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Once upon a time, a little girl stumbled across a little boy in the forest. Little did she know that the boy was a demon. The boy demon knew how much the little girl
loved being a girl, so he tricked her into a handshake and the contract was made. The little girl only thought she was being friendly. Little did she know that her whole world would come crashing down when she exited the forest. Little did she know she would grow up as a guy that she would hate being.

She exited the forest, and she went to her parents telling them what had happened to her. But to her surprise the family never recalled having a daughter. The now little boy, in horror, searched his body and found things that shouldn't have been there. Boys weren't that bad, but the people he would later meet were. The little boy searched the forest for two decades and found no boy or man she had shaken hands with.

Growing up she wanted a holy relationship but it was tainted from the boy demon. Every time the girl spoke about what she wanted, trapped as a boy, people tried to name her as gay and bisexual. She grew up through the trials, single and a virgin. Later in her years she still walked passed feminine stores, wanting clothes and feminine garments. All this robbed from her by the demon so long ago.

In truth the girl never stopped being angry. If she told the truth, people would say she needed help. What gave her the strength to live life in such pain? Her strength came from God. Later, girl all grown up, decided to find a maiden and have her children. The guy she was, had feelings for women. The wife never knew she had married a girl trapped as a man by a demon.

Years later on the girl's death bed, the once little girl was taking her last breaths at night alone, in the hospital. Suddenly, the little boy from her childhood came inside the hospital room to torment her further.

The girl looked at the boy and pitied for him. "I know what you are demon, you still wear that same face, no aging. I wonder how many lives you ruined since we departed and before we met?" She laid there watching the little boy play with his nails, feigning innocence.

"What did I ever do to you? You know you took a lot from me. My body and happiness as Elean Loverheart?" Elean asked.

The demon frowned and finally spoke up. "I hate god, human. One reason we fallen angels are still here, is because we hate serving a creation that came after us,
you. I stole from you to pain god, because I hate humans and your lives."

Elean looked at the demon slowly, then merely leaned over and kissed the demon
on the cheek. "I never kissed a demon before. Like you tricked me to enter your
demonic contract, I tricked you into my contract for you to enter the lake of fire."

Suddenly the demon panicked and Elean smirked."Who really lost it all in the end?" Soon the demon screamed in horror and burst into
flames gone. Elean was alone.

"It is..... finished." The old man's body dropped dead and Elean's ghost came as a teenage girl, with blonde flowing hair. Elean grabbed onto her guardian
angel's hand and went into the white light.