Hello and welcome to my profile.

There is not much to my person, but if you want
to know me here are a few things.
I'm 21 years old, my birth-day falls on the 24
of October (this makes me a scorpion).

I'm new to Gaia, and this used to be my friend
Alan's Ayran Vesper's account,
but he gave it to me, how generous.
I am currently attending college, and I am also
volunteering at an organization for suicide
prevention, and I am also the president of a club
at my college. I am an INFJ, my hobbies are:
photography, Ceramic-sculpting, reading,
and playing video games. If you want to get to
know me better send me a PM, or friend request.

Things I don't like in people are: Needy people,
lairs, attention seeking behavior. Things I have
been accused of: Brutal honesty,overly
sensitive/emotional, overly
apathetic, neurotic, rude, loyal, and full of wisdom.
Also if you feel like it, here is a link to my store;
dont be shy.

Aurell Vesper

Aurell Vesper's avatar

Birthday: 10/24