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Q: Why are your buckets on crimsonee so much faster than on essenses?
A: I've gotten a lot better at Gaia Fishing. Plus, I was actually chatting a lot and was an extremely unhealthy person when I competed on essenses for months in a row.

Q: What do you mean by being unhealthy? Are you healthy now?
A: Being too paranoid, hardly getting regular rest/sleep, having BMI less than 15, taking medicine I don’t even need, avoiding everyone, treating the best people badly, neglecting my responsibilities, never listening to reason, practicing self-deprecation, being very messy, sitting on my a55 24/7 (literally!) and not exercising + not going out at all for months + not having goals in life, et cetera. Thank you for your concern and yes, I’m completely healthy (for my standard) now. I’m so happy these day that I think my ecstatic emotions are reaching levels I would have never imagined to be possible before! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif Ops sorry for showing off this happiness… I’ll zip it off now. D:

Q: Do you still fish competitively on essenses/crimsonee?
A: No, at least most likely not in this decade.

Q: Which trophy was the hardest to earn for you? Rank your trophies from hardest to least hardest to achieve.
A: Rank: May 2014 Durem; Feb 2012 OA; Oct 2012 Durem; Sept 2012 Durem; July 2012. The rest of my trophies were easy to get with the time+/energy I had.

Q: How do you feel about the 2014 captchas?
A: They usually aren’t hard to read for me, but it does take longer (approx 10secs more per bucket on avg) to finish each bucket.

Q: What is(are) your next goal(s)?
A: -Get AR PLUS on crimsonee before … um let’s say 2020.
-Try dredging on lacerie wes and ED.

Q: I never see you around. Where do you even fish?
A: I don’t fish much anymore, but when I do, I can be found:
- In my own locked room when I’m: not competing +/ feeling antisocial +/ tired +/ busy +/ watching videos.
- In anyone’s room when I feel like I’m well enough to be presentable and have the time to stay around / stay online for at least 4 hours.
- In friends’ / acquaintances’ rooms when I’m competing / semi-competing.
- In my own public room when I’m competing.
I define competing as fishing 100+ buckets on avg per day in that specific month
and semi-competing as 50-100 buckets on avg per day “ “ “ “

Q: Do you stalk other fishers’ rooms?
A: Rarely and I’d only stalk the few people that I find amusing but have never talked to. If I see a new person I like and know a bit of basic info about, I might use a mule account to go into their room for 1-2 buckets. Most of the time, I’ll just fish and leave without saying a single word. I don’t use mule accounts to stay more than 20mins in anyone’s room. If I find you or your room to be comfortable, I’ll stay in your room for at least 4 hours if I go in. I only camp (8 hrs+, including afk time ofc xD) in rooms made by friends / acquaintances.

Q: Reveal your mule accounts and stop lurking!
A: I’m ashamed to admit this, but when I’m on, I just love to lurk because it gets me excited and distracted from w/e sh1t that got me to want to even come online in the first place! Um no I won’t reveal my mules, but I’ll tell you that they were made in 2012.

Q: I think I know your mule accounts…
A: I told ~4 people on this site and they only know 1 of my mule accounts, so I HIGHLY doubt that you even know any of mule accounts. I make serious efforts to remain anonymous when I even resort to using a mule account.

Q: Can you stop sounding so cranky?
A: Haha no, because you’ve ALREADY found me to be cranky. My crankiness will just get worse to you.

Q: Do you even sleep? You’re online at irregular hours.
A: Stop asking me non-fishing related questions. This is a Fishing FAQ.

Q: How do you manage to fish so much in a month when you're competing? Do you not have priorities in life?
A: I live independently and I have priorities and responsibilities in life. Simple, non-business related, peaceful, and repetitive activities help me relieve stress so I like to fish and do alchemy when I'm on.

Q: Rank the lakes from the easiest to hardest to filter for you.
A: Gambino, Durem, Bassken

Q: Which rod did you use the most before you received the AR?
A: Distance+

Q: How many Rares have you caught?
A: Two, both on essenses. Mutha Guppa - Apr 8, 2012 and Candy Striper - Dec 11, 2012.

Q: When did you receive the AR and AR PLUS?
A: essenses: AR - July 15, 2012 and AR PLUS - Oct 7, 2012.
crimsonee: AR - May 18, 2014.

Q: Besides fishing, do you do anything else on Gaiaonline when you're on?
A: Working on alchemy and listing items I want to get rid of on lacerie wes.



On essenses: 9 Trophies
Feb 2012: OA Trophy 308387pts
Gambino Bronze 122894pts
Durem Bronze 186816pts
Junk Bronze 20598pts
Apr 2012: Bassken Bronze 151628pts
Durem Bronze 198384pts
July 2012: Gold Durem 909102pts
Sept 2012: Gold Durem 1234560pts
Oct 2012: Gold Durem 1433330pts

On crimsonee: 6 Trophies
Aug 2012: Durem Bronze 500500pts
Mar 2014: Bassken Bronze 52216pts
Gambino Bronze 78338pts
Durem Bronze 305000pts
Apr 2014: Durem Bronze 515000pts
May 2014: Durem Gold 800000pts

-July 25, 2014




"When I see him, I melt. When he speaks to me in his commanding voice, all my usual arrogance goes out the window. He understands who I am. I understand who he is. He understands my strength, but subtly lets me know that he is in charge now and that I no longer need to be in charge."

You probably won't come on here to check up on me ... if you do, I want to let you know that I only <3 you Nick.
Thank you for understanding me the most and for saving me from that lifeless existence.
You complete me! The fact that you took the effort to propose to me just to see me focus on my life priorities without worrying so much about you made my heart flutter. Wow.
This is quite embarrassing, but I'm ready to flaunt our love. Really ready this time!


Name (in official documents): Ke
Also known as: Kay / Kei / Key / Keke / K
English names: -ask, if I know you-
Pseudonym: -ask, if I know you well-
Gender: Female
Occupation: Media Planner
Dream job: Broadcaster
DA IMPOSSIBLE job: TV News Anchor. Yeah, LMFAO who am I kidding? Haven't even done much to go in this direction. smilies/icon_sad.gif
Things I cannot do at all: Being someone's puppet, staying still without going insane, sing, focus too much energy on an activity, and having no goals in life.
Sexual orientation: Straight
Relationship status: ENGAGED on Aug 26, 2014 and we're in <3
Birthday: December 14, 1992 (Day of the Selective Exhibitionist)
Birthplace: Haikou, China at 11:55PM
Astrology: Sun in: 22°55' Sagittarius; Ascendant (Rising) in: 13°42' Virgo; Moon in: 24°37' Leo; MC (Midheaven) in: 13°59' Gemini; Mercury 2°50’ Sagittarius in House III; Venus 6°55’ Aquarius in House V; Mars 25°55’ Cancer in House XI; Jupiter 11°38’ Libra in House I; Saturn 14°40’ Aquarius in House VI; Uranus 16°40’ Capricorn in House V; Neptune 17°43’ Capricorn in House V; Pluto 24°01’ Scorpio in House III; Chiron 23°31’ Leo in House XII; True North Node 21°30’ Sagittarius in House IV; Fortune 12°01’ Capricorn in House IV; True Lilith 13°04’ Aquarius in House V; data taken from (LOL, I was bored and had nothing else bettah 2 d0 ... DUN JUDG3 MEH!) smilies/icon_biggrin.gif
Myopia Degree: -6.00 right eye and -6.25 left eye (Medium-High Nearsightedness)
Corrective Lenses: usually wearing contacts when I'm outside and always wearing glasses at home
Interest fact: I have had Fissured Tongue since I was ~3 years old
Have you ever had any surgery: No
Worst disease you had to deal with?: Chicken Pox (my one and only disease I had) when I was 8 or 9
Fears: Lightning, skunks, bees + wasps + hornets' nests, remote +/ isolated places, confined spaces, boring existence, and fire
Ethnicity: full Southern Chinese, mom:SiChuan and dad:GuangXi (75% Han and 25% Zhuang to be specific)
Nationality: Canadian since August 2005
When did you first immigrate to Canada?: Late January of 2001 with mama (skilled worker immigration at that time).
No papa?: Lol. I used to get nervous around (or fear?) him because he was distant from my life for around 11 years of my childhood and whenever he visited me, I just wanted to impress him. He is a true gentleman, but was just busy making $ for the family back then. People do change (hopefully for the better!), I know I certainly do.
Do you visit China often?: Yes, used to be annually but now I spend around half of my time in Canada and half in China due to my work and fluency with both Mandarin and English.
Languages: Fluent in English and Mandarin. Knows Cantonese and French.
Do you know Sichuanese?: Yes, but I don't consider it a language since it's more of a dialect. Btw, it varies depending on the actual locale (ex. Sichuanese in Chengdu is different from Sichuanese in ChongQing), but all in all it's similar to Mandarin and so it's not hard to pick up the regional Sichuanese dialect if the dialect I know is kind of different.
Which language are you better at? English or Mandarin?: Overall, I'd say my English is slightly better, but my spoken Mandarin is top-notch (aka. mainland Chinese news anchorwomen accent, not that Beijing accent... sorry Beijingers), whereas I hear a lil' bit of the 'Asian' accent to my spoken English when I listen to my phone recordings.
Hair colour: My natural hair is black and I used to rarely dye my hair. Nowadays, I dye my hair to chestnut brown mainly to stand out more.
Eye colour: Dark brown
Complexion: Very pale for an East Asian
Shoe Size (women): 25cm, 8.5 USA
Body Measurements: 34-24-34
BMI: Still too low. I'd like to get it to anywhere between 16.5-17.5 by gaining LEAN MUSCLES and FAT in the right places.
Height: I've told people I'm 5'7" (slouching)/ 5'8" / 5'9" (with sneakers) depending on the context at the time, but my ACTUAL/BAREFOOT height measured from my doctor is 173cm, 5'8".
Time I get up: Usually at 6:45AM (should be 5AM, but I'm too lazy to get up that early consistently) on weekdays and anywhere between 8AM-9:30AM on weekends. Yes, I currently follow a sleeping schedule because it's the only way I can manage to have a proper life cycle.
Time I go to sleep: 10:30PM-12:15AM on weekdays and 12AM-2AM on weekends.
Nap time: 1 hour nap anywhere from 10:45AM - 12:15PM. I only nap on the weekdays that I didn't get enough sleep on.
High School: Earl Haig SS
High school marks: Low 80s in Grades 9 and 10. Mid 80s in Grade 11. 91% average in my 12th grade, the only year that I had actually tried since uni applications required great 12th grade marks.
Favourite subject: Accounting
Grade 12 marks: Advanced Functions 97% (A+); Calculus 95% (A+); Data Management 92% (A); Chemistry 92% (A); Accounting 90% (A); Physics 89% (A); English 87% (A) - took this course in summer school right after Grade 11 because English was my worst subject; Biology 85% (A-).
University: BMSc at Western (UWO) for 2 years. I dropped out in mid 2012 because I got bored of school and stopped attending classes + midterms + final exams. I should’ve hung out with a better crowd and I regret being a terrible student at uni. If I absolutely need to in the future, I will go back to uni. I was never interested in school and had only done the 'bare minimum' in my full-time student years.
Why did you choose to go to Western and not UofT / Queen's /McGill / UBC / UW / other top Canadian unis?: CUZ WESTERN >>>>>>> DA REST DUH. <3 Well, at the time I was pressured to pursue medicine and since Western was known as the party school in Canada, I thought there'd be less competition to enter medical school at Western.
University marks: Low 80s in first year (didn't try at all). Um no, I'm not revealing my second year marks since those were disgusting.
University residence in frosh year (2010-2011): Medway-Sydenham Hall Room 261 (Medway), the right bed. Go ahead and stalk! Lol.
Currently studying: languages (Korean right now, Spanish and Japanese after) + media + business + journalism
Facebook: -deactivated for many years. will reactivate when I feel like it.-
Facebook 'mule' - I use it to stalk on the people I used to know since I still have the UWO and Earl Haig SS networks on it.
Skype: -ask, if I know you. i’m usually invisible on there if i’m actually on.-
Phone: -ask-
Cell phone: -ask, if we're great friends-
Pictures: -ask, if I know you-
Weibo: New account. Kind of active here.
Instagram / tumblr / twitter: -don’t have any of these and do not intend to register-
Next time I'll log on to this place: ~March 2015 or later. For realzz.
Interests: -see the last section-

