Name is Rea
I enjoy socializing, helping with art, listening to music..and the occasional video game.
I'm 20 years old, I am Happily Taken. She Doesn't play Gaia.
I'm very blunt and honest, but I hear that's a good thing.
I enjoy role playing (old school, almost any type)
Been on gaia since 08' (Not this account sadly.)
° RPC's °
Name: Nierra
Species: Green Goblin
Likes: Shiny Objects, gambling, wining, and small animals
Dislikes: Everyone else.
Personality: Blunt, Straightforward, No such thing as a filter or a way to candy coat. Very literal, enjoys dark humor.

Name: Vara
Species: Angel
Likes: Almost everything
Dislikes: rude and disrespectful people.
Personality: Sweet, shy and gentle this little angel will always be there to lend an ear in almost any situation. She's very lighthearted always trying to see the best in every situation.