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name / anu (pronounced anew)
sex / f
age / 23
date of birth / may 22nd
location / finland
occupationt / maid (in a foster home)
personality type / INFJ

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- dating (jon ♥) since 12th march 2014

- living together since january 2015

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- we have a 1yr old cat named (darth) maul

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- engaged since 22nd may 2015


// likes
baking (cakes & pies etc.)
books (my goodreads account is akckj)
fashion (edgy, but sophisticated & i like my things;
simple, but with interesting details )
make up & nail art
games (3ds & computer)
architecture & photography (i have taken the pictures above)
dolls (pullip, blythe, bjd)
tattoos & piercings
energy drinks & sugar rushes
peppermint & chocolate
socially awkward & loyal people

fav bands/artists: bring me the horizon,
sleeping with sirens, hurts, bastille,
mew, the 1975, ayumi hamasaki,
neon hitch, jhene aiko

my fav tv series/ series i have seen:
arrow, doctor who, breaking bad, sons of anarchy,
prison break, pretty little liars, vampire diaries,
true blood, teen wolf, walking dead, supernatural,
gossip girl

// dislikes
lavender (scent of it)
(too) loud noises
alcohol & drugs (i'm a teetotaler)
fish (seafood in general),
pickle & raw onion (as a food)
& over spicy foods
dishonest / shallow / racist etc. people


// comments & PMs are appreciated.
but please don't send me random friend requests,
i'd like to know a little bit about you first.

and if you really want to impress me,
write "so it has come to this.."
into the PM before sending it, so i'll know
that you have read my "about me".
i'd really like that.

♦ or then, you can leave a comment, to my profile.

♦ also, if you are feeling like it, you can crush me.

♦ i have/use kik
(username: lieutenantdoll)

♦ i also have steam, ask for it! , -
i play: age of mythology, rise of nations, warlock 2, DOTA 2 etc.


- avi art received

- signs received

- vocaroos received


// the song playing in my profile usually
has something to do with how i'm feeling
/or have been feeling lately.

previously known as "lieutenant doll"

anecdoche - conversation in which everyone is talking
but nobody is listening

those that knew me as a lieutenant doll:
it was time to leave "her" behind. let her die,
cause the name is just a memory of someone i used to be.
i'm still me, but i'm much more mature now,
and i wish everyone would see me that way.

i'm not as active as i used to be, but i'll
visit gaia once or twice a week and i'll reply to
every PM i receive. please be patient.
i might post few posts or make a thread every
once in a while if i feel like it.
i miss you all, i won't forget about you ♥


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anu (anew) / 23 / finland /
my crush page , -

" i believe that life's a film noir "


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