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If you want a profile, here are some of the things you need to know.

1) I have different examples of what I can offer.
Here are some:
Example one

Example two

Example three

And mine as well(changes often)

Please note: the min for a profile is 10bil.
If for whatever reason you don't like what I offer, I am more than happy to give you other Gaians that I admire that also code.

When ordering please fill this form out that way I have an idea to what you want.

Order here!

Also note:

I will NOT work with you if you are too picky or if you change your mind too often.

Once a trade has started with the agreed payment, I will start.

I do work full time, so do understand if it takes time for me to finish. Most profiles take no longer than a week.

I am NOT an expert in CSS coding. Everything I code is a learning experience and if something messes up with your coding, I will do everything in my power to fix it.


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    Was AmbivaIent,
    Now I'm not.

    The fam

    Puerto Rican, for the most part.
    Workaholic to the max.
    Actually really nice.
    Won't hesitate to block you tho.
    Mind yours', I'll mind mine.
    Graphic design/ Marketing student.
    Profile coder.
    Make-Up enthusiast.
    Hipster trash.
    AFK queen.
    Very Introverted.
    Typical Scorpio.
    Tarot card reader.
    Namaste, bitches.
    Wise words from a n***a.

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