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Little Things About Me...

So, I'm finally getting around to updating this thing. It's been at least a year. My real life is pretty boring, it goes like this:

1. Get up.
2. Get dressed.
3. Go to Class!
4. Navigate to work. (Avoiding weather hazards, public transportation, weird/dangerous people, insanity, strange smells and other obstacles...)
5. Work, work, and maybe some more work.
6. Come home. (Dealing with everything above going the other way)
7. Cook then eat dinner.
8. Try to unwind/study.
9. Take a bath and brush my teeth.
10. Go to bed before it gets light out...

So, that's my average day in ten steps, not too exciting. That's why it took me so long to update. What's to tell? I spend a lot of time at the Library when I'm not doing the above stuff. My favorite authors include but are not limited to, Mercedes Lackey, Jim Butcher, Patricia Wrede, Anne McCaffery, Neil Gaiman, Emma Bull, Tamora Pierce, Diane Duane, Holly Black, and many others. As you can tell many Fantasy/Science Fiction authors. I read manga religiously and own many of them. I read good old-fashioned American comics too. I watch whatever anime I can get my hands on, thank goodness for the internet. I also attend regular gaming sessions with a small circle of friends.
I have attended several annual conventions in the Twin Cities area. I enjoy going to movies but seldom go to the theater because most tickets are up to $10.00 locally for a matinee. Yes I know that's not horrible but I'm cheap. Cheap isn't necessarily a bad thing, I just don't like feeling jipped. (Of course the $14.00 nachos and drink helped the feeling along.)
I love the state I live in and the people here often amaze me in a good way. I shouldn't have to say this but I will, I love America. I'm proud to be a citizen, and even though we have our problems I wouldn't live anywhere else. I'm also a Christian not a very good one, but I do believe in Jesus. If I am asked I will stand for these beliefs and others I don't have time to write about here.
Wow! I filled more space than I thought I would. I hope you learned something mildly interesting by reading this post.
I hope your days are filled with laughter and your nights with peace.
Sincerely, Dragocyan


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