- Updated Aug 26, 2014


Q: You’re so nice!
A: No I’m NOT a nice person AT ALL. I just appear nice on the surface for MY OWN ASPIRATIONS because I’m a ruthless person. I’m only a sweetheart to people I hardly know and to business associates (especially when I’m a newbie in a new place), but once I’ve stabilized my position and I’m around people I’m quite familiar with, I’m very bossy, annoying, ignorant, and careless. Yeah, I’m two-faced, but I try to LIMIT my two-faced self to other two-faced people and to those I believe are strong enough to see that my faults aren’t intended for malicious purposes. Nowadays, I’m happy that I belong somewhere and that somewhere is an 8-alpha-females clique (we’re not high-schoolers but we’re simply THAT immature) filled with arrogant, two-faced, snobby, ambitious, cultured, ignorant, careless, and dominating femme fatales. You’re wondering who’s the 1st leader of the 8-alpha-female clique? She’s the best of us and I simply adore every bit of her. I'm in the process of making her my new sister.

Q: You’re making up fiction right?
A: Hmm. Well, perhaps I exaggerated a bit like what I always do.

Q: So what are your responsibilities in your clique?
A: Planning and thinking for the best interests of the crowd, mediating, maintaining good PR, sugarcoating reality when everyone is depressed, interrogating, background checks (ex. references, medical & educational & criminal records), and following & being the Beta to the Alpha of the Alphas … lol. Oh, it's not a secret organization, I just make it sound like one! Anyway, I’m fully content with my current position and do not desire to handle more responsibilities.

Q: How many female group members are you aiming for?
A: We're aiming for 10, so 2 more females just like us.

Q: What is your position in the clique?
A: I believe I'm right below the Alpha in importance so I'm 2nd.

Q: Who are you most close to in this crowd?
A: I hang out most with 4th, 1st, and 5th.

Q: Tell me the details! Who hangs out with who most of the time?
A: We all hang out and care about each other, but the below data show the members we're closest with and spend the most time with when we're together:
1st - 3rd, 2nd (me), 4th, 5th, 8th, 6th, 7th
2nd (me) - 4th, 1st, 5th
3rd - 1st, 6th, 8th, 7th, 5th
4th - 5th, 2nd (me), 1st
5th - 4th, 2nd (me), 1st, 3rd
6th - 3rd, 8th, 7th, 1st
7th - 8th, 6th, 3rd, 1st
8th - 6th, 7th, 3rd, 1st

***Notice I have the least close friends in the group. However, I do get along well with everyone and I'm known as the peacekeeper to them. 6 out of the current 8 ppl are from our actual workplace so we also see each other often during the day.

Q: Wow, there is actually a placing all the way from 1st to 8th?
A: Well, we never rank ourselves outright but we know our individual importances to the clique and our Alpha does a great job at maintaining an ordered hierarchy. Everyone of us is important and we all have duties integral to the group. The time that the members joined mattered in the consideration of placings too. The next 2 new members will most likely be placed 9th or 10th.

Q: Sounds like more labour than your actual work!
A: Yes, indeed! It's more stressful and everyone knows how much I <3 stress. Stress keeps my mind busy.

Q: Why are you still using Windows XP? The system is outdated...
A: Stalk much? Hm, let's just say we're using it because of stalkers like you...

Q: Have you met the Toronto mayor, Rob Ford?

A: Lol. Yeah, I met him before his publicized crack scandal. He is a leader and I can see why he's the mayor. As for his personal life, um well let's just not comment on that because what do we really know? XD

Q: Let's talk about politics! I <3 politics!

A: I read the news but oh god, please no politics. I do not like to talk about politics, law, religion, or any controversial issue with 99% of people because it's just not my area of expertise and I don't want to risk getting into arguments with people I hardly know. I have strong opinions in some topics but I rarely discuss them openly.

Q: How do you deal with people dissing you?

A: I've heard all kinds of curse words thrown at me throughout my lifetime by now that I doubt I'd be peeved with disses coming from people I'm not close to. For the most part, I simply ignore and move on with life. If my reputation is being tarnished, I would likely orchestrate a revenge.

Q: Why do you have such a grim view of humanity and this world in general?

A: You must really know me if you are aware that I have a bleak outlook of this world. Well, I guess I spend too much spare time reading disturbing news everyday that I just don't have much faith in this 21th century of Earth ... not to mention I was studying physical sciences back in school.

Q: Are you afraid of anything?

A: Actually, I'm quite a coward and there are many things in life I'm awfully scared of.


So I’m logging on again? Ok, I WILL NOT LOG ON HERE anytime soon because if I do, I WILL become a zombie.

I mean I do have a life, so why else would I be CONSTANTLY STALKING people +/ people’s posts besides being a mentally ill person who is always bored outta her mind with nothing else bettah 2 do? Do I really need to explain myself so I can kinda get rid of my guilty conscience? Um, ok. When I’m online, I like to forget about everything else in life and just learn about people’s personalities (bcuz I have terrible personality (-ies), but i’m trying to improve by learning from y’all) and how people actually interact to be likeable? It’s not that I hate talking to people, it’s just that I don’t feel like making efforts to impress people online when I don’t even know much about who I’m talking to. Don’t tell me that I can be the same person that I am when I’m writing these rants because I used to only have one personality and that personality was the ‘diary-me’ and funny enough, I wasn’t even able to make fake-friends being that ‘diary-me’ bcuz no one actually wants to be around an arrogant b1tch who never listens. How many me’s are there nowadays? Too many and I’m NOT ashamed to admit that. So w/e person you think I am is just a PART of me. Is this 'diary-me' the ACTUAL me? Um I guess it makes up the majority of my personality? I'm definitely a bad girl trying to be good, so stop thinking me as an angel who is cherubic enough to make your heart flutter and let that heart stay intact if you still intend on showering me with attention +/ love(?) ! Yeah, sometimes I’m not totally honest but I never truly lie about anything that actually matters because lying is for losers and the wicked; I'm definitely not a loserrrrr. I’m going to log off now and will NOT be on until ~Mar 2015 or LATER.

- Written by 'diary-me'

Q: WHY are you particularly b1tchy today?
A: Maybe I got too much unwanted attention(?) today that I got 'particularly b1tchy'? As much as I <3 attention TO A moderate degree, I dislike being followed (that's very creepy and it makes me paranoid as fk!) because I AM A FOLLOWER. I do not know how to properly deal with obsessions; Others might think w/e stuff they're doing aren't obsessions, but I'm one paranoid fk and I categorize many things as obsessions. I feel most comfortable when I am the predator because my instincts are always right and my intentions are always well and that's what I TRUST. JUST BCUZ I did not prey on you, that DOESN'T mean I don't like you or haven't noticed you, I like A LOT of people and I can tell the people worth talking to and those that aren't. I can tell the people with beautiful personalities (deep down ofc! <3) apart from those with unappealing personalities (doesn't matter if presented personality is gorgeous). Even if you're worth talking to, I will most likely not initiate a convo because my actual personality is very shy and I will just keep stalking you because your personality is worth stalking and you're worthy of my attention. I don't stalk much anymore, but when I do, I just stalk those amazing people!

Q: Why are you always so b1tchy? You know you’re making yourself more hated than liked the more you reveal about yourself.

A: I’m quite a b1tchy person deep down but I have tons of inner censuring mechanisms to prevent my b1tchiness from ever showing up in the public or to 99% of people I actually get to talk to. What’s funny is when most people first start talking to me, they’re always the ones who sound much more vulgar, rude, and b1tchy than I’ll EVER be to them ... but they’re STILL insistent on thinking I am the Satan. I never waste my time or energy to try to prove to those bitter people that I'm not 100% devil; in fact, I don't want to deal with those people if I don't have to. I'm a bad person, but at least I have the discipline to behave myself in front of 99.9% of people I converse with. Do you really think I'm an uncultured person who don't know basic etiquettes in society? Wow, just ... wow. Look, I'm always a courteous person to everyone I talk to and I'll only activate my b1tch mode when my reputation is being tarnished or when I'm around the very few people (b1tchy themselves deep down) I'm close to. Hm, maybe that’s one of the reasons I tend to leave good impressions when people get to know me because they expect me to be a terrible and despicable person that I generally don’t have to do much to get them to change their minds when I want to prove them they're somewhat wrong about me. Did I sound arrogant in my previous sentence? If I did to you, then you need to loosen up, perhaps pump yourself up on occasions and start loving this world more.

