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Ha-Ree Byron Report | 12/31/2016 1:10 pm
happy new year
FallenDevil Report | 12/27/2016 12:22 am
Excuse you, I have a perfectly place gemstones AND gloves, what more clothing could you want?

*wraps his tail around his torso and hugs it* and a long healthy tail and vibrant showy horns are proof of a strong devil, its a pride thing!
FallenDevil Report | 12/27/2016 12:19 am
what? no way I'm totally trust worthy, what part of me doesn't look trust worthy?
FallenDevil Report | 12/27/2016 12:15 am
Whaaaat, I dunno what you are talking about, when has anyone gotten burned when they made a deal with the devil?
FallenDevil Report | 12/27/2016 12:10 am
. . . I mean.. I could though.. You just gotta make a deal with me
FallenDevil Report | 12/27/2016 12:01 am
but I'm not a genie
Nikolai Tesla Report | 12/02/2016 4:56 am
Happy Birthday! yum_cupcake
Ha-Ree Byron Report | 11/21/2016 4:40 pm
now she looks like a queen
Ha-Ree Byron Report | 11/21/2016 3:49 pm
and style x3
Ha-Ree Byron Report | 11/21/2016 3:17 pm
oh i bet she's rich x3

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