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" I hear a song drifting everywhere,
a melody so carefree, truly without care,
I hear the song, dancing through the air,
it lures a fairy into its trap playing everywhere. "

Hey there! My name is Lily. My birthday is on January 16th.
Currently in high school and working from home at the same time.
Truly looking forward to become a true artist.
I draw, paint, and learning to play guitar.
I am left handed, and right handed.
I am very sarcastic, and random, but still mature at times.
Also I write unpublished books in drafts.
I really enjoy playing my Xbox.
I'm usually roaming the Chatterbox so you might find me there.
If you'd like to know more just PM me. Just don't hesitate.




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stolen candy

Report | 09/20/2013 5:45 pm

stolen candy

I really like your profile and the video so I'll buy you your pandaista.