Q: Why do you stalk? Tell me the truth.

A: Frequently, I just want to get to know all sorts of people, but not having to make an effort talk to them.

Q: If they're different, do you care more about outward personality or inward personality?

A: They're equally important. For example, I don't think I'm usually shy to most people in society because I make an enormous effort to appear as confident and outgoing as I can be. Being shy is usually the result of having low self-esteem. Believe it or not, self-esteem is something one, with enough willpower, can improve on. If my outward personality was as shy as I really am inside, then I doubt I'd be able to live my life to its fullest and I'd probably be a misfit in society constantly hating on everything +/ everyone. The world isn't fair and the society cannot change, so instead of hating on it, I decide to do my best to fit in it. I'm still battling my shyness because I'm still a bit too shy in the media industry that I have to constantly bottle up my anger and emotions that I lash out at the best people at the wrong times. It's another reason I like hanging around (doesn't necessarily mean I'm friends with them) confident or even narcissistic people, lol. Sometimes, I don't even know why I was so shy in the past, but I guess it was mostly because of my upbringing and my inability to impress others back then.

Q: When you were in school, which 'crowd' did you belong or hang out the most with?

A: I'm not sure if I belonged to a clique in school because most of the time I just wandered around alone or hung out with 1 or 2 friends. I'd say the 'crowd' that I had spent the more time with than the other 'crowds' was the Science Nerds.

Q: Which parts of a standard day are you most busy on?

A: Early morning, dusk, and night.

Q: Do you drink alcohol?

A: I take sips and only in social contexts where everyone else is drinking.

Q: Do you currently take illicit drugs?

A: No. I take some medications occasionally. Please don't ask me about them.

Q: Do you smoke?

A: No.

Q: Ugh, you're no fun!

A: Yep, I'm actually quite boring, health-conscious, and I want to stay rejuvenated.

Q: Do you have tattoo(s)?

A: No.

Q: What do you usually eat?

A: Usually cooked and nutritious organic foods. I rarely eat junk / microwavable / fattening foods.

Q: Where are you based?

A: Toronto, Canada.

Q: Have you ever lived outside of big cities? Do you like big cities?

A: Hm, Leshan is the definitely smallest city that I'd lived in. All the other cities I'd resided in are much bigger and are more populated. I can only find myself spending most of my life in big cities because I enjoy convenience, career opportunities, the general 'emotionless-and-careless-city-attitudes', 'selfish' people, noise, frequent activities, and populous areas.

Q: Which American cities have you been to?

A: Several cities in the Northeastern states. New York (thrice), Boston, Philadelphia (twice), Newark, Washington D.C, and a few more smarter cities.

Q: You haven't visited the western part of USA?

A: Not yet, but I'd definitely want to tour cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles some time in the future. Damn, I haven't even visited the large cities of western Canada. Actually, I haven't even visited any city in the western part of North America! Lol, some traveller I am. Ha, I'm such a fail.

Q: You’re not even shy so why are you always saying you are?
(***VERY LONG ANSWER. Went off topic like always.)

A: Ever since I’ve been out and living life again, I’ve been improving on my shyness. I’m naturally an introvert and unless I have some personal bragging rights, I do not feel like I am worthy of others’ respect or admiration or attention. Earning higher scores in knowledge, communication, image, finance, and comradeship gives me more confidence in myself to be able to justify my outward arrogance, which is almost a necessity in the field of media that I’m working in because everyone appears to be extroverted and self-absorbed to some degree. I’m not a natural leader AT ALL and I have next to 0 leadership skills if I don’t have tons of accomplishments +/ bragging rights to back me up. I become less shy and less introverted the more attuned I become with what’s going on with the world, talking to and hanging out with exceptional people around me, and polishing my image, so that is why I like to be around individuals who have equal or higher social standings than me because they’re incentives for me to strive to achieve more in life and possibly be happier. They also have many appreciable qualities that I don’t have so even though it’s mentally taxing to hang around them, I enjoy their company. They have their own grim views in life just like I do too! (Note: believing this world, in realistically speaking terms, is a dark place DOES NOT MEAN one cannot be happy or find happiness.) In addition, they are genuinely wonderful and honestly, I’ve improved a lot on my weaknesses in just the last few weeks that I’ve came here. I would never dismiss anyone just based on their standings in society, but I simply don’t have the interests nor can I find myself spending quality time with those who choose the easy way in life or believe that Earth is a utopia. This world is filled with injustices and every day someone out there is dealing with worse issues than you’ve ever had to deal with; Some of those issues are so terrible that they’re hardly processable for the average human mind. Yeah, I’m not an innately ruthless person, but what difference does that make? Fact of the matter is, I no longer have problems being a b1tch when I should be to get things done. Don’t bother being my friend if you think you’ll get my help from simply being my friend. Lol, I’m not desperate for your friendship even if I’m an actual loner because I’d rather be a loner than be around people who would bring me down or take advantage of me when they have no reasons to think so highly of themselves (that nerve!) that they dare believe they’re worthy of my presence or assistance. Sorry to sound very arrogant but I have enough people around me to worry about that I’d forget about your problems in less than a day. (I would NEVER actually SAY the exact stuff I would write in a diary because I’m quite a sophisticated person and I’m an expert at appearing as a cultured person.) Basically, what I’m stating is, you gotta prove you’re worthy of my help to get ANY help from me. You have to earn recognition to get any recognition from those you want help from because that is the way business works in this society.

Q: Rate your yearly happiness on the scale of 1-10 since 1996 (your earliest memories?), with 1 being extremely sad and 10 being extremely happy.

A: Ok, the following data might come out as a total surprise (once again, things aren’t what they seem?) for some people, but they're 100% REAL. The word(s) in the bracket is(are) the most notable thing that occurred in that certain year.
1996: 7 (Tomboy)
1997: 8 (Cousin Xin)
1998: 9 (Britney Spears)
1999: 7 (Gymnastics)
2000: 3 (English)
2001: 5 (Canada)
2002: 5 (Arguing)
2003: 4 (Father)
2004: 3 (Swimming)
2005: 4 (Running)
2006: 6 (High School)
2007: 8 (Blackout album)
2008: 2 (Depression)
2009: 4 (Studying)
2010: 7 (University)
2011: 2 (Lazy slacker)
2012: 5 (Alone)
2013: 7 (Rebelling)
2014 (so far): 9 (Epiphany)

Q: I see you’re active elsewhere now. Any last words before … lord knows when you’ll be back here?

A: First, I know tis a perpetual controversy, but Britney has a unique voice (sets her apart from the rest aka. the lessers in the Pop industry, except Madonna lol) and she can sing (and dance like a pro ... at least before late 2004 ITZ era). She's an entertainer and she is still laughing her way to the bank ... 1 1/2 decades after her BOMT debut to the world. She made 15mil just sitting in a judging chair making facial expressions and repeating "wow, you're AMAZING" to every contestant, who else (besides Mariah on AI) can do that? Ok, no more jokes. My point is she is 'lazy' now, but she proved herself in the past and now she has nothing else to prove to anyone and she's matured over the years. No, I'm not living in the past, I mean I know that Britney Jean was a flop, but look at this new wave of Pop wannabes (can't sing, can't dance, can't charm THE WORLD, aren't likeable to EVERYBODY ever (so this is an exaggeration but um...) ... yes, Britney was likeable by both males and females especially early in her career) entering the industry ... they (ex.Miley, Selena, Demi, etcetc) all listed Britney as their inspiration. I adore Britney and I don't mind if others don't like her, BUT DO NOT DISS her in front of me when you already KNOW I EFFING <3 HER! Before she became Pop icon, she was talented enough to be in the MMC (along with Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, and JT) and on Star Search. Sorry if I sound like that "Leave Britney Alone" gay man, Chris Crocker, I just got a bit carried away today from arguing with this clueless idiot on Britney's stan forum, Exhale on BreatheHeavy. My inner Britney-stan hasn't been provoked for so long (maybe 1.5years) until today. Did you not know I'm a huge Britney Spears fan? Oh, well I'll tell you right now that I AM a part of the Britney Army aka. I stan for Britney (not as much these days because I have a career and a busy life, but I still <3 Britney a lot). I'm sure I'll calm myself now. Where are we? Ok, I'm ready. Second, my very existence revolves around self-improvement so if you want me to stay the same and not have passions, then forget about speaking to me. Even if I don’t succeed, I always aim for finer things in life because it’s what everyone else I love/like does and I want to get to their level. Thus, I like to be around strong people who can handle me, are great enough themselves that I won't have to waste time feeling guilty for outshining them, and don’t doubt their own masculinity (for males) when I act rather bossy (quite often irl!). Come on, I want to be able to feel feminine at least once in awhile. Don't act all macho if you're not usually masculine and don't act rude to me just because you're aware that I dislike 'nice' boys when you're nice to every other girl. Be yourself. For females as friends (I'm 100% straight), I always like the ones who are classy and knowledgable on the outside, but are 'princessy' and royal deep down. Third, I’m not always honest to most people but look, why should I be when I have almost no idea what kind of person I’m talking to is truly like? That DOES NOT mean I want you to overwhelm me with your personal info; please just don’t if it looks like all I want is peace and quiet. Lastly, if my whole self is divided into the 4 structures of Earth, my inner core is an extremely irritating & dominating & emotional & obsessed & ignorant & insane & arrogant & fidgety self, my outer core is affectionate & comfortable & generous & annoying & adventurous & fun & talkative, my mantle (most peepz can only reach this me) is professional & sophisticated & approachable & friendly & cultured & modest & subservient & open-minded & secretive & shy, my crust is snobby & interesting & quiet/silent & anti-social & mysterious & unemotional & intimidating. Yes, I’m being 100% serious here and I’m done.

