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I've only been on Gaia since '09 but it feels like forever. I don't think I'll ever really quit Gaia. Too much has happened on here it would be such a waste to throw it all away. I love all of my long-time friends I made here. Lost a lot of great people along the way but I'll never forget them and I miss them every day. If you'd like to know more about me send me a message!

If you were an old friend of mine and you remember me then please message me. I might be looking for you.
Past Usernames: Sheepcorn, Choi Woohyuk, Choko Kuma, Yasuko Akane, Yasuko Ai, Heavenly Flower Kitsune, iSongBird, Kitsune_246, Xx_Rini_247_xX, Mizu_357

To all my friends on here that I have met throughout the years on Gaia: You really have no idea what you all mean to me. No matter how long we knew each other you all have made a great impact on my life. Thank you to those friends who have stayed with me since the beginning and have watched me grow into the person I am today. You've seen the best and the worst of me and I appreciate that you have still held on to me through everything. I hope you guys don't forget about me... because I will never forget you.

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