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Who am I?

"Do you actually oppose to the idea of video games being challenging and expecting players to get better at it?"

This is your friendly neighborhood Lucario fanboy. I don't do a whole lot here anymore because this site is going downhill, but I imagine you're already aware of that by now.

I am...

-A guy who plays games If I use the term "gamer," people will scream at me like I used a racial slur.
-A brony (well... not anymore these days, I've practically left that cult.)
-A Pokemon fan
-A closet furry of some sort
-A novice chiptune composer
-Some lowlife who works $8 an hour at a shitty fast food joint
-Possible flamebait
-An occasionally edgy nimrod
-A filthy casual
-Basically almost every type of internet cancer in one person
-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-why are you still reading this?

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Reno Takamiya Report | 07/12/2016 2:08 am
Reno Takamiya
It's funny how they keep churning out all these items, RIGS and gold generators, but the only way people can afford any of it is if they're heavy Gaia Cash users or win it big at the occasional gold generator they saved up for. I'm not even surprised that they decided to start selling season passes just so people can get all the luxury items in one go.

These days you're lucky if you even see any of the old VGD regulars posting. I know a lot of them that are inactive now or at least semi-inactive. You still get people like Nate/The DBZ guy logging on multiple accounts (since he keeps getting banned) complaining about the VGD not talking about Japanese games or anything else other than Triple A/Indie titles. He'd rather complain about the current state of Gaia/VGD instead of trying his own hand at making a worthwhile thread. It's funny how irony works out in the end.

Ah, I see. I researched in depth to which phone I wanted to get. I saw so many that it kind of got confusing in the end. I was interested in getting a Nexus 5 on Google's Project Fi service since they give you an account credit for whatever left over data you have at the end of the month, but I ended up finding out that they don't have service where I'm at. Luckily I was able to find a sale on my current phone for $200 (originally $300) instead of dropping down $600 - $700 on the newest high-end smartphone. My phone is also the unlocked version so I can pretty much switch between carriers, though I'm currently under my mom's plan because I have to finance the phone through her. I don't have a credit score to speak of so I couldn't do it by myself. It's great for everything I need to do with it though. Why my brother felt the need to spend so much to get an LG G4 is beyond me. There's plenty of low-end or mid-range phones out there that are more than viable.
Reno Takamiya Report | 07/12/2016 1:21 am
Reno Takamiya
No worries. I only log onto Gaia early in the mornings and sometimes I'll even randomly skip coming online at all for a couple of days. This place is so desolate now that I've started going to places like Siliconera and Nichegamer for recent obscure video game news. I actually posted a few times in the VGD the other day for the first time in 359 days. I even occasionally log onto Miiverse but mostly just to redeem for the MyNintendo coins reward people get just for logging on. I'm a bit disappointed that you have to purchase games digitally just to get gold coins though. Oh, so you have a phone now? I remember you mentioning on Miiverse once that you felt like the only person in the world who didn't have one. I also didn't have one at the time when I read that, but I recently got an Android phone myself.
Reno Takamiya Report | 07/07/2016 5:54 am
Reno Takamiya
Long time no see! I hope everything is well with you.

I hope you haven't accidentally been eating any napkins at Arby's, Lan. I just saw a commercial the other day that mentioned putting all the sliders into an Arby's bag and taking out something without looking and just eating it. Napkins might not taste great, but hey, at least they're edible. You'd have to work for it if it was a plastic straw. lol
Wabunyan Report | 04/25/2016 8:23 pm
Your sig. It made me grin.

Reno Takamiya Report | 03/10/2016 12:25 am
Reno Takamiya
Happy Birthday, Lan! I hope it's a great one! yum_cupcake
Reno Takamiya Report | 02/10/2016 2:07 am
Reno Takamiya
This is the stuff of nightmares! I'm sorry to say that it didn't stop at the games or the possibility of a movie. sweatdrop
Reno Takamiya Report | 01/29/2016 3:04 am
Reno Takamiya
Hey Lan, I'm currently using Google Chrome as my main browser for everything including Gaia, but every time I try to manually log out of Gaia it just automatically refreshes the page as if I'm pressing the refresh button itself when I'm really not. I'm able to use Internet Explorer to manually log in and manually log out but I prefer to use Google Chrome over Internet Explorer. I've had a friend test to see if they were having the same problem but it only seems to be affecting me for whatever reason. I was also able to find a way to update my Chrome to Version 48.0.2564.97 m hoping it'd fix the issue I'm having but it didn't. I was thinking of reinstalling Chrome but I don't want to lose anything important like bookmarks. It also doesn't help that I get a pop-up box that says "Close every window associated with Google Chrome before continuing..." when I try to uninstall it even though everything is already closed. I don't know what else to do to fix this problem. Any thoughts? The only other thing I thought of is asking in Questions & Assistance or Computers & Technology. It seems to be only an issue for me but I can't tell if it's because Chrome is acting up or if it's Gaia.
Reno Takamiya Report | 01/07/2016 1:04 am
Reno Takamiya
According to Wikipedia, at least a total of 11 games have won GotY for 2015 so far. Some awards were awarded to the very same game multiple times so I didn't count those because they were repeats. I imagine Wikipedia isn't even caught up with all that happened in 2015, so expect to see even more games get put on there.

In other news, the price point for the Oculus Rift seems to be a measly $600 just for the VR headset. And even though it's the same price as a new iPhone or the initial price of the PS3, that doesn't even begin to say how much you'll need to spend on a PC just to get it to work. It also sounds like they aren't even making a profit on the headset despite the CEO telling people it's cheap. It really makes me wonder if people like Star Platinum are still lauding it like it's the best thing since sliced bread. Then again, last time Star Platinum had appeared he told the VGD that he made his own homemade headset. Although this is the same guy who also theorized that a company like Radioshack could become the new GameStop even though RadioShack ended up filing for bankruptcy and their last several stores were acquired up by Sprint. Not to mention how much he loved the Ouya which is also stuck in limbo trying to acquire a new owner to survive. Anyways, this makes me wonder how much PlayStation VR is going to be priced. I had heard that it'd be priced at the same price as a console, but that doesn't really tell us if it's $600 like the initial price for the PS3 or $400 like with the PS4. Either way, I can't afford any of this. Not like I'd want to if all these headsets end up getting is shovelware just to show off the novelty of the peripheral.
Reno Takamiya Report | 12/19/2015 1:05 am
Reno Takamiya
So according to Square Enix, the Final Fantasy 7 remake is too big to be released on one single disc and that's why they're going with an episodic release to make sure they give fans the best experience possible. I actually find this thinking to be rather funny because it's not like Blu-Ray discs stop at 25GB or 50GB, since you also have the BDXL format that features a 100GB or a 128GB disc. I've read in the past that the Xbox ONE's Blu-Ray disc drive is capable of reading the BDXL format so I'm sure the same can be said for the PS4. I don't even know why Square Enix isn't doing one package with multiple discs like the initial release on the PS1 all those years ago unless costs could be an issue. It's not like developers can't install even more of the game after release like they did with the Master Chief Collection on the Xbox ONE. With that said, all of this brings me to this image I saw the other day on the internet. Why all of the episodes aren't $60 each I'll never understand.
OctoCamo Report | 12/17/2015 8:33 am
I saw it yesterday and I really had fun watching it. It had cool moments although a lot of them were already in the trailers and It had few laughs that weren't delivered through a sad "comic relief" like Jar Jar or Ewoks. Star Wars 5 >> 4 > 3 > 7 > 2 =/= 6 >>> 1
Also Chewbacca was a Finnish basketball player.