Q: I really like you and really believe you're not a bad person so I want to help you, but you're never available anywhere! You try to appear available, but you barely are! Why are you always so distant?

A: I don't want to be helped. Most of my problems are/were started by myself and I can fix them on my own. Most of the time, I don't trust people who would want to help me because I'm not sure what their motives are and I tend to assume the worst. Ops, there I said it. Occasionally, I can be a pessimist. Ugh. If I regard a person to be a better person than I am overall and they still want to help me when I'm being stingy, then I'd be more inclined to accept their help and think they're sincere. I only accept assistance from people I love +/ inspired by. Don't feel down if I simply thanked you for caring and I'm still making myself 'unavailable' after your offer to help me (if you're genuine, I'm very grateful) because I'm just like that to pretty much everybody. If you keep thinking you're different from the others, then ok believe w/e you want to believe bcuz dat's wat they all believe and you are the same as them, but you got some serious nerves to continue to believe that you're still entitled to special treatment from me. Lol, I'm the boss here. Get it right. If you're going to keep pestering me, then be prepared to see the dangerous + uncultured side of me when I bother enough to continue to even reply; I will instill you with harsh reality + life lessons + values that your mother didn't lecture you on + teachers didn't teach you in school. Damn, did I go off topic? Anyway, you can't change me once I've made up my mind so please respect that. There are plenty of other people out there who'd be willing to accept your generosity, but please be smart. Being unavailable is a part of me and I always want to keep myself busy or at least appear busy. I <3 other busy people as if that wasn't already so crystal clear.

Q: How did you manage to be independent and get a home of your own when you were just 18 and a nice new car at 21?

A: Ok, I get this question a lot. You’re probably assuming I’m spoiled. Reality is, yes, I was spoiled with a condo of my own to live in when I turned 18 and I didn’t actually buy my new car in Canada. However, I have jobs and I make & save money and pay for everything else, including my own living expenses, on my own. Still, I manage to not be satisfied because I want to live luxuriously and earn enough money to not worry about my finance or rely on someone else. If you’re going to be annoyed and be pissed off with how ‘easy’ my life is, go ahead. I get off from these kinds of haters.

Q: Then you’re not independent! You didn’t pay for your home and car.

A: Maybe not in your definition. I’m living on my own and I pay for my living expenses so I consider myself an independent. I’m done with this topic, don’t ask me more questions regarding it anymore.

Q: I want to fight you! Come out from hiding behind your laptop!

A: No, I don’t do the fighting. I stay hidden behind my laptop because I’m a pu55y and that’ll never change.

Q: What do you talk about on the phone when you're not working?

A: I sound 100X nicer on the phone than from my writings. I'm great at phone conversations so if we don't know or don't know much about each other, I can generally find topics to talk about that we can both contribute to. I try to impress the person I'm talking to so you shouldn't be the one who's nervous about whether I'd be impressed; Sorry, but I simply like to be in charge of how phone conversations flow and when I'm in a situation where I don't know how to respond (ex. we're having a debate ... oh plz don't) to sound sweet, I might become awkward. Perhaps I should be less bossy? Most of my phone conversations outside of work are brief though, like ~8-10 mins. If we're on the phone for >30mins, I'll probably become irritating and drag the conversation to 1-2 hours talking about my career, family, relationships, general gossips, and be very annoying that you'd likely never want to call me again.

Q: No wonder your line is always busy even after your work hours.

A: Lol. I'm one lazy a55. I'd rather talk to friends on the phone than make the effort to drive over to their place and hang out with them.

Q: I hate my life. This person ____ messed up my life and now I'm eternally hopeless. My life is going to continue to be miserable and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. (************ IMPORTANT! ***********)

A: DO NOT tell me your personal sob story. Everyone has a sob story of their own. If you think I know nothing about sufferings, believe me, I do. I've seen deaths, crimes, and medical failures that I probably know more about tragedies than you. Are you lonely? Get some courage to go out there and meet people. There is always someone out there who's similar to you and who'd accept you for who you are even if you've always been alone. Are you dealing with poverty because you're unemployed? You can let go of your pride and try to get a minimum-wage job. Are you still single when you should have already been married in your eyes? There's nothing wrong with staying single if you simply can't find someone you love +/ want to settle down with. Maybe you need to lower your standards too, especially if you're trying to look for someone much better than you. Are you dealing with weight (ex.overweight) issues? If you're not already morbidly obese (you can still do something about it and improve yourself by gradually getting yourself to be just overweight), please eat healthier diets, intake less calorie-ridden foods, surround yourself with people closer to that ideal weight you'd want yourself to be (DOESN'T mean you should ignore your old friends!), and start exercising more. Are you dealing with racism? You can't change other people's opinions and unless you prove that they're wrong and do something to help your racial group to not appear confined to those common prejudices and stereotypes, people will keep believing what they believe. Moving to big cities where multiculturalism is more tolerated helps too. Are you dealing with popular kids making fun of you at school? Ok, this is a tough one because there are various reasons you might get picked on at school. One thing that's for sure is you need to ignore those bullies, stand up for yourself IF YOU have a chance at winning against those bullies, focus on your studies and life priorities, and if you can surround yourself with supportive friends, that helps too! Are you dealing with a breakup with someone you thought was the love of your life? People fall in love and fall out of love all the time. Think of it this way, if that person was really the love of your life, you two would still be together. The fact that you two broke up means that it's just not meant to be... (I don't believe in fate but you get my point here right?) When your heart heals, maybe one of your male friends has been dying to date you and if you're interested, isn't that a great opportunity for a new romance? Be open-minded and move on with life because wasting time on chasing lost loves is ... just ... a ... waste ... of .... time. Are you dealing with extreme shyness that it's interfering with your life? Why are you that shy anyway? Perhaps you should improve on your image, communicational & social skills, and even though it's hard but you have to be more open to meet and talk to other people, at least the ones around you! Are you dealing with annoying parent(s)? You can't change who your parents are. If you really can't stand your own parents, you can grow up, make some money and become independent as soon as possible so you can move out of your parent(s)' home. If you're past the legal age and still blame the fact that your parents are constantly pestering you with getting a job to make money on your own + get a gf/bf + helping them with chores, then you need to re-analyze yourself and be more tolerant to your parents because they are not in the wrong to be pestering you about those matters. Maybe after a few years of living on your own, making money on your own, see what life is really about, become more mature, you'll discover that your parents weren't actually that bad, and in fact, they might have been amazing parents but that you were always too immature in the past to see their splendidness! Are you dealing with drug addition(s)? It's difficult to completely rid of an addiction once you've been hooked. First of all, you need supportive and understanding people around you, be it doctor(s), family, friends, acquaintances, +/ other addicts. Then, if you cannot immediately stop taking those drugs, you should at least slowly take less drugs (certain medications work. GET HELP!). I'm not a doctor so I'm simply using common sense and I'm generalizing because I have no idea what drug you're actually addicted to. I believe drug addicts have the hardest time because they are frequently dependent on w/e drug(s) they're addicted to and having to battle addictions is one of the hardest things to do on this planet. That said, it's still a fight that needs and should be fought if you want to live longer! Obviously, I don't experience every sh1t in life, but I don't need/want to make a mistake to battle it later. I learn FROM OTHER people's (usually the fighters') life experiences. You think I don't understand you and never will? Um, I probably do not know and will likely never understand because I'm not even informed of your particular circumstances and don't want to know if it's too sad, sorry but I'm not an emotional person and I don't deal well (my true colours, they're not charming, might show!) when I have to care about others. I CAN HARDLY take care of myself that I don't want to listen to or cope with other people's life problems. I've simply listed a few examples of misfortunes some people have to deal with in life and I don't want to generalize, but many people exaggerate their sufferings; they think they can't do anything about their terrible situation(s) when that's rarely the case. Certainly, DO NOT talk to me if you think I will help you. I rarely help people. I hardly even help my friends because they almost never need my help because they're exceptional people and they're usually better than me. I'm not a guidance counselor, so I won't sugarcoat reality with people who want me mother them. I'm a hard-working individual and I do not want to listen to any sob story. I read news and I'm well-aware of the dreadful things some unfortunate people have to deal with daily. I feel terrible, but I'm not anyone special and there really isn't much I can do besides trying to make something out of myself in this society and if I have some power in society, I'd definitely do more to assist others. I'm done ranting now because I'm so tired. Today is umm... definitely the last day for my active ranting sessions.

Q: I suffer from a diagnosed disease and my medical condition is not well and I can't do much to change it because it interferes with my life, so I doubt I'll ever be able to live my life to its fullest.

A: Aw. Even though I'm not a doctor, I've been around plenty of doctors and have been to hospitals that I've seen all kinds of medical conditions that nothing really surprises me; some diseases were severe and some were mild. One of the main reasons I didn't want to pursue medicine when I was studying in uni was the fact that I don't think I would be able to pull myself together to relate to patients who are in critical medical conditions. The thing is, I do care about you and other people like you and I do want to make you feel better if I can, but I believe my mind is too fragile to try to fix any problem (health problems in this case) when it's inevitably unsolvable (Ok, I definitely wouldn't exactly say this...). Normally, I'm not a generous person to most people and in fact, patients like you are pretty much the only people I'd be fascinated with to reach out without thinking twice to just to try to make you smile and offer support. I can offer my ears and hear about your life right now and do my best to cheer you up! Think of me as a supporter who wants to see you be happy, not a doctor / counselor! -Hugs- I believe in you and I want you to keep fighting! <3

Q: What courses did you take when you were in university?

A: 1st year (in BMSc program at UWO): East Asian Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Physics; 2nd year (on verge of dropping out of the BMSc program): Psychology, American History, Cell Biology, Organic Chemistry, Biostatistics. ***DO NOT ENGAGE me in convos by talking about Cell Biology, Organic Chem, OR Biostats. I barely know anything on those topics.*** I took an Economics university course in the summer of 2011 and a couple of Mandarin courses outside of university over the years.

Q: How good is your Mandarin?

A: I’m an exceptional speaker, but my writing needs work.

Q: Let’s talk about Calculus! Can you help me with this math problem because you look like you’re a math nerd?

