I am the Vivacious, Lyzzacious D.

Call me Lyzz or Bunny
I'm 21
what am I doing with my life


system malfunction Wrote:

o yea it mayks mah pantz stretch lyke laffy taffy smilies/icon_redface.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif

Reeves Wrote:
Marius` Wrote:
People quit. It happens.
I never will though.. Gaia is too powerful.

It's like Hitler.
Holds you in its mesmerizing grip and makes you sacrifice every minute of your life for.

Lord Narcissus Wrote:
I'll play the strict Soviet Russian judge!

"Iss crudd! Vat arh yuu trying du mak ear? Crap?! Dis iss Crap! Duu et ull egain!"

Reeves Wrote:
Doctor, that was no twin sister! That was my milkman!

Joyun Wrote:
She's completely red and I'm completely blue.
People stared awkwardly. T.T

..Plus, she wouldnt let me pull her horns off. Apparently, a birth defect or something. excuses. xP

Gremwyn Wrote:
It was all fine and dandy at first until we got into the topic of who's the girl in the relationship.
Well clearly HE was because of that long, curly hair but he retaliated that I wore skirts.
...to which I bickered to be what real men wore these days.
and bicker to no end we did until we decided to just break it off.

Groovy Spleen Wrote:
More rolls than a dutch bakery


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Officer Hot-Pants

Report | 04/25/2012 11:19 pm

Officer Hot-Pants

*A figure zooms* nnnnnnnnnnnrnrrrrrrrrrrrRANDOM COMMENT!!!
Peace_Love_ Nicki Minaj

Report | 11/11/2010 5:21 pm

Peace_Love_ Nicki Minaj


Report | 11/04/2010 9:55 am


3nodding Thankee
Not Baked Gewds

Report | 10/25/2010 6:03 pm

Not Baked Gewds

horses suck :c

Report | 10/24/2010 3:21 pm


Welcome to Veni Vidi Vici! Join us for the Halloween fun!

Report | 10/23/2010 9:16 pm


I came across your profile and read your about me and your horses name is shay?
thats my naaame xD
Azure Wulf

Report | 07/22/2009 5:39 pm

Azure Wulf

XD A reunion? Good, because I bought new skanky stripper clothes and I still have that leash; tis has to be put into good use *nods and crosses his arms*!
Azure Wulf

Report | 07/22/2009 5:26 pm

Azure Wulf

I've been shitty and good at the same time *thinks is that even possible* XD How did the rest of promageddon go any who? Did the entourage become ginormous =O?
Azure Wulf

Report | 07/22/2009 5:06 pm

Azure Wulf

Hiya!! Sorry I died out during and after promaggedon ^(~_~)^ Bloody college courses took over my life XP But how are you doing? Good I hope ^(^.^)^
Bionic Mutation

Report | 07/12/2009 6:09 pm

Bionic Mutation

Haha yea, bleh I dont know what do to D:


"Poor Thing," Lyzz replied, breaking the rhythm.

>>>Saving for arts. don8! <3