Hello and welcome to my profile.

Hello there, if you want to get to know me feel free
to send me a private message or send a friend request.
My name is Aurell, I'm 22 years old, my birthday falls
on the 24th of October. If you're into these kinds of things,
I'm a Libra/Scorpio cusp, and an INFJ. I'm currently
attending college, hoping to get a Ph.D in psychology,
that still being a long time away. I work as a mental
health counselor, its very stressing but fun.
I've been told I can be a little too honest,
to a brutal degree. That I am a little edgy,
cynical, sardonic, and many other flattering
things, but I am also a good and loyal friend.
If I happen to be a little to harsh with you,
it's because I believe that you are strong enough
to take it. Ayran Vesper can attest to this,
we have been friends for 9 to 10 years,
so don't be shy.

My hobbies: Books, Games, Photography, Sculpting,Anime, TV-Shows.

-----I am currently playing-----
Fire Emblem: Awakening
The Witcher 3
Bravely Default
League of Legends
Final Fantasy 14
Pokemon OR
Dark Souls

Aurell Vesper


Birthday: 10/24