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Love Meant More Report | 03/26/2014 2:00 pm
Love Meant More
Yeah, that's pretty much what I've been doing lately. Not really buying anything right now since I'm trying to get something specific. emo
I see you're using one of the animal avatars now… I think they're kinda creepy, not gonna lie. rofl confused

Ohhhh, interesting. Wow, going to Harvard? Sounds all… fancy and serious. surprised Eeek, I dunno if I'd want to be in charge of something like that, I'd be worried that I'd mess something up or whatnot.
Well at least this week is almost over! I was leaving campus earlier and my friend finally made it to class again, and I was like, "See you Friday!" and then mentioned that I feel weird saying that since it still feels like this week just started! gonk I won't complain though~
Love Meant More Report | 03/26/2014 7:31 am
Love Meant More
I thought you were gonna say you were leaving again or something. emotion_donotwant Thank you so much though! Really hoping Madelyne hair deflates sometime soon, enough for me to get it at least. 4laugh

Haha, no problem! I figured you're probably really busy with school stuff. My mind is still sorta in break mode, I guess I should knock if off, huh? sweatdrop What club is it? Sorry if you've mentioned it and I forgot. I feel like I've asked this before, but it's been a while… lolol
Love Meant More Report | 03/25/2014 7:18 pm
Love Meant More
why you sending me so much gold?? eek
Love Meant More Report | 03/19/2014 4:21 pm
Love Meant More
Your avatar is SO CUTE OMG emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira
Love Meant More Report | 03/18/2014 7:05 am
Love Meant More
Wow… I just now noticed this comment. eek

Haha, not surprising. rofl I'm not a huge fan of Chinese food, but there are some things that I like. c: Ohhh, that's an interesting point. That's one thing that always sorta throws me off with learning new languages, sometimes the grammar is a lot different! Seems like it could be really confusing at times.

Yeah, it makes me laugh because it seems like people hardly remember this stuff after being done with classes. Sooo then WHY do I need to know it again? rofl I don't mind math when I understand it, but when we get into stuff that I don't get/just seems ridiculous, I get incredibly frustrated and pretty much just constantly ask, "WHEN am I EVER going to use this????" mad Like polynomials, which we're starting to get into now. I HATE THEM. Not so much at first, but once you start getting into the really complex crap.
I'll be moving onto College Algebra next… woooo, moving up in the world… lololol

Thanks! I probably didn't do that well on the second test. The first one was mostly just remembering terms, but the second involved people and I forgot one name and guessed, and I'm not too sure about a couple of others. I probably got those wrong too. I'm hoping maybe I got a high B or so. 4laugh
I know, I don't get it. Maybe I just take college more seriously because I hated high school and just slid by with passing grades and didn't care, but now that I've been out for a while and CHOSE to go back to school, I want to put effort in and do good. I mean, I'm not gonna be one of those students that aims for straight As or Bs for my entire… college career, but I'm not going to just skip and ignore studying and stuff. emotion_facepalm
Like this girl that I met and became friends with last semester… I like her, but she is NEVER there. She's already missed one math test, and you can only make one up. So she better not miss another. And you can't make quizzes up, and she's missed like… 3. Plus she bombed the test that she was there for. I think it would almost be more worthwhile for her to drop the class and just take it over again next semester. She keeps telling me "I'm not going to miss anymore class unless I HAVE TO!" after she misses several days. But then she turns right around and does it again. I don't understand. neutral I panic if I miss ONE class!
Sesshy the Ashbringer Report | 03/15/2014 2:08 am
Sesshy the Ashbringer
Woke up late this mornin'
a storm was really rollin'
Frogs and Dogs are raining from the sky!
Everything seems awkward to me,
nothing's just as it should be
If this keeps on I'm sure I won't get by

But then I close my eyes and try to smile
I know things are bad and getting worse!
But after all this I can rest a while
and then I'll party party

Party Party Join us Join us
Party Party Join us Join us
Party Party Join us Join us
Shake your day away
Love Meant More Report | 03/09/2014 11:42 am
Love Meant More
Yeah, definitely not as often! But it's good to hear that you're back~ whee
Well that's still pretty cool! Must be a neat feeling. c: So then are you taking Chinese II? I think French seems really hard to learn, but I know next to nothing about it. rofl
Uhhhh… most of the stuff has been review from basic, but there have been a few new things. Like the substitution/addition methods? And learning about things like how to tell the difference between function and non-functions, and finding the domain and range. And for some reason, I had a hard time with variation (direct vs inverse) last semester, but it's been cake this semester! I even sort of tutored my friend through it since she was confused! We just had a test over graphing and that sort of stuff, which I really struggled with last semester, but I honestly think I did well on my test. So we'll see. confused
It's interesting, so far we've mostly just been learning music-related terms and about certain people who wrote music for different types of movies, like silent films and black and white movies. We've watched King Kong (the original one) and we watched Spellbound last week. We had our first test a few weeks ago and I got a 97! Two people failed… no idea how. lol
Love Meant More Report | 03/09/2014 11:27 am
Love Meant More
So then are you planning to stick around for a while? Kinda sucks about being busy with class, sometimes that can cause you to disappear. I actually did for a while but then recently started coming back on.

That's awesome! c: That's cool, so can you speak Chinese pretty well now? Haha, well at least you're good with math. I just had a test on Friday and actually feel like I did fairly well, so I'm curious to see the grade. I'm taking intermediate algebra (lololol), intro to physics, basic concepts in psychology, and movies and music, which is an evening class. Just one day a week, for three hours, but we usually don't stay for the entire time. rofl
Love Meant More Report | 03/09/2014 11:12 am
Love Meant More
It's just a funny coincidence since I've been talking to someone who's posting in my new thread, and I mentioned that I made a good friend on here but you left a while back, and I really hope you'll come back sometime soon. Then I log in and see your comment. YAAY! 4laugh
I have three tests coming up this week, so I know that feeling. Then spring break is the following week! When is yours? What classes are you taking this semester?
Love Meant More Report | 03/09/2014 11:04 am
Love Meant More
I was kinda shocked to see that my notification was a comment by you. rofl

I've been pretty good, what about you??


call me cindy.

I'm an 19 year old texan who has enjoyed life so far. I'm a tad bit quiet at first (who isn't?), but i warm up to people quite fast.

I'm an econ major atm and am thinking of maybe doing some finance along with it. idk

I love to read, draw, and write amongst other things. video games are also a huge part of my life. but of course, I play them a bit less now. pm if you want my steam or psn or friend code (for AC, pokemon, mario kart)!

Lately, I have tried picking up on a more active lifestyle and am enjoying it so far. give it a try, you'd be surprised how much things change!

my favorite thing at the moment is star trek. smilies/icon_whee.gif

i think i'm pretty okay, talk to me.
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