A: Lmao. Um. No. I forgot all about what I learned in math. Speaking of studies, I don’t remember much physics or chemistry either, even though I took them in university. Anyway, even if I know how to solve a math problem, I’m not going to help you, especially when you’re talking to me in that tone. Goodbye.

Q: Math is hard and you probably suck in math. I’m excellent at math, be jealous of me!

A: Wow. Listen kid, math isn’t even hard, so it’s nothing to show off about. As for me, my best marks from school were in math-related courses and I barely dedicated my time to those dull courses. Honestly, if you do your homework and remember a few formulas, even Calculus is a joke. Did I just hurt you by stating my opinion?

Q: Then which courses do you think are challenges?

A: Law courses. I don’t know anything about law but I find people who take those courses extremely awe-inspiring. It’s probably because I’d still be terrible with those subjects even if I dedicated time and effort to them.

Q: You reveal so much about yourself...

A: I'm a complex person. I make myself look like I'm an exhibitionist just mainly for my own satisfaction and escapade, but I'm somewhat mysterious to most people. It's like this: 1) if you're a complete stranger, you'd probably think I'm an interesting, snobby, high-maintenance, and intimidating person so you most likely won't approach me and I doubt I'd ever approach complete strangers, thus we REMAIN strangers to each other and it's what I actually prefer; 2) if we've talked but are not close to each other, you'd most likely think I'm secretive, ambitious, approachable, sweet, sophisticated, cultured, and a bit shy; 3) if we're good friends, you'd know that I'm actually very shy, annoying as hell, depressed more often than I'm cheerful, always feeling guilty, and you'd have experienced me when I'm in some of my 'insane' states; 4) if I love you, you'd know almost every bad thing about me that all those negative things truly outweigh the few positives that I'm constantly emphasizing and trying to maintain. You'd also know exactly why I am+/act very anti-social at times.

Q: What is your motive for doing ____ ?

A: Tis a secret. Let's just say that my time is valuable and everything I do (even if it doesn't look like it has) has a purpose and nothing is what it really seems. I mean if it looks like I'm so desperate to meet new people, it usually is true in certain aspects but isn't totally the case. I'm addicted to and live by contradicting myself! If I'm appearing vulnerable, I'm really not and I'm strong as a rock. If I'm in pain, I'd say or act like I'm not. I'm not an open book. Maybe it's because I'm a nutcase myself and want to tease and make others crazy too that I'm in love with playing mind games. I'd never showcase what I most desire, I'm sorry. Hmm, if you're intelligent, you'd have wondered if I'm even a nutcase myself because I'm always appearing like a nutcase? Ha, I'll let you ponder on that.

Q: How many hours of sleep do you get daily?

A: 7.5hrs on avg per day including my nap time if I take a nap.

Q: Why are your sleeping schedules irregular?

A: They're not THAT irregular.

Q: You have more male friends than female ones.

A: Acquaintances do not = friends if we're talking in strict terms. Actually 80% of my friends are females. If we're talking about friends in loose terms, that M to F ratio would be 1:1.

Q: Are you bisexual? You're always arm in arm with other girls around you.

A: No, I'm straight and I'm not in denial. Is it really that hard to believe that I am NOT a closet bi-sexual? I only get into relationships with men and what else more do I need to say/show to prove that I'm a heterosexual. It is true that 97% of the time I like females more than males though. I'm very affectionate with my female friends, especially my closer ones (usually the Alpha Females ones), because that's just the way I am around all of them so it's nothing special!

Q: Do you mind what other people's sexual orientations are?

A: No, not at all because that's none of my business.

Q: How many friends (in strict terms) do you have?

A: Right now? Well, I think I have 20 friends atm.

Q: Didn't you just get into a relationship and you're already engaged now?

A: Yes, but I've been close to my fiancé for 2 years so nothing is rushed. Usually when I get into a relationship with a man, I always want to get engaged asap so I can start showing him off to friends and acquaintances who are constantly asking me about him because I'd only feel comfortable when I'm in a committed relationship. Once I get into a relationship, I can become obsessed and would like an engagement for reassurances. I know I'm a complete weirdo, but it's just the way I am regarding my romantic life.

Q: You and your fiancé are of different ethnic groups right? Any other noticeable differences between you two?

A: We were both born outside of Canada and we do our best to please each other’s traditional and proud families. His family members were tolerant to me when I met them ~a month ago, but I can tell that they don't trust me very much (understandable) and that they'd be much more happy for a domesticated (quite impossible for me, unfortunately) daughter in-law. Nick is Korean Canadian and I’m Chinese Canadian so we’re not exactly identical. He knows basic Chinese and I’m in the process of learning Korean to the level of a grade 6 language student asap! He is 4.5 years older than me and already has a promising career whereas I’m still struggling with my own career. We have some other differences, but I certainly don’t feel like discussing them atm.

Q: You're only 21 right now. You don't have to rush marriage.

A: I'm in no rush to get married. I don't mind at all if I'm engaged for 5 years, I just need to know that I'm in committed relationship because I travel quite often for work and as strong as I am, I can still be worried if my relationship isn't publicized as a serious one.

Q: Weren’t you engaged ~2.5 years ago?

A: Whoa. Ok, that was silly. I wasn’t actually engaged, sorry to disappoint your curiosity? I take my relationships very seriously when I even get into them so sometimes I plan way ahead and think about marriage, children, and security too much that I become deluded with what’s really happening in reality.

Q: Jesus christ, how many times have you been engaged?

A: Twice Once (just this one) bcuz the one 2.5years ago was simply a funny joke.

Q: You’re so Asian!

A: Lol, I guess I am a lot of the time. I come from a traditional Chinese family and 80% of my friends are of Chinese +/ Korean descent. No, I'm not narrow-minded and I can socialize with ANYONE who isn't unpleasant. However, I’m NOT a subservient girl because I’m spoiled +/ supported with enough great things in life that I will never settle for stuff less than my value. Aha, I’m a princess and I will only allow myself to be belittled by other princesses, princes, queens, and kings. -snickers- Anyway, I’m probably the least domesticated woman on this planet and I can only act like a servant to real leaders.

Q: Can I be your servant?

A: Tis a joke right?! XD

Q: No, I'm for real. I'm devoted to you that I'm willing to do anything for you.

A: Oh, just don't. You're scaring the hell outta me by saying that. I bet you hardly know me so please develop some self-respect! I really mean it! I'm not devoted to you and I'm not willing to do anything for you.

Q: You have servants, so why won't you let me be your servant.

A: Omg, where the fk is this convo getting to?! I DO NOT HAVE SERVANTS; Slavery had been abolished long ago. Those 'servants' you think I have are actually my mom, my fiancé, and my best friend. They are people I love and they support me unconditionally. I would do anything I can to help them just like they'd do anything they can to see me back in fine health. So yeah, stop with the idiotic questions.

Q: I'm sorry. I just want you to notice me though! How can I do that without telling +/ showing you my devotion.

A: Please don't bother telling +/ showing me. You can support me, but don't tell me you're devoting yourself to me because then I'd feel pressured to do something for you. I'm not a celebrity so don't devote yourself to me or basically to anyone you hardly know anything about! Just improve yourself and make something outta yourself in society to get acclaim from everyone and you'll get someone you devote to to also be devoted to you back.

Q: Who are you devoted +/ look up to?

A: People I love, good friends, and my superiors at work.

Q: You've just won 5mil dollars! Call this number ___ and then go to ____ for more details and to claim your win.

A: I don't believe in get-rich-quick schemes or get-dream-career-quick schemes. Try to scam me, you'll probably get reported to the local police.

Q: CHILLAX sistah. You need to stop watching horror movies.

A: I rarely watch horror movies. I watch and read news.

Q: No wonder you're so paranoid in life.

A: Mhm.

Q: Are you an only child?

A: Yes

Q: How many children would you like to have in the future? What kind of parent would you be?

A: I've always wanted a huge family of my own after I settle down in marriage, but I'm too career-oriented so I only see myself most likely having 2 kids. Maybe 3 if I can step up my parenting skills and have enough time and resources to raise 3 children well. I would teach them discipline and be a good example for them to WANT to emulate me, but I'm not going to be strict with how they should live/plan their lives because I just want them to find their own happiness in life. I'm sure I'm going to be a loving, fun, hands-on, and supportive mother. Jeez, I'm so emotional (you've just found my weak spot!) right now because I <3 children so much.

Q: Why do you love money so much?

A: No, I don't love money. I respect people who have made a lot of money on their own (legally) +/ have come from affluent families because having wealth says a lot of admirable things about their character imo. If a person is not well off financially but is constantly working hard to attain success and more money, I and many other people will still admire and respect them.

Q: If you could only choose one, money or love?

A: Sorry, but I choose money because it's tangible and I can see it. Money is real, whereas even if love is real now, that love might fade away later in life. I won't live a life filled with taking unnecessary chances and risks. Losing oneself in 'love' is considered taking a risk for me, lol. Ofc, I highly value love too, just not as important as wealth!

Q: Finally caught you all alone. I’ve always wanted to tell you that you need to stop thinking so highly of yourself. Everything about you is average or even below average. In fact, you disgust me.

A: Oh, hello there! Yes, you're right. Sometimes I can have an overblown sense of self. I need to tone it down. I'm sorry, I should be more modest. Ops, -looks at the time- I gotta get going now, goodbye! -gets scared and walks away-

Q: Hey, come back here ya pu55y! I aint done wit ya!

A: -runs away and calls for backup(s) +/ security-

Q: Stop running so fast! What are you … a robot?! I … can’t … keep … up … fkkkkkkkk dis shet.

A: -mentally records this unfortunate incident. phew, that was close!-

Q: What types of people do you fancy?

A: Pretty much the same types that everyone else fancies?
Ex. People who:
have / try to develop leadership skills;
have friends +/ can make friends;
have admirers +/ supporters;
value life in general (ex. human life, animal life, plant life, etc);
can love and care;
can get into conversations;
can stand up for themselves;
have standards;
have goals and passions in life;
aren't afraid of being alone if they're in that situation;
are independent;
are open-minded;
are usually honest;
are trustworthy;
are cultured;
can get along with people around them;
aren't constantly angry;
are / are trying to become outgoing;
are sane / are trying to become sane;
support and protect their loved ones;
are respected or at least not hated by others in society;
are at least knowledgable about basic worldly matters;
are at least financially independent;
are fit +/ physically imposing;
have unique personality (-ies);
are similar to me;
can inspire me because they’re better than me in qualities that I need to improve on.

