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The Noble family of Le Signeur de Norton who came into England with William the conqueror and was his constable.

1040-1100 1st Le Signor. de Noruile married into the house of Valois. At this point in time there is no particular significants with the house of Valois. Probably Norvill is in Durham and York after 1069 but has interests North of London.

1075-1150 2nd Sr. de Noruile married in the house of Barr. Barre family is found in Bedforshire by Sharpenhoe 1384 and in Yorkshire, they are found along with the Nortons from 1616.. This is the period of the Crusades and at least one Norvile has gone to Jerusalem, but the main family is still in York. The crest of the Nortons of Rotherfield indicates that it is the 2nd son who goes on the Crusades.

1125-1195 3rd Sr. de Noruile married in the house of Dalbemonte. I can find no info about the Dalbemonte family. However, the Crusades are over.

1160-1226 4th Sr. de Noruile married Auelina, daughter of Neuil of Raby. This has to be the first Nevill of that name. Geoffrey I de Neville b. about 1140. The Nevilles are centered at Raby in Durham. I would suggest that Noruile, Neville, D' Albemonte and Barr families were those who were sent to Durham and York. D'Albemonte and Barr seem to have been minor families or perhaps they died out early as there are few noble references to them. This places the Norviles in Durham and we know that their lands are those at Norton-Conyers including manors at Sawley and Grantley. It is probable that the association with the Pepperers Guild has been established by this time requiring branches of the family near London and at Portsmouth.

1195-1260 5th Sr. de Noruile married Jordica, daughter of Sigr. Dampre de Court. The Court family is associated with Warwick, close by Bedforshire, Yorkshire and Sommerset. It's at this point that the Nortons are establishing in Hants at Rotherton near Portsmouth and at Sharpenhoe.

1230-1295 6th Sr. de Noruile alias Norton married the daughter of Sir John Hadscoke.

1265-1330 7th Sr. de Noruile alias Norton married the daughter and coheiress of Monsigur. Bassingbourne, and had Elizabeth, who m. Roger Hill of co. Stafford. Bassingbourne is found in Essex from 1252. At Fulton manor the Bassingbourne arms are quartered with Norton in many places. This indicates the Nortons are now centered in Bedford/London. This is also the time that Roger Conyers marries Margaret Norton and inherits the Norton lands in Yorkshire.

1300-1365 8th Sir John Norton alias Noruile married the daughter of the Lord Grey de Ruthyn. This Lord Grey is the younger son and is established at Ruthyn in Wales. He is summoned to Parliment in 1324 and dies in 1353 suggesting that the dates for the 8th Signeour de Norvile are off just a little off. The senior Lord grey is established at Wilton, Wilshire.

This is the era of James de Norton of Dorset (Hants) born about 1286 who is the founder of the Nortons of Rotherfield, Hants. The location at Hants from this early times along with the arms of Rotherfield indicate that this branch of the Nortons were invovled with trade and connected to the Spice guild.

This marks the period when the Norvile's will anglicize their name to Norton and begin to leave Durham and York probably because the trade in spices is so lucrative. About 1330 Margaret Norton marries Roger Conyers in Durham. the last Norton to inherit the estates in York. Roger will assume the title of Norton and their children will be called Norton establishing at Norton-Conyers on the southern border of North Riding Yorkshire. From this line will come the noble Nortons of York.

By 1300, the pepper and spice trade has brought the Nortons to Sharpenhoe North of London and Rotherfield in Hants near Portsmouth.

In 1415 The Nobles of England realize that to increase their Family Status within the Realm of England The Noble Norton Family had to be eliminated so the Noble Houses of England came together and started killing every decendant of The Noble Norton Family and now Joshua Norton born in Bridewater,Somerset in the year 1429 is the last remaining decendant of Le Signor de Norville.


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The Historical Records/Stories of The Norton Family

Historical Records and Story of the Noble Norton Family


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