Good day you good sirs and ladies
My name is XXX but you may call me Doc, Otto, Zen or Vlad
I is 21 and Graduated!
I'm 6'2 and a skinny S.O.B
I have Brown hair (but it is currently red)
I got Emerald green eyes (Though I think there more of a Jade green)
I am single bitches
I'm Half Irish and Half Norwegian
I love Cosplaying,reading,writing, My flowers,Working on cars,Role-Playing,Playing paintball and jamming out.
My favorite Anime's are Hellsing,Fate Stay/Night,Dogs:Bullets & Carnage,Area 88,Bleach,Black Butler,Ah! My Goddess, Aria,Witchblade, All the Gundam Series, Black Cat, and many more...
I don't have friends, only my second family^^
My Favorite Music is Electronica followed by Metal and Ska
My favorite Movie is either Boondock Saints or Moulin Rouge^^
I worked in my Aunt Hair Salon for Two months
I like designing clothing, mainly gothic victorian style or Rave wear.
I'm kinda feminine,but it balances itself out with my masculine side.
I have a wicked short temper but I rarely stay mad for long.
And when I drink coffee I kinda spaz out...as you can tell :/
Oh well, leave a comment if ya want and Thanks for Dropping By!!
Later Pplz^^


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Thank You for buying! 3nodding

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Happy Birthday?

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Sorry for not responding!
But if you want me to join that rp still just send me the link when you can!

Call Me Nefret

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Call Me Nefret

When will the princess figure it out?

Loving the new look.

She ain't worth saving.

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The avatar looks great heart
Lunar Adoration

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Lunar Adoration

Hey! Thanks for buying my item, "Vampire's Drained Victim"! Means a lot wink
Sunny Chaos0

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Sunny Chaos0

Thanks for the help in my dream avi. Just need Dead Inside now. ^^
I Chips I

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I Chips I

Thanks for buying smile
Oh stop

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Oh stop

Thanks for your purchase!

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Thanks! ^.^


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