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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.I laugh, I cry, I joke, I play, I love, I live.
I love unicorns, rainbows, art, kitties, ice cream,
elegance, music, cosmetology, fashion, and rain.
Kitty-lover, grammar-nazi, anti-abortion, pro-gay.
I'm stubborn and have high moral standards.
My red string of fate is forever tied to Kai~

GaiaOnline is a hobby, like any other online/offline activity.
I'd appreciate if I wasn't judged by what I choose to occupy my free time.

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"I am a unicorn and I do not believe in humans"

How great it must be
to view life with such innocence,
to love unconditionally,
and to appreciate learning so freely.
Without you
my existance would have no purpose,
nor would I appreciate life
as you have taught me how.
Kraz & Faye, you are my world~

Adorable art by Mewcaron


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Lady BellaStar Report | 12/07/2016 4:11 am
I actually don't mind selling items for gold when the end result is to get art. We're old-timers here hahaha. Total relics. We don't need to hoard massive amounts of gold in hopes of getting every 'cool item'/ recolor possible.
I tried to save up for a bit in hopes of getting the SD Doll to eternalize my avi, but I gave up on that pretty quickly haha!

I'm currently looking for someone to make me a new profile; mine has been showing up wonky on Google Chrome lately. If you have any recommendations, I'd love to reach out.

The weather over here is appalling. The raining/cloudy spell is gone for the most part so now I just have to fend against the bitter cold and wind. You can't win against the East Coast wintertime.

How are the kids? c:
Are you enjoying the new Pokemon Moon game with Kyle and Kraz?
Faye must be reaching so many milestones around this age. How is she? heart

-Mini Update- As of now, I am currently fending off another UTI. I cannot even with my body sometimes. I have tried every herbal and home remedy available on this planet and I just cannot shake myself free from UTIs. I get temporary relief from symptoms and they always find a way to come back. I realized recently that they have come back to attack me because I am not wearing cotton undies. But my god, I feel like I'm being personally punished. I follow OCD hygiene practices, pee before and after sex (though it's been ages since), and have a preventative vitamin plan. I followed the antibiotics path that my doctor and urologist suggested and ended up getting them back in a week and twice as bad. UGH. It's so frustrating. At this point, it's not even the physical discomfort that bothers me. I have no idea what else to try... I was told that it's hereditary in some ways and it makes sense (my mom, aunts, and sister are all prone as well). There are not enough cranberry tablets in the world that can prevent a UTI from attacking me. emo
Lady BellaStar Report | 12/05/2016 1:54 am
Stalking you~

Your recent additions to your avi art collection are incredible!
It's inspiring what some artists can do to transform a little Gaia avi into an amazing piece of art.

Fallin4tearsV2 Report | 12/01/2016 8:10 am

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Mmm Tea and honey <3
Eh, guess it really is that time of the year.
Thank you <3
I hope you guys all feel better too, naps helps too! heart ...
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Fallin4tearsV2 Report | 12/01/2016 7:59 am

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Oh no, I feel you on the sleep less nights. Everyone here is sick and it sucks.
I've been making soup all week along with some Hot coco at night.
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Fallin4tearsV2 Report | 12/01/2016 7:23 am

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How's it going?
I ended up buying Hyrule Warriors Legends instead of Pokemon. sweatdrop Now I'm addicted whee ...
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Fallin4tearsV2 Report | 12/01/2016 7:13 am

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Ello ^^
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Lady BellaStar Report | 11/27/2016 1:02 pm
I have not laid eyes on a cuter avi than yours.
The little unicorn rainbow bbything in your arms.

Love post.
Fallin4tearsV2 Report | 11/20/2016 3:55 pm

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0748-4753-1473 is mine ^^

I'm picking up Moon next week. I'm so excited!
How is it so far?...
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Fallin4tearsV2 Report | 11/16/2016 12:28 pm

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That's right!
Hey I don't think I have you on my friend list on my 3DS or the xbox?
Wonder why? Anyways, care to add?...
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Lady BellaStar Report | 11/16/2016 7:28 am
The rain yesterday was not the kind of rain that I enjoy.
The droplets were like little bullets. Pelting everything with a vengeance... The windshield wipers on the cars were working overtime haha! Couldn't even see the car in front of me, only the tail lights. The sound of the rain hitting the car was crazy... Couldn't even hear the music on the radio.
Absolute downpour.
I haven't seen rain like that in a while. The sides of the roads were flooded with water and people ended up driving at approximately 12 miles per hour, which caused more than enough delays all around.
Puddles that formed in the potholes and uneven roads were HUGE. The grass completely soaked through and the mud was overflowing. I suppose this means I won't have to water the plants for about a month hahaha.

Hoping your side of the country gets some rain; dry periods and droughts are no fun. c:
Update me when you can! I'd love to hear how you are doing.

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I do not believe in humans

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