Also, generally speaking,
Men who appear 'bad' to the outside world, but are good-hearted on the inside.
Women who value integrity and appear classy in society.

Q: Which types of people do you hate?

A: Um, I don't want to reveal the kinds of people I hate outright. Btw, I rarely hate since I don't have the energy +/ time to get to know people I dislike well enough to despise them.

Q: Do you like 'nice' boys? If no, why not?

A: No, I don't, at least not from my personal experiences. Sorry, I don't even like them as friends because most of the time, they give off the creepy vibe that their purpose is to get into relationships (even if it is, don't make it look obvious). This might come across as a bit sexist, but I just don't trust boys/men who appear nice to every girl/lady. Men who appear indifferent or even appear rude to most people look more desirable to me than 'nice' boys. Men who are respected in society and can instill fear in others but are kind on the inside especially to their loved ones are the best imo.

Q: When can I catch you when you're alone so I can talk to you privately? You're always around people...

A: You can only talk to me privately if you call me, break into my condominium suite, or catch up with me when I happen to be doing some grocery shopping. Any other time, I always surround myself with people (I follow them) or at least 1 other person.

Q: Can you lead?

A: No, I was born with 0 leadership skills. I mean I can somewhat lead if I'm a position where I should act like a boss, but I'm much more of a follower. It's usually awkward for me to act as a host to any social event and I tend to fail at making most attendees feel welcomed or relaxed because it takes too much conscious effort from me to socialize with them since it just doesn't come naturally for me. Real leaders are charismatic and can jump into any social context and can cheer up the whole room when the atmosphere is dreary; I can never fully do that. I feel tense when I'm put into a situation where I have to give orders to anyone I don't know well. Often, I feel free when I can wander on my own without caring about whether everyone else is having an awesome time and just follow crowds because I feel comfortable following when I'm led by a LEADER WHOM I (& EVERYONE ELSE ex. children, girls, boys, men, women, seniors) RESPECT enough to listen to and follow their guides. I know very few people with true leadership skills. Self-proclaimed leaders with no followers +/ charisma are ludicrous.

Q: Do you own pets?

A: None atm, I can hardly take care of myself. If I have to care for some other living creature, I want to be able to give it proper love and attention, both of which I don't feel like I can readily give in my current state.

Q: I want you to hear this song, but I'm not sure if you'll like it...

A: If the song can make me want to get up to run +/ dance, you can bet that I'd like it!


A: I HAVE PROBLEMS. I'm always logging off 3 minutes after I log in because I keep telling myself I shouldn't be spending time on here and then 5 minutes after I logged off, I feel like I have to log in to edit something. It's a vicious cycle. Just ignore me when I'm acting like the maniac that I am atm.

Q: What's the matter then? I thought you said you've got everything solved a few days ago?

A: Yeah, I wasn't joking when I said everything's fine. There isn't any legitimate reason for me to complain so maybe I'm a little worried over things that I don't have much control over and I've never had to worry about them before. Stress doesn't bother me because I'm used to that.

Q: Do you ever mean what you say? I mean you say you won't log in and yet you're logging in everyday! Wth?!

A: My factual information is true and I do my best to mean what I say. As for the "Oh, I'm going to _____", the "I better not _____" and the "this _____ doesn't bother me at all because I'm confident enough to not worry, I say them PUBLICLY to FORCE MYSELF to live up to them because it'd be embarrassing as hell if I don't RIGHT?!

Q: I don't understand what you've just said.

A: I don't expect you to. A little, stupid, bratty, impulsive, and irresponsible girl is what I really am on the inside.

Q: I can handle you!

A: That's supposed to be funny right? Lmfao. My own fiancé can't even handle me at times and he is the only one who can come close to being able to handle me. My own mom, aka my 'twin sister', can't even stand me.

Q: Stop joking around!

A: Yah, w/e.

Q: You dyed your hair? xD That new profile pic is fab fab!

A: Aww you! Well, it's just for change and for me to stand out more. I take random pics every single day so now I have ~3500 pictures on my fking iphone since I've been 'out' and even though ~3200 are selfies (tis ridiculous i know), there are still ~300 of me in social contexts biatches! No more smudged on makeup or unbrushed hair bcuz wtf was I even doing, holy shet that was humiliating! Working in office got me to fix my past, sloven image ... hopefully I fixed it but I'm not sure though since my new self hasn't been subject to the general public yet. I'm going to cross my fingers and pray that I'll be accepted when I do make that comeback! I should reactivate some old accounts of mines or at least make new ones (more likely) because people around me are finding it strange how I do not possess an active social media account when I work in the media. Stalking is something I've gotten used to doing that it's become a second-nature to me, but now will I allow myself to be possibly stalked by others? Um, I'm a grown-up and I've always been one hell of an independent woman who can clean up w/e mess she makes so she can stop being too paranoid when no one even cares. Flaunting my fabulous life on social media might also get certain people to miss me, tsk tsk. Keeping tabs on my fiancé is a plus too, not that I'm actually distressed with what he's doing when we're not in the same region. The majority of people I know CANNOT make an effort to call me, so I'm done with waiting for calls. I abhor texting so don't bother sending me lengthy texts because I can't bring myself to text long replies. What's so hard about talking on the phone anyway, it's efficient to get messages across! Ah, looks like I'll reactivate or make new account(s) this week because I can't keep up with w/e it is that I'm currently doing anymore. All I am doing right now on this place is wasting my time and effort. *Update: New Weibo account!

Q: Are you talking on the phone?

I think your question should be: "When are you not talking on the phone?"

Q: Why are you ALWAYS preaching?

A: I always preach when I'm trying to improve myself and want some other people to improve themselves too so I don't feel too lonely being the only ambitious person around with no one else to share life goals with. I like to share; I don't want to be one who is constantly stating what my own goals in life are without hearing about other people's if we're in a conversation. Sorry, but I simply can't hold conversations with people who aren't ambitious enough to have at least 1 goal in life that they're willing to share with me. I admire other ambitious (ACTIONS >>>>> words) people and I look up to them if they have great goals in life! They don't have to be successful as long as they have tried their best, but they have to have goals and passions! People who waste all their time crying and not doing anything to improve their situations sicken me ... I'm sorry bcuz I was just too used to have to battle +/ deal with that and I don't wanna have to experience with that sh1t ever again in life.

Q: How do you always get along with almost everyone? Btw, you sound very unapproachable and intimidating on here.

A: I am a people-watcher and I'm well-aware of what people want to talk about +/ want to hear if I attempt to get into a conversation with them. I always make sure I’m ready to impress when I’m around most people, so I do my best to be open-minded, to compromise when I’m in a no-win situation, to generate & show interest, to talk about specific things that make specific people happy, and to keep matters professional. Getting into debates / lengthy discussions over controversial topics isn’t something I’d want to participate in with most people because my mind is too frail for those affairs and my tough exterior might crack if I find myself unable to make a witty response. I AM NOT a lawyer and I certainly don’t want every conversation to get so effing deep to the point that WE ARE ALWAYS arguing over contentious world-issues. My biggest weakness is the inability to focus on my life priorities when someone out there is hating on me AFTER I GAVE them a reason to hate me. Apologizing takes a lot of effort from me and it’s what I dread most. If we’re friends, I always want to apologize in a way that doesn’t make me look like I’ve lost my pride + mojo, but still make my apology sound wholehearted. Ugh. Back to the question. Obviously, I can’t string together coherent sentences so I distract Internet folks from that deficiency of mines by making my ‘diary-me’ sound remarkably repulsive. smilies/icon_gonk.gif

Q: I've never seen you talk.

A: How can you SEE someone TALK on the Internet? It's 'hear' not 'see.' Don't tell me an avatar is a 'someone.' Pixels don't represent a person. Haha, I know what you mean lol. Well, business aside, 95% of the time I just don't feel like talking because 95%+ of the time, I don't know enough about who I'm talking to. Don't take it personally when I don't say a single word, I'm like that to almost everyone so I'm not singling you out whatsoever; I've always been a lone wolf in most circumstances. Also, I never pay much attention to the 'factual' details of what Netizens say; I pay attention to HOW THEY conduct themselves to other people and the way they deliver their messages. BEFORE you assume, NO I DO NOT JUDGE ppl, but I am not dumb enough to ignore the concrete evidence that is RIGHT IN FRONT of me. Please DO NOT TRY TO bombard me with your personal info just for the sole purpose of getting me to talk. When I do open up in a convo (almost never online), I want to go all in and torture my talking buddy with annoyance and then see if they'll want to be the recipient of my torment ever again.

Q: How did you get into media planning without even finishing your Bachelors degree? What do you do at work?

A: Well, it definitely wasn’t easy. I got recommended from one of my family’s connections for the job and when I was given the chance for the interview, I guess I did leave an unforgettable impression. I don’t plan on finishing my Bachelors because I was doing BMSc (Biological and Medical Sciences) at Western (UWO) and that degree has nothing to do with my career nowadays. My current position at the firm (it’s international) I’m working at is low, so I do the work that doesn’t require too much experience here, ex. communicating in English and Mandarin & negotiating deals on the phone & telemarketing. In between calls and group meetings, I have some free time to study Korean <3, read the news, and write some rants (no I’m not going to make a blog bcuz I’ll stop ranting when I’m mentally sound and I’m sure I’ll be healthy enough soon after today). If I plan to climb to higher positions at this firm, I need to get more years of experience here and study journalism. My career life would be complete if I can manage to get to be a news anchor (prospects of this happening is near 0% atm). SIDENOTE: Even though none of my desired positions require writing, I need to improve it because my writing (& grammar) skills are horrendous and every respectable employee here can write like a writer if they wanted to so I gotta do something about this to get their recognition.

Q: What are the easiest and hardest parts of your current job?

