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Useless junk about IRL me

I am a fun lovin guy, I am kinda shy at first when talking to people that are being nice to me but I will usually warm up to them after I get to know them. But if someone is being a real d**k or jackass then I am one right back to them.

This online persona is just that, an online persona. How I act online is usually different from RL. Because online I don't take much seriously. I just go on to have fun and hang out. Not to stroke egos or kiss a** like I need to IRL.
The only part that's the same is my love of Fatties XD
If you're curious why I love fatties, it's cause I'm kinda one myself, and I guess it could be considered a fetish, but whatever.
I am Bi leaning towards Gay, I have a boyfriend, I'm kinda a furry but I keep that stuff on a mule.

I'm a big fan of Devil May Cry. Number 3 to be exact. I loved the first one and I'll admit the second one wasn't all that great but I still liked it. I also like Kingdom Hearts, and the second one is just as good.
I also really love Legend of Zelda Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Also Metroid Prime is pretty awesome.
But I am in no way a fanboy, I understand that some people don't like the games and, for some reason, hate them with extreme passion. They are entitled to their opinions so as long as they don't bother me personally I won't bother them.

My favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Otherside being my favorite song of theirs. My favorite song of all time though would more than likely be Winds of Change by the Scorpions.

I don't have one all time favorite movie Star Trek (