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Jetto Renzu- Report | 08/28/2015 12:58 pm
Jetto Renzu-
Its called Blind Monk biggrin
Fatz McNasty Report | 08/28/2015 12:34 pm
Fatz McNasty
.::Smiles::. Yours is nice too.
Fatz McNasty Report | 08/28/2015 12:14 pm
Fatz McNasty
.::Waves::. heart
Cherry Mob Report | 08/28/2015 9:15 am
Cherry Mob
Thanks! I'm a fan of simple-yet-sexy.
Nethaca Report | 08/27/2015 8:16 pm
Love your Avi! xp
Trojan.exe Report | 08/27/2015 7:25 pm
osq Report | 08/27/2015 5:17 pm
      D'oh thank you! emotion_kirakira heart
Ora ad Sathanas Report | 08/26/2015 7:13 pm
Ora ad Sathanas
Thanks exclaim I feel I made it look very strong to the eye. I haven't changed it in forever and I'm absolutely bored with it.
Yanea Report | 08/26/2015 9:10 am
Those two are fine, I'll send you a trade.
Yanea Report | 08/26/2015 8:45 am
I can't find the "skull face paint" item on the marketplace. Do you have a link?
I am fine with a trade, I'd just like to know what item it is. wink

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