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There isn't very much to me, to be factual about it.

I'm a very bitter and quiet person. I'm usually gaming, studying, or tending to the bonsais, with the above three being of four portions of my life, and the remaining being my cat.

There's not a lot I do on here. I tend to post one in a while, however I usually feel I don't have anything of value to share. Some say my insight in unmatched, however it's not my place to brag on talents I don't believe I have, and praise I don't believe I deserve.


Do not come to me expecting some stupid ******** scene on this site. People who approach me for roleplay will be mocked, unless otherwise I'd addressed you. Factually speaking, I do not waste my time roleplaying on this site anyway, and in general I avoid writing as I am perpetually tired and exhausted.
On that vein of thought, I do enjoy deep discussion and reflection on things that have more dimensions than a d**k. I do delight in philosophical and sociological discussion. I also enjoy meditative reflection and analysis of the world around me.

I do not appreciate private messages save for from a specific few people and they are aware of themselves. If you aren't them, once more; I will question you to amuse myself over whatever flimsy, sorry excuse you have for wasting my time and inbox space. I am not here to waste away with people who cannot read my profile.


I suppose you need to know my name. My name is Aniela. That's what you will refer to me as, or, as Kuubosuiki. People who know the meaning of either, to you an iota of praise and respect. To the rest of you - Perhaps you can earn it.


見つける よ、 森の娘;

Gaia's Divine Bonsai Empress.


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