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Store Status: temp closed OUT OF SKETCH BOOK ROOM DX
As of recent events i have been overburdened in artwork, and not getting paid for it. its gotten to the point where i cant even get my own personal artwork done. I have things i want to do like gaming, a warframe clan im dedicated to and homework that NEEDS to get done or ill lose my job. Things have to get done on MY time i'm sorry to say. Three slots are available and i will update the status of this when im done. the finishing time of commissions wont be consistent because of what is stated above. there is NO refunds. The customer must send a trade with GAIAGOlD. That said trade will stay in limbo (sort of speak) until I am done with the said image. Should you cancel the trade in any way, shape or form, the art will not be finished.

Commission Prices:
2,000,000,000gg for Single and B/W Sketch
+4,000,000,000gg for Color
+500,000,000 per additional Character (3 Max)

Slot 1:

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NOTE: this updates alot
abilities are growing so prepare for rare updates
alignment: good/neutral

BIRTH PARENTS: Adam Ulula & Ivy Fove
]gaia parents: Roxas & Akantha
Relationship with:Dumah Blackthorn
Race: half elf vilkacis (a wolf shape shifter/werewolf species)
Born: 1995
Height: 5ft
Weight: 120
Class: Dark sword mage (right sword, left magic)
Weapon: Sword (right handed can switch hands), Magic (left handed), dagger has experience with a bow (gift from father)
relationship status : SINGLE
NickName: (called by demon: Ira) vlk, lula, rae, rae rae, Miy

Weapon length (Katana, red ribbon red sheath)
Handle: 12 in
Blade: 26 in
special: Toxin damage, Holy damage
~the first sword irae forged herself

Queens Dagger:
handle: 3 1/2 inches
blade: 6 1/2 inches
~the blade tenebris made and used for her dark rituals, with a trick. a spell was placed on the blade to make it invisible until the owner wants to use it. the spell is so powerful that in any way shape or form can it be detected. rae usually uses this blade for stealth kills

Kimatra's Eyes (bow)
magically summoned weapon and usually used for stealth (sniping) with Magical arrows that seek or fallow their target until it makes impact. irae can even use this bow in complete darkness. when aiming the bow it creates aura's of any enemies the bows magic circle only the user can see.
this bow can also shoot use the ability 6 fold arrow. where one arrow is shot but multiplies into six seeking arrows (any of irae's elements can be used but only one). in berserk these arrows turn black and add explosive damage.
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Playful (can be)

Magic abuse
Water (can handle water up to shoulders, higher no)
The Cold

Music (quiet and loud)
Being out in natural or speacial environments
holy water
blessed weapons
(can enter a church/holy ground)
Abilities (magic);

dark elements are a combo of the said element and dark matter, can also used as a breath attack (you know like a dragon)
rae can also cast the normal form of these elements.
~dark fire (orb, spray)
~white fire (a hard to execute ability that takes A LOT Of energy )
~dark ice (spike, orb, spray, can mold ice)
~Dark lightning
~Night step (teleport, can propel off things with it but can only go so far)
~dark shield/orb (protections degrades with every hit, cannot be phased through only the user can do that. can use elements to boost orb/shield defense
Shield shatter (break the shield and control the shattered pieces as propelling objects (easy to break)
~wolf shape shift (dire, white wolf with black tip ears)
~magic slash. (based off sephiroths attack on FF7 low mana)
elemental weapons (can channel fire or ice into the blade(s) when using her gun can make the bullets elemental)

any magical ailments casts on rae or anyone in her party, this spell removes them, all of them. this can be executed in two ways, a singular target or a burst targeting friend targets.

power of earth mana:
based of iraes zodiac (capricorn=earth), she can summon what appears to be roots with deadly thorns to her aid. but are raw mana manifested into a physical being. when ever these roots inflict damage or taste blood they grow stronger. these roots can also entrap victims where they are completely immobile or slow a targets speed. these roots are very difficult to destroy. for those who drain mana cannot from these. the roots can also be used for defenses for rae and allies

Blood control:
(sometimes causes headaches) with a small or large sample of blood of the victim, rae can control said person. does not require refresh blood. once rae has a sample she can control that person when ever if they are in the area. prefer not to use in this mode, bending the will of the victim will take control of their body (based off some ones mentality /will power, ability causes headaches pending on how long it’s used ). and even control the blood it self using it as a weapon.

Mortal Hex:
Victim is cursed any creature or being can no longer heal, regenerate (health or wounds). for a period of time.

