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I'm wearing this stuff here

This is stuff I want



First thing you should know is that 95% of the time I am logged in via my phone.

Hey this is my page. I know its kinda boring but I don't have enough time to make it super cool. Anyywaaaays, I'm a dude, I like fighting, both with fists and words. I'm a huge Digimon fan, any Digimon stuff is welcome here, same goes for d gray man, and final fantasy. Oh! And Psyren is amazing!! I'm extremely laid back unless you annoy me then I'm a jerk.

Codex Alera and The Dresden Files are my latest favorite novel series. Both are by Jim Butcher

Okay so I haven't changed this thing in a very long time.
I have a Skype account, PM me if you want more info.
I mostly chill in chatterbox hangout threads when I'm logged in.
I love my friends like they're family. ******** with them, and you better have your will updated.
For those of you who are my friends, I'm always here for you if you need something. Whether it's someone to talk to, or someone to beat someone else's face in.

Hmm... anything else? I'm straight, but I support gay rights. I figure hey why the ******** shouldn't they have the same rights as anyone else? I can't think of a single valid reason.


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Dovahzul (dragon language) translator


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