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    Taken by some nerd.

    I'm an adult that's way too obsessed with cats,
    butt play and who doesn't want to accept being an adult yet.

    I also code things. So, there's that.

    my face
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If you want a profile, here are some of the things you need to know.

I have different examples of what I can offer.
Just ask.

The min for a profile is 10bil.
If for whatever reason you don't like what I offer, I am more than happy to give you other Gaians that I admire that also code. I take items too, depending on what they are.

When ordering please fill this form out that way I have an idea to what you want.

Order here!

I will always try my hardest to get it done on time, but I do work and go to school. I'm not always online.

I am NOT an expert in CSS coding. Everything I code is a learning experience and if something messes up with your coding, I will do everything in my power to fix it.

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