Hey people, Melody here.

Your here to learn about me? Thats fine by me.

My name is Melody, as you can already see.


Music: I am into Christian music. I know, you guys dont like it but hey, its good to me, try listening to Skillet, they are really nice.

Movies: Surprisingly, Horror music and Anime.
Shows: lol. Anime. I am totally an Anime fan since I was 5 years old.

Foods: Everyones favorite, Perogies and also some other good and tasty food, Just not spicy things.

Things to do: I like video games. Who says guys are the only video game freaks. I play alot of GTA and DBZ games. No problems with that is there?

Animals: I love animals so much. I lived in a home full of everything except cows and horses. I had dogs, geese, ducks, and even rats. They were really cute.

Am I a(n)......

Smoker?: No
Drinker?: Of course not

Artist?: Yes, I Love art work so much.

Bad person?: Lol, no I am not a bad person, I am actually an easy person to be friends with and a good listener.

Well thats enough to know about me for now, I hope you lke my profile. Thankies. (~|}::Melody::{|~)


OC's Booklet

OC's Galore!......Well not yet!



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Thanks for visiting my profile!

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Hey tell the crew i'm really sorry i left :/ I lagged, came back and could not find you guys :'(

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Hiya ^^ Just wanted to leave a message to say Aly is needed in the 'Little Secrets' roleplay ^^ Hope to see you there soon!
Mr Golden Foxx

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Mr Golden Foxx

happy bday

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Happy birthday, cutie (:
Joshua Norton

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Joshua Norton

"cool avi"
Joshua Norton

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Joshua Norton

Wow Nice Profile, I love how you have done it oh and also dropping in to say Hello!
the unholy star

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the unholy star

hey can you tell me what is going on? and who is who?

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Thank You for the Buy ;3


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hmmm. o.o


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