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Gensokyo more like Gaysokyo haha am i rite guys

Gensokyo's avatar

Gender: Female

Location: Read username kthnksby

Birthday: 03/15

Awesome people


Like what you see? Visit Did You Know Touhou to read more Touhou trivia!


---------------------------------Current Cosplay--------------------------------

Too inconsistent at the moment
May be:
SOMEONE from Touhou
Mary from Ib
Medic from TF2
Shizune from Katawa Shoujo
Erika from Pokemon
Or something else
Or not a cosplay at all

It's all about me ;D

AKA Hideki
AKA Hidekins (Stuff)
AKA Oridnary Witch (Steam)
AKA -First name- (Irl)

My name's Hideki (That's my real name) :v
I'm a guy if my male-japanese name didn't give it away
I'm from 1995, you do the math for my age
I like playing videogames
I like the Touhou series
I believe glasses make everything cuter
I'm a very OTP person
I like apples and skittles together.
I like dogs

I play:
-Team Fortress 2
-PayDay 2

I use:

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Dangerous Illusionist Report | 12/04/2014 4:17 pm
Dangerous Illusionist
*pokes herself with a sewing needle*
Dangerous Illusionist Report | 12/02/2014 1:42 pm
Dangerous Illusionist
Because I enjoy harming the things you hold dear to your heart.
Dangerous Illusionist Report | 12/02/2014 1:01 pm
Dangerous Illusionist
*throws peanuts at you*
Zhe Uberfrau Report | 10/18/2014 1:49 pm
Zhe Uberfrau
helo would u like some of this spoopy hot choclety milk ?
EvaBunneh Report | 10/16/2014 2:17 am
:U I want your cosplay of Alice
Tanooki John Report | 09/09/2014 2:05 am
Tanooki John
Sunburn!? That's not cool. You need to protect your skin better with natural sunblock and an umbrella.
Tanooki John Report | 09/08/2014 1:25 am
Tanooki John
How are you doing today? I see your cosplaying the shanghai doll. She needs more attention.
Ordinary Magician Marisa Report | 08/20/2014 11:40 pm
Ordinary Magician Marisa
Nah, I'm fine I just feel really awful, I'm not resting till I'm done with something.
Ordinary Magician Marisa Report | 08/20/2014 7:31 pm
Ordinary Magician Marisa
Ah sorry Alice I've been very sick lately.. And my Tektek is whack ze, I promise I'll get it done.
Ordinary Magician Marisa Report | 08/20/2014 6:17 pm
Ordinary Magician Marisa
I've been having problems with the avi and I'm sick so I tend to quit on avatars I'm making. Wait... Its true? I'm the father? xD


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