Hex of weakness:
rae casts a hex on one target, victims defense, attack, and speed lowers greatly. for a period of time.

rae casts a paralyze spell on one target for a period of time. in berserk she can cast this on more then one person and lasts longer.

Explosive blood:
owner’s blood effect only. If bleeding in this mode irae can make her blood splatter explode into flames

Blood syphon:
Let it be her own or someone else’s a aura forms around irae. in this mode irae can convert to boost her magic and health for a period of time

Life drain:
A vampire based fang to skin can drain a portion of the victim’s life adding to the owners.

Call of the ancestors:
usually uses in wolf form combat, but can be uses in normal form as well.
summons the spirits of her ancestors to aid in battle. this skill is not uses in berserk.

Rae is very familiar with herbalist and creates a lot of her own personal salves and various other items for herself and allies. all carried in side bag she carries around on adventures.
her personal favorite salve (no name yet) smells of tea tree, lavender, sage and coconut. this is used to treat almost every type of wound (burns, cuts, gashes so on). when applied it makes the area its applied numb and slightly accelerates healing of the wound. pending on how serious the wound is pends on how fast it heals. for serious wounds its very effective when the salve is placed in the wound instead of over (sorry guys lol)

Church Experience:
this isnt put in the bio below. but shortly after irae's birth mother committed suicide. Adam iraes father gave the order to have his only child killed. the lead priestess who worked with rae's mother to boost her child's will power against tenebris. she gave orders to fake irae's death and hid irae away where she continued her training. up until the night tenebris went on a three day killing spree.
being with the church for a good amount of years irae has learned holy wards and how to bless weapons/water. but there is a draw back, since rae is weak to holy. casting holy wards or blessings hurts her for a small period of time. example: she starts trembling from the pain of holy, and have a head ache. the more she cast the longer this effect.

~Abilities (physical)
Strong black nails for clawing/scratching (right)
canine teeth for biting (close combat)
sword attacks
hand to hand combat

~Abilities (natural)
wolf sense of smell, hearing (wolf)
wound regeneration(curse) (slow/can force takes a lot of energy.
Feeding on blood negates that effect)
black nails/claws (wolf/ corruption)
canine teeth (wolf)
magic defense (elf )
ranged defense (elf)
Berserker Effects:
triggered by taking certain amount of damage
increased speed (barely visible)
increased attack
increased magic (ice becomes colder, fire hotter and electric lethal)
increased defense (physical/magical )
Regeneration faster
(Great amount of mana used with mana, feeding negates that)

Bio/ more on personality:
Born with her past life as a demon (born possessed), Irae's soul was "slivered" meaning she lost part of her soul to rid herself of the demon. Location of the other soul is unknown to people outside iraes ring. Has been reincarnated 7 times. she's only relaxed around those she knows and hopefully trust . eye contact is a no go with irae, she can pretend to make eye contact how ever.
when it comes to snarling and growling, it sounds exactly like a wolf mind you. due to the demons tortures the sight and smell of blood can have a negative effect on irae but she has learned to control it. she is not a fan of using any magic tenebris forced her to learn. but irae will do when she must if things get to hairy in battle. She is basically a hard hitter sword mage with high damage. Another thing is that Irae is very weird when it comes to touching (hand shakes, hugs ex..). if anyone she doesnt know or not comfortable with touches her it sends unpleasant chills. can speak a little dalish (speaks the most), quariuan, qunari and latin. when i mean by a little like words or phrases. but speaks al bhed fluidly

Bio in detail:
Irae the Soul Severed Mage
You would think as a parent seeing your child talk while they are playing with toys is normal, like having a imaginary friend yes? Irae’s story started like that only it started before she was born.many years ago. The past life’s name is unknown (its thorn), but she was a well known elf witch who had practiced in the dark arts such as necromancy, blood magic, and much more (some of it unknown). She was the cause for many women, men and children missing in a now major city called circe (iraes birth place). Whom she used for her dark rituals and experiments, one of them being the umbran tail that irae now wears. Somehow the witch thorn found a way to make herself a demon in case she would ever die. But the only flaw in her plan was well…irae. In order for thorn to take claim her body she would have to corrupt the soul destroying irae and all the other 6 past lives. Thorn acted as a friendly being to irae, acting to the adults eyes a imaginary friend. But thorns patience’s grew thin waiting to simply hand the body over.

