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Blue's journal.

The thoughts of my daily life.

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WELCOME TO MY STORE!!!! HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY THE ITEMS!!!!!!!! heart heart heart heart


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I am 32-years old, I hope everyone is staying at home during this crisis!

I like to read fanfiction, play video games, anime, cartoons, star trek, harry potter... there's more than that but too many to list!

My favorite slash pairing on fanfiction, I'll just name a few:
Harry Potter / Severus Snape
Drake Mallard / Launchpad McQuack
Fenton Crackshell / Scrooge McDuck
Jim Kirk / Spock
Katsuya Jounouchi / Seto Kaiba
Julian Bashir / Garak

Right now, I am currently playing Zelda Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch. I also have Naruto Storm Trilogy, Uno, Lion King / Aladdin classic, Pokemon Let's Go Eevee. I only have a few games since I bought my switch last Black Friday.

I like yaoi anime as well, I haven't watched a new anime for quite awhile.

My favorite Star Trek series is Deep Space Nine and my favorite Harry Potter movie is Order of the Phoenix.

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drinkbleachithelps Report | 10/20/2020 9:09 pm
thanks. only a matter of time before I get banned.
Glad Waifu Report | 10/05/2020 5:38 pm
Glad Waifu
Thank you ^^ Same to you.
Evildustbunny Report | 10/04/2020 12:55 am
Oh thank you~
Valansi Report | 10/01/2020 12:33 pm
Thanks for selling. ^_^
Moonstar Reaper Report | 09/26/2020 12:31 pm
Moonstar Reaper
nice face , miss.
roscpctals Report | 09/24/2020 10:22 pm
Thank you you sweet cherry pie!! heart feel free to say hi anytime!! I'm always looking for friends smile
Miku-Marmalade Report | 09/20/2020 5:32 pm
Thanks. xD I think it’s like 3 items.
Altaforte Report | 09/18/2020 2:33 pm
No, I've been on this hell site since 2007. This is one of my oldest accounts, just barely used until recently. Why?
shortbwead Report | 09/17/2020 4:10 am
Similar but anime has got me through it
shortbwead Report | 09/16/2020 5:28 pm
I am not too bad, what have you been up to?