Hello, darlings!
2/11/11- First time on Gaia in 200 days.
Gaia since '07. Chilling since forever. ;D
Get to know me, why don't you? (:

I love random comments.
I love sweet things.
I love nice people.
I love giving.
I love loving.
I love Ren.

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yesh.. the life of moi!! ^^

yea so this is my life events in a nutshell...read on if u dare lolz



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Lady RenStar

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Lady RenStar

Aaahhhh!! You still get on too?!
Avid Desire

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Avid Desire

it's been so long, so much has changed, and yet gaia is still the same...
sending you lots of love in case you one day log on again and find me in your comments emotion_bigheart

life update: i finally went to coachella this past weekend! ha
throwback to the days where i didn't even know what coachella was...
i've also left banking behind (well, it's been 3 years) and am working in venture capital now 4laugh

if you ever do end up coming back, would love to get in touch on a diff platform perhaps so i don't lose you again!
my discord is sarahnomasia#7888

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Love your avi! heart
Lady RenStar

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Lady RenStar

Well I'll be.
Hi there beautiful, come here often? I could use a sweet little thing like you in my life wink


Gaia.. Not much to do here, but we keep coming back anyhow. Lol!

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I like your profile!

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Nice profile and avi
Lady RenStar

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Lady RenStar

London! Sounds amazing~ You'll have to tell me all about it!
I hope everything is well with you!
Sounds like Gaia is calling you in your dreams. Lol! I'm envious, it sounds like it was a pretty dream, colors and all. My dreams are riddled with nightmares lately. I think I've been over stressed and my dreams are my subconscious trying to tell me to release some tension.
You would think that after the holidays are done, things would calm down.. Nope.
I'm now a full time babysitter. I'm taking care of my cousin's kids while they work. Since one is preschool age, I have to prepare and prep him for kindergarten. Just trying to get him to count by 10s resulting in him screaming in my face every time I asked what came after the next number. Our conversation was as such; "What comes after 20?" "I dunno" "30" "Raaaaaaaaaaaawr." Rinse and repeat after each number. I know he was trying to play, but it felt very unproductive. I gave up and put on Pokemon for them to watch. Lol!
Some conversations are entertaining too;
Nephew: Do you have sweet chips?
Me: No, but I have salty chips.
Nephew: Just a little salty?
Me: Yep.
Nephew: I just farted in your chair.
And apparently they're all about honesty. They told my friend she had a mustache, I've been told Faye stinks multiple times (she just needed a diaper change), I was told my makeup (I only had foundation and brows done) make me look angry, and was asked "Aunty, why is your house always so messy?" LOL! The messy house statement, I looked around after the question and saw all of their shoes scattered on floor from after they played outside, all their food/lunches spread out on the kitchen counter, bean bags, blankets, and pillows dragged from the bedroom and spread all over the floor, game controllers all over the place and tv left on, jackets thrown on the couch and floor, toys randomly placed around the room, and top it off with candy wrappers all over the table (they asked for a treat, so I obliged to get them off my back for at least 5 minutes. Lol!). Once they were picked up and I had Kraz help me tidy up, the house was clean again. LOL! I feel like I'm vacuuming daily though. Ugh. Our poor vacuum has seen so much love these past couple months.. I'm dreading the day it burns out and we fork over another 400-500 for a new one. Keep going my lovely little vacuum, show me you can last another few years! Hahha!
Thus is a update on me~ Tell me all about you! heart
Lady RenStar

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Lady RenStar


Bad friend here, finally reaching out to talk to friends again.
It's been forever since we've talked and I don't know if you even get on Gaia anymore.
I hope you're doing well~
We need to catch up.. I'm sure we have many stories to share and I really would love to hear how you're doing.
I miss our talks.
Avid Desire

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Avid Desire

i can't remember the last time i've been on gaia... much less if i've responded to your last comment lol
i usually log on once a year for nostalgia's sake emotion_facepalm
i still have the pendant you sent me too, and i think of you at times and miss our old convos emotion_bigheart

judging by your most recent profile comments, you went through something big?
so whatever it is, i hope you're doing well / better heart
we haven't talked in so long, we have to catch up sometime

for me personally, i've decided to go into tech IB and accepted a ft offer months ago :')
if you ever come to california, we can go to coachella like we talked about so long ago...


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