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Alex // November 17th // Scorpio // I'm not really into conversation when I'm with people that I'm not really closed anymore or never or rarely talked to // I guess you have to tickle that side of me // Suffered of depression and have anger issues // I don't like the surrounding of too many people // I hate being ignored // Monochrome , maroon , turquoise , red and dark brown are my favorite color // Deadpool are one of the hilarious character that I like and fun to roaming around // I f-ucking love Kyuubi , don't ask // Venom are my least favorite character // Okay I love antagonist more than protagonist // I cuss pretty a lot // I'm pretty sarcastic // I'm pretty blunt at time , excused me for my mouth filthy a-sshole mouth // And it always ended up with laugh and giggle // Video games are my heroine from the bu-llsh-itty and hurtful world // I love psychological things // I can be too harsh and cold around people that give me reason to do so // When I'm kind , I am really kind // When I'm angry , I am really angry // I loved people that I hold closed to my heart // They've break the colded side of me because I rarely closed to anyone // It's weird because I take things and surrounding so passionately and I'm slightly uncomfortable with it sometimes // I take things seriously sometimes // I have a hard times with people that made me felt something that doesn't consist "okay" at all // I cared for too much , it has to be stahp // I find that capital punishments services are fun // I have a pretty weird sadistic side , where I love seeing things that consist torture and hurtful things with human // I'm kind of a masochist person // I love talking with formal language most of the time // I laugh and smile at small things so easily sometimes , dunno why // Sometimes I feel everything around me for too much and I feared to struck by it repeatedly // I absorbed things that I learnt or see or hear really quickly // I find myself have an inability to forget or forgive sometimes // I love having a nice conversations // I'm addicted to my Momo the old teddy bear // It's so fluffy and warm // I love hiking , it's mean by walking alone to random places and seeing nature by yourself and bring can food or light food and cook in the safe forest by your own and eat snacks and taking pictures // I love drawing and listening to music and codes // I listen to any kind of music genres as long it's fine and good to hear // I like writing , by expressing myself and poem or quotation // I hate when people give me order that I find slightly annoying and bu-lls-hit // I hate seeing people cry , gosh that thing made me want to feel it either // I used lots of dark humor around people // I'm not really an a-sshole but I tend to be one depends to what kind of person you are // I hate pretty much pain in the a** people and rules // Pretty much of the time I love and prefer doing things by my own way // I'm a prefect of student counselor at my college // I handled depressed people who came to college or my classmates or friends // I love martial arts especially Judo and Taekwando // I'm pretty much nice most of the time // Okay , nao gtfo :3 //

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