A: The easiest part is when I’m on the phone which is ~75% of my total work time. For many people, the hardest part would be public speaking in group meetings, but for me, that isn’t very difficult because it just involves presenting factual data and summary for a few days of work to my superiors. The hardest for me is definitely having to have to make myself look natural and at ease when I get into long and engaged conversations with other colleagues I’m not familiar with to share innovative ideas. Most of those colleagues are at the same level of position as I am in the company and I have to balance being a proud diva when I have done outstanding work and being a compromising sidekick when my performance is menial in comparison. I have no problem being a peasant around my superiors, but having to balance being superior and inferior to my fellow colleagues and getting along with them to deserve their respect are the most gruelling tasks for me.

Q: You don’t sound very happy. Maybe you should change your job?

A: I always sound less happy than I am when I’m writing. No, working here is challenge that I can take on and why would I change a job that I need for my career?

Q: How do I know I’m actually talking to you?

A: Hm, good question. You don’t, unless you can hear my voice or see me actually talking to you?

Q: Are you a criminal?

A: I'm a law-abiding citizen.

Q: What were some of your past jobs?

A: When I was in school and for ~3 years, I tutored Mandarin and worked part-time as a casual translator. I also did 1-2 hour(s)/week of reviewing accounting paperworks for my family. I had plenty of leisure time in the past because work was ~10 hours a week and school… hm, I barely attended most of my classes back then because I was too lazy to get up in the morning / noon and was too busy for school after the onset of dusk. DO NOT BE THAT ME IF YOU'RE STILL IN SCHOOL PPL, I'm pretty much the worst role model for students. Academics is important, but please study something that's going to be useful for your career and don't let school be an excuse to postpone getting a part-time job (esp if you need the $). I believe I was never a brilliant student because I didn't have enough passion in any of my studies and my OCD (& various other illnesses) for detrimental habits didn't help. Those laid-back student years were years that I should’ve been a good student in because now I have to work EXTRA hard to prove myself at work. Ok, back to your question, I lifeguarded for 2.5months last summer (regret that job because it was exhausting ... I’m NOT kidding) because I was too pale at the time and had to get a tan to not look like a ghost compared to everyone else. Lastly, I worked and still work (on my vacation month) as a flight attendant for 1-2 month(s) a year.

Q: How is your relationship going? Still going strong?

A: Thank you for caring and asking! <3 Nick and I are currently engaged so it's going great as always! Actually my relationship is the main reason that I'm happy and inspired to aim higher career-wise even though I keep saying I'm doing so for my family (true too, but not the main reason). I think I'd still be a lazy a55 with no goals in life if my impressive fiancé hadn't entered my life. Before we starting dating, he's been my 'brother' aka 'slave(sowwie)' aka 'bodyguard' aka 'gym buddy' aka 'Korean teacher' aka 'babysitter', for a long time so we know each other well and have been through a lot of sh1t together so even though we're not in the same location now, there's nothing to worry about. It's too bad that we're not always together due our busy schedules and my absences due to work, but we love each other and it's no doubt that we're each other's numéro un! God, mentioning him really got me so emotional that I think this time I really should get going and focus on my life because he wouldn't be amused to see me back on here typing a bunch of rants. (lov ya nk)!

Q: Can you tell me more details about your fiancé? He sounds awesome!

A: Haha. Nah, not on here!

Q: Are you still close to your family members?

A: Not close, but they're still important to me. I keep in contact with very few of them. The only one I can currently say I'm close to is my father and I only talk to him 2-3 times a week. When my mama and I aren't in conflict, we're pretty close and we visit & talk to each other as often as sisters do.

Q: How antisocial are you?

A: Outside of work and social contexts, I appear slightly more antisocial than I actually am. I don't have enough energy (an excuse I know!) nor want to be self-conscious 24/7. Honestly, I'm hardly ever fascinated by anything +/ anyone and being shy doesn't help too. Don't try so hard to make yourself sound particularly fascinating because I will see through that and I don't want to feel pressured to lie to you that you got me so excited and then you expect me to actually see you again when you take my "I have to go now, see you soon again! You're a pleasure to be around with!" too seriously. I'm rarely excited and trust me, you have no idea what excites me if we've never had an actual conversation where both of us contributed equally to a real topic of discussion. If I sound very excited, it is because I'm so nervous and even if I sound calm, I'm most likely still making an effort to sound calm. Most of the time, if I'm always grumpy +/ cranky around you, it's because I'm comfortable around you and feel like you can probably handle me. My point is, just be calm and be laid-back because being overly enthusiastic to people you hardly know is called being desperate. There's a difference between being POLITE and being CREEPY. Even if you're being creepy, I'll likely still be replying to your questions and try to survive the length of that convo, but I'll definitely avoid you in the future. Desperate people can settle for anything +/ anyone and I'm extraordinary so you're not worthy of getting to know me.

Q: How many close friends do you have?

A: I have 2 best friends that I call siblings. Yeah, they’re both females. One sis is in Canada and one sis is in China. They're as important to me as my parents and as close to me as my fiancé! Think of it this way, I am so close to them that sometimes they even have my home keys! My fiancé wouldn’t allow me to make a brother, but then again what woman in the right set of mind would need ‘brothers’ / close guy friends when she has him?! <3

Q: Who is your favourite celebrity?

A: Britney Spears. I've been her fan since 1998 and I've been stanning for her since 2006.

Q: Do you party?

A: Monthly, so I hardly party. I only party in reputable bars and clubs when I have a crowd (3+ ppl, the more the better) to follow around with (ex. fiancé, sisters, friends, colleagues, acquaintances). Even though I’m somewhat of a loner, I will rarely be seen outside without company because it’s fun and safe walking around & hanging out in crowds.

Q: Do you make conversations with total strangers?

A: I can answer some of their questions and chat a bit, but I will almost never get into real conversations with them until I get to know them better +/ find them fascinating +/ see them around more often.

Q: Are you anorexic? How are you so thin and still function in life?

A: Well, aren’t you the first person to ask me these questions! For me, I consider having BMI less than 14 anorexic and no I’m not anorexic, my BMI is ~16 (my height is 5'8") these days and it's healthy for me; My BMI has never gotten over 16.7 in my life. The problem is, when I put on weight, it’s usually my stomach that gains fat, not in places where I’d like to add fat on, ex. my legs, chest, and buttocks. There are tons of people out there dealing with their weights and imo, genes (unchangeable), diet, exercise, lifestyle, and societal pressures are the most important factors in determining weight. I’ve never had to struggle directly to gain or lose weight, so I can’t say I understand how the people who are dealing with weight issues feel. Hang in there though! I’m a supporter to those who are actively working hard to get to their own ideal weight.

Q: Can you cook?

A: I’m trying to improve my cooking, but I’m always too lazy to make food so I tend to either eat out or order takeouts.

Q: I hate you.

A: You have to care enough about me to hate me. Good, I need more haters (esp online haters) because, along with my supporters, they motivate me in life.

Q: Why are you revealing so much about yourself on a profile you don't even use?

A: It's what I do when I don't have a busy social life. I get off on showing off the 'goods' & 'bads' of me and vague personal info to people I don't really know and idek why, but I just orgasm when I do those things. Paranoia is something I suffer and it makes me imagine people asking me questions when they don't even ask me so I gotta answer them usually in frustrating tones because I hate writing.

Q: Come on, don't lie now. You're one of the most manipulative people on this planet, so I'm positive that nothing you do is entirely desultory. What is your ACTUAL purpose from writing all of this? I know you don't do things out of whim even if you're in your ill state.

A: You have to be so smart, don't you! Hm, I'm not sure what ACTUAL is, but my answer to your previous question IS part of my purpose. For this question, I'm just going to say that nothing is ACTUAL or 100% for me, so I do not fee

AUG 13, 2014

LAST RANT. Like my sentence structures? WHY TY! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

Unless we’re talking about well-established charities, (ex. Red Cross, UNICEF) I don’t let anyone take advantage of me if I’m not getting ANYTHING valued as much as what I’m giving in return. So if I gave you a discount / my time of day besides business / my referral / my money / w/e thing you wanted, you DEFINITELY gave me what I wanted (ex. relaxation / better reputation / your attention or acknowledgement of me if you are at the top of the food chain … lol / etc.) at that time the deal was taking place. So for the people who are ALWAYS giving other individuals unconditional love / attention / money / help WITHOUT GETTING anything remotely prized as an equal in return, YA BETTA be wary of leaving with an inevitably broken heart. True friendship + relationship involve EQUAL contributions from both sides. If attention / love is coming a lot more from one side than the other, then that is called FANDOM and unless you don’t mind being taken advantaged of in this highly competitive world where almost everyone is inherently selfish, you’ll most likely leave with emotional scars if you’re a sensitive person and are delusional enough to think you can change a selfish person to a generous person by giving them unasked love. DONT TELL ME you think more about others than yourself because I don’t believe in that crap unless you’re extremely rich that $ is NEVER a concern, ex. you’re Bill Gates or that you have seriously low self-esteem (I’m sorry that I have to say this) that you don’t care if you never get anything in return and don’t believe you deserve better. You should believe you deserve better and stop caring about people who never seem to give you what you want! Those people aren’t worthy of your generosity and I get pissed off as fk every time I see generous and caring people giving 'shamelessly' and then leaving with their hearts broken. Hm … not even Bill Gates give 'shamelessly' without getting anything in return ex. a publicized reputation known as a charitable business man. If you keep insisting you’re benevolent and always help w/e person that comes to you for help, that just makes me think you’re a liar and are too desperate that you’re willing to settle for less than what you should be aiming for. Constantly giving, ex. $, to random people actually makes me disrespect you and feel sorry for you when you run out of $ for yourself (not to mention running out of $ to save for those who should matter A LOT to you) and have no other options to make more $ but burden your very sympathetic friends who are willing to lend you money when you obviously don't deserve their $ since you were way too careless with the $ you once had and that you'd probably made the same mistakes again. REAL friends should never be wanting money from you or only talk to you when they think it's a great opportunity for their financial benefits (IGNORE them if that's the case) and most real & lasting relationships require two people with similar social class, so don’t believe in that Cinderella story or that Titanic love story. Being in either of those stories is pretty much equivalent to winning the lottery. This is cliché, but the best way to live a more fulfilled life is to work hard (even harder if you don’t come from a privileged background), improve thyself, be more open to other people’s opinions, meet better people, find worthy people to hang out with, give up on things that make you sad, move on with life, avoid unnecessary drama, avoid getting too emotional to the point of being obsessed, and try to get along with everyone around you. I’m not saying I live up to every single point I make, but I always try to even if it doesn’t look like I’m putting much of an effort. You don’t need to act like a smart a55 24/7, sometimes it’s essential that you realize you have some faults and have enough confidence to not be afraid of acting dumb on occasions! I just don’t understand why certain people feel so much need to make themselves seem way more magnificent when they’d be much more appreciated if they could just be real and be themselves.

