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Lady Quiet Azalea

Lady Quiet Azalea's avatar

Registered: 11/30/2013

Gender: Female

Birthday: 09/12

About my little self and mind~

Hello and welcome~

Name: Azalea

Age: 23

Zodiac: Virgo

I am bi sexual but that don't mean for you to flirt with me.

Status: Happily married to Authenyiel~

For those of you who can't read,understand or didn't "know" that Auth is a married man and a very faithful one too that loves his family. So please back off before you meet his yandere wife and yes I am his wife outside of gaia problem? So that means NO flirting,clinging to him,asking personal stuff or questions because it's annoying af and asking him to be HIS wife or gf you'll get a big shut down right there by Auth. For others who wants to know personal stuff about him here what I have to say to that piss off already the answer is already NO! get it in your brain not everyone is a damn open book book. Leave him alone already really. -coughs- Anywho about me.
I am very quiet and sweet unless you annoy me or did something to piss me off. Am very lovable,evil,childish,caring and funny only to people who deserve it but I mostly show those loving side to my husband only. I am tsundere and a bit yandere .I can be a betch only when pissed me off or my husband. I spend my time afk here and taking care of my dogs and cat or with my husband. Please mind am not always on gaia as much anymore. And PLEASE don't cling to me I hate that very much and if you ignore the warning signs I give don't get butthurt or cry when I snap because I do give warning my way by moving away from you. Sometimes in towns just talking or playing video games. But one thing about me never betray my trust once you lose it you'll never get it back so the way you treat me is the way I treat you back. Do anything to hurt Auth or make him upset I won't go easy on you I do go yandere. So being disrespectful to me or Auth it won't end pretty in both ends. Auth is very protective of me like I am to him so please don't test us. Anyone who have a problem with me just ignore me or delete from your friends list I don't need bullshit drama in my life. One more thing once you deleted me or ignored me and want to be my friend again the answer is no I don't take people back again as friends. So please don't abuse my kindness or Auth's because you'll get a cold shoulder.

Likes: sweets,sour candy&fruits,mangas,anime,plushies,some dogs,cats,video games,movies,drawing,laughing and being mean to my husband (sending him videos of food. yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif )

Dislikes: rudeness,people with attitudes,horror stuff,backstabbers,showoffs,people who are indirect with stuff,headaches,jerks,creeps,haters and force into talking

Avatar arts made by: Authenyiel,myself,Shhh uwu,DeeeJayBeee,AmoraDesu,shikahroo,Ellie Bacon and Xx_Vanilla_Thunda_xX

Sorry I don't accept random friend requests. oxo)/

Thank you for stopping by~

Avi art~

Ellie Bacon
Hippie Vibes
Orihime Kurosaki0315

Credit for the banner goes to Homurabi the artist.Please no stealing her art work SHE WORKS VERY HARD.Thank you again Homu for the avi art~ <333