for me, I keep forgetting that a lot of people have to deal with it...
I've read 119 chapters of Jojo this week. Can't stop.
OctoCamo Report | 08/11/2015 11:00 am
Woah, didn't see that coming. I'm glad I was sitting down for this one.

I'm glad to hear that you've decided to give it another chance. Hopefully it will go better this time around.
I went with "I don't know what I'm doing" build myself with heavy focus on stamina. Also invested enough to have few pyromancies and healing spells with me.

The trick to blighttown is to say "******** blighttown" and run past everything to be done with it as soon as possible. I hated that place too.

Figuring everything out on your own has it's own mental reward, but I found the game a lot more enjoyable after I had beaten it once and knew where everything was.

Ornstein and Smough is one of my favorite bosses in the game, though I've never solo'd them. I used to grind them for souls as a summon until I got to Seath which was stupid easy to grind.

Why don't you have access to your PS3 anymore?

So, what else is new? I ended up watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure during my Crunchyroll roll, damn I love it. Finished the anime and picked manga from where it was left off. Already read a bunch of volumes.