ONE LAST THING, I AM NOT some rich arrogant kid who doesn't give a sh1t about anyone else in this world but herself. In Canada, I'm considered as being raised from MIDDLE-class family and somewhere between Middle to Upper class in China (PRC) but for most of my life, I wasn't actually raised in PRC. Anyway, all I'm saying is to those of you who believe or are DETERMINED TO BELIEVE that I don't/never work for money and think you also don't need to work hard for money IF YOU can just get lucky with life, you're kidding yourselves! I ONLY SOUND like a spoiled brat because I want to sound rich and be upper class because a lot of people around me are from upper strata and I strive for a life like theirs. Haven't you ever wondered why I always want to improve myself? It's because I WANT TO be part of the upper social class and make my family proud of me, sorry for being an overly ambitious b1tch. I'm not actually an expert at being a media planner and I have to endure many harsh comments from a couple of spoiled brats daily and even try to get them to like me because the only weapon I really have is GETTING ALONG WITH PPL and hopefully get them to admire me when I'm trying hard to. Maybe it's this interesting aura I give off, but I can usually get along with most people even if it seems impossible at first.

If you want a better life, then stop making up excuses about how this world is so unfair to you and embrace what you are born as and make the best out of YOUR LIFE! You don't have to be some rich mofo if you don't want to work that hard because it really isn't necessary at all. What is NECESSARY is NOT being a financially dependent grownup when you're able-bodied enough or are capable of making at least enough money to sustain yourself. LET GO of your pride if you can't exactly get that dream job you've always wanted because life isn't always perfect and failure is part of understanding life! I have high standards for myself, but I know there's slim chance that I'll ever get my career to be what I've always dreamt of because realistically speaking, that sh1t is DIFFICULT and I KNOW! I think I've said absolutely everything I've ever wanted to say now, so yeah... I will not be back on here for a long time because this whole treating my rantings as 'DIARY ENTRIES' is getting extremely time-consuming and I'm getting awfully tired.


Alternate (not mule to me) accounts: crimsonee, lacerie wes, EloquentDesires

Hello, I am essenses. You may know me as ess/essie around here.

I'm currently on a long break from Gaiaonline because I'm exhausted these days and always upset people with good intentions that I feel like I need to spend some time off/away. I am genuinely sorry to anyone who felt I had disrespected them, which wasn't what I had intended at all. When I'm unhealthy, like I was for the past few months, I repeatedly say I'm leaving mainly to intimidate people and to avoid impending drama. I can be paranoid. In my spare time, I usually don't have what it takes to pull myself together to make good impressions +/ to be strong mentally +/ to be or act interested +/ to be caring and understanding. Please forgive me if you want to give me a chance to redeem myself because by the time I realize I was being pathetic, it'd be too embarrassing and tiring for me to admit my wrong. Besides being the somewhat OCD-prone klutz that I still am, I'm getting a lot healthier and stripped clean of my old addictions now. FINALLY! I know it's still too early but I really think I should be able to get rid of my OCD altogether by the end of this week. God, please help me...

Most of y'all don't know this, but to the buddies I've made here and haven't been in much contact with, every single one of you guys and girls is unique in your own way and I'm thankful to have been sincerely entertained by y'all during my brief and inconsistent time on here! Thank you for helping me become a more accepting individual both online and offline too. (^.^) Unfortunately, I have to take a much-needed break from here now.

Also, there were some people I sort of got to know during my 2012 Fishing runs and they kept me company + tried to make conversations when I was a very ill person. Those Fishing months were times when I was too distracted and just couldn't stop fishing. I remember those awesome, few people and I'm sorry I did not make much of a real effort at talking anything about myself nor getting to know y'all better when you guys actually revealed a lot of interesting (I'm being serious smilies/icon_biggrin.gif) personal info. Ahh, those delightful memories!

Best wishes y'all!


- Updated July 29, 2014



Bad Teacher; One Night Surprise; Jerry Mcguire; Basic Instinct; Passion (2012); The Godfather; Wanted; Mr. and Mrs. Smith; Requiem for a Dream; Mean Girls; Ocean’s Trilogy

TV Shows

CSI Series; When a Man Falls in Love; Iris; Prison Break; My Lucky Star; The Heirs; Emergency Couple; Grey’s Anatomy


Britney Spears; Mariah Carey; Usher; Pop; Dance; R+B; Rap; Rock; no slow Country or heavy Metal please


Beach Volleyball; Running; Triple Jump; Stretching; Weight Training; Swimming


Toronto; ChengDu; ChongQing; New York; ShangHai; Seoul


Wikipedia; Oryx and Crake; Of Mice and Men; The Great Gatsby; Urbandictionary; Yahoo News


Red; Black; Orange; Turquoise; Green; White; Purple; Pink


- My sign: Sagittarius Sun with Virgo Rising with Leo Moon with Gemini Midheaven
- According to my personal experiences, I get along the MOST with: Gemini, Aries, and Sagittarius
- Astrology is a pseudoscience, so I don’t use it to judge what a person is like just based on their sign


Self-improvement; Siblings; Family; Career; Image; Reputation; Knowledge; Power; Admiration; Respect; Crowd; Independence; Security; Money; Luxury; Attention; Health; Honesty; Courage; Love; Friendship; Networking; Dancing; Humour; Living life to the fullest; Fun; Travelling; Planning; Organization; Research; Stalking; Being interested; Generating interest; Being interesting; Night; Dusk; Dawn; Summer; Spring; Fall; Cloudy weather; Hot weather; Warm weather; I have endless interests

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KhloeKoala Report | 07/25/2013 8:05 pm
Ahhhh, that's quite alright! It's best not to game too much anyway xD. TBH, I've been taking a break from league for a while since I eventually turned into a swearing sailor, but I go on every now and then when my bf drags me into one. I actually ended up transfering my violetunicorns account over to the oceania server so add my LondonBridges account x). We can help you out whenever we're online! Also, how's that job coming along? Lifeguarding can be a bit tiring to do when there's nothing going on but it's a pretty serious job.

Yes I heard about those fishing prizes o.o. I'm not too familiar with it but I saw a few of the quests you could do on Vathi's page since she's going after them, but other than that I don't know the specifics. Do you plan on completing again when you have the time?

Vathilia III Report | 07/25/2013 7:48 pm
Vathilia III
so, how fishing retirement going? :3
Vathilia III Report | 07/25/2013 7:47 pm
Vathilia III
-huggleesss da esss-
Xantetsuken Report | 07/09/2013 7:04 pm
Teehee, Aw shucks you. XD

Omfg, has it really been that long!? DAMN D:
Summer's going pretty alright. Got an A for my 1st summer class I finished last month, and taking another 2 this month. Taking up a bit of my time, but as long as I can balance the work with running and tennis, I'm good.
And yes, of course I play tennis! My life would be too empty without it! haha.

How's summer for you? :3
o--aces--o Report | 07/09/2013 6:06 pm
I have an account but have yet to play, only made one cause so many people play it. I need to give it a proper try. 3nodding
o--aces--o Report | 07/09/2013 5:06 pm
yea its been a year since we fished x3 so many things happen, I keep trying to find new games to play so I wont be so bored after work sweatdrop
Xantetsuken Report | 07/05/2013 11:43 pm
Felt like dropping by your profile and noticed I'm the 1st on your friendslist. Booyah wink
Miss you ess! heart
o--aces--o Report | 07/01/2013 9:43 pm
Hey how have you been?
Brg Leonheart Report | 07/01/2013 2:51 pm
Brg Leonheart
Why you leave so often?! D:
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Brg Leonheart
llemme in your room! scream xD


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KhloeKoala Report | 07/25/2013 8:05 pm
Ahhhh, that's quite alright! It's best not to game too much anyway xD. TBH, I've been taking a break from league for a while since I eventually turned into a swearing sailor, but I go on every now and then when my bf drags me into one. I actually ended up transfering my violetunicorns account over to the oceania server so add my LondonBridges account x). We can help you out whenever we're online! Also, how's that job coming along? Lifeguarding can be a bit tiring to do when there's nothing going on but it's a pretty serious job.

Yes I heard about those fishing prizes o.o. I'm not too familiar with it but I saw a few of the quests you could do on Vathi's page since she's going after them, but other than that I don't know the specifics. Do you plan on completing again when you have the time?

Vathilia III Report | 07/25/2013 7:48 pm
Vathilia III
so, how fishing retirement going? :3
Vathilia III Report | 07/25/2013 7:47 pm
Vathilia III
-huggleesss da esss-
Xantetsuken Report | 07/09/2013 7:04 pm
Teehee, Aw shucks you. XD

Omfg, has it really been that long!? DAMN D:
Summer's going pretty alright. Got an A for my 1st summer class I finished last month, and taking another 2 this month. Taking up a bit of my time, but as long as I can balance the work with running and tennis, I'm good.
And yes, of course I play tennis! My life would be too empty without it! haha.

How's summer for you? :3
o--aces--o Report | 07/09/2013 6:06 pm
I have an account but have yet to play, only made one cause so many people play it. I need to give it a proper try. 3nodding
o--aces--o Report | 07/09/2013 5:06 pm
yea its been a year since we fished x3 so many things happen, I keep trying to find new games to play so I wont be so bored after work sweatdrop
Xantetsuken Report | 07/05/2013 11:43 pm
Felt like dropping by your profile and noticed I'm the 1st on your friendslist. Booyah wink
Miss you ess! heart
o--aces--o Report | 07/01/2013 9:43 pm
Hey how have you been?
Brg Leonheart Report | 07/01/2013 2:51 pm
Brg Leonheart
Why you leave so often?! D:
Brg Leonheart Report | 06/07/2013 1:44 pm
Brg Leonheart
llemme in your room! scream xD