Hey there reader. My name is KimmyKinn. I use to be a couple dfferent names but now you can call me Kimmy. Whatever floats your boat. ;] So I decided to restart on Gaia and deleted all my friends and all my regular threads. But I am hoping to meet new friends that are active and nice. <3 I am 19 years old and my birthday is October 21st. My real name is Kimberly. I am part German, Irish, Walsh, Dutch. (so yeah I am white) I live in the USA, in the same house since birth. I am a simple person and I love cute things. I am a pretty carefree person and not much into drama. I am pretty naive and innocent but I am proud of my morals. Its just who I am. :3
I have been on Gaia since October 13th 2007. I got hacked in the summer of 2008. But its all good now. I love talking to people and having fun. I spend some time on Gaia and I'm starting to get active again. I hope to be hanging around a bunch of forums and having some good times. If you found my profile its probably cause you saw me in the Art Shops, Gaia Exchange, General Discussion or zOMG. (maybe pokemon forum orz ) I have no life. ;_;
I love movies and art. My favorite movie is Labyrinth. Not sure why but I just love it. x] But I especially love video games. I play my PS3 all the time. My favorite video game ever is probably Kingdom Hearts. Pretty typical but that game really got me into next gen gaming at the time. 8] I really do enjoy nostalgic things from my childhood and such. My very first video game was Super Mario World on the SNES. Good times. =D It holds a special place in my heart if you haven't noticed. I am a really big nerd and I love it.
You made it to the end, Congratulations. If you ever want to talk leave me a comment or send me a PM. I would love to hang out and do whatever. I hope this time I can keep active on Gaia and start fresh. Gaia isn't as popular as it use to be but it still is a home away from home. Thanks for reading. <3


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Kimmy's Art Collect

This is a collection of all the art I have bought on Gaia/deviantArt. I get kinda lazy about updating it but I will eventually. I have different entries for different types of avatar art to keep myself organized. I hope you enjoy all of the lovely ar


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Your profile is kawaii.

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Happy Birthday ^^
I hope you're having a good day 4laugh

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I have NO idea! seriously, can't even count them haha!
i love your profile btw, so cuuute! > w<

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aw, really? i thought we're going to hang out as
much like before with jaryna, but i guess you two
are both busy! haha, i'm fineee. questing for lots
of stuff atm. youuuu? whee

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OMG! Kiki! it's me nicole, remember me?
we were together with jaryna, i have no idea
you were still using this. how're youuuu? heart
Infinite Echoes

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Infinite Echoes

Miss Kimmy . Are you still amoungst the non-living impaired?
Kawaii Krew Mule

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Kawaii Krew Mule

Hiya kimmy
Queen Kianra

Report | 04/21/2013 4:19 pm

Queen Kianra

I got hired.
I get called this Friday so I know my schedule next week. <3
Queen Kianra

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Queen Kianra

Got a call-back on a job.
I go in on Thurs.
Queen Kianra

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Queen Kianra

Awesome! <3
XD You look good today, eh?


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