Thorns violent (violent acts such as self harm, physical harm to others and mentally abusing irae) nature didn’t start until irae was 5 years old, possessing the Halfling and killing a 6 year old child. That was family friends with the ulula’s. thorns nature acted very much like a demon, but she couldn’t be expelled baffling mages and priests alike. The matriarch and patriarch of house ulula not wanting to give up, put irae under intense will power training and daily exorcisms (due to the unholy nature both thorn and irae are allergic to holy water) in hope thorn (who received the name tenebris) would vanish. Around age 13 irae’s mother who had given up all hope committed suicide leaving her husband to care for the child. Who eventually gave the order to have irae killed, but the head priestess had other plans . thorn/tenebris forcibly taught irae many of her dark magics. Irae refuses to use these spells though. At about age 18-19 thorn took control of irae and broke free from her prison and reeked hell for almost 3 days until irae snapped back. that least to iraes journey of trying to rid tenebris.

Eventually she found someone who could fix her condition but it wasn’t perfect. Since thorn/tenebris was corrupting the soul the only way to rid her was to sever part of iraes soul. A painful process that irae had to endure for almost 12 hours. Due to the fact she had to spiritually face thorn/tenebris in limbo/her mind(?). 70% of ireas soul was corrupted. Saving the 30% thorn/tenebris was stored in a secret place close to irae but hidden to everyone else. After months of recovery irae could not return home, she was a wanted woman there and her father did not know she survived. or at least for a short time, over the course of iraes journey. she learned her father Adam was doing "illegal actions" in various places. Adam was not only a well respected knight of his home but behind his mask he also worked with his enemies. not a soul knew of this. undoing her fathers mess she traveled to where Adam was last seen. there she learned Adam secretly had a child with another pure blood vilkacis some time after irae first lost control. iraes arrival created s**t storm of drama causing Adam to snap. but his son hale defended irae and died doing so. it was that day irae first used high level skills of necromancy (by pure instinct and spite of Adams actions) to brig him back.
since then irae has had plenty of adventures

Umbran tail:
User Image
it’s a living organism created by thorn/tenebris that acts a magic attack and defense booster. this creature may not seem like much, at the tip of the tail there is a stinger. in this stinger is corrosive venom that melts skin and blood cells (like the diamond rattle back snake only worse). Its small hairs sink into its hosts skin and wrap in and around the spine, its not meant to be equipped while awake due to the extreme pain (removal of the base can be proven deadly or cause one to become paralyzed) should the host die it will remove itself and find another host close to its owners traits, let it be bloodlines or abilities, class and so on. There isn’t no pain sensors in the tail but irae naturally reacts if its bitten or touched. if the tail was even to be cut off or damaged it regenerates itself.

Berserker notes:
But can only be activated by after so much damage is taken. (as of febuary) after extensive training irae can now control over her berserk mode. all the markings on iraes body representing fear and death have changed. they have become a balance of dark and light (similar to artist design of a grim reaper). (everything 5x stronger) her attack, defense, speed, magic, spells, and wound regeneration goes up just like the original version of berserk. her spell night step becomes out right teleportation. dark (dark fire color on ref sheet. dark and normal fire damage) and light (gold white holy and normal fire damage) fire surrounds like a aura. these flames can be controlled and mixed and separated. the other spells are used! iraes left eye turns golden while the sclera is black (white on your eye) turns black. her right eye remains violet with black sclera. the sword venenum is at its strongest in this form, all forms of damage on this sword go up 5x compared to its normal base attacks. the draw back of using berserk is reverting normal form. since irae is weak to holy she will be weaker then normal. sometimes her body has resorted to sleeping for over a week (pending on wounds and what not naturally)

Shield Note/magic note:
And the shield is hard to destroy but does degrade a bit as it takes damage and no, no one can phase through it except the user. Fire and ice are the main elements she uses, and they are deadly as is, in her berserker mode is lethal. And depending on the phase of the moon magic in normal mode or not is tenfold (example irae has the full moon symbol on her arm, so only during a full moon does the power spike)

Sword notes/dagger:
the sword on its own has a strange magical defense and magical offence, irae can channel magic through the blade to create ranged slashes. Depending on the distance the more powerful the attack will be. Close range very effective if farther away the attack is somewhat weak depending on distance.

WOLF APPEARANCE: size of a real dire wolf, completely white, with a black tail (white tipped with black tipped ears).

Coat: black sleeveless trench coat with hood
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Upper left arm tattoo (birthmark)
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Left forearm:
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Other Body Marks

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Blades of Kiltia

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Dumah BlackThorn
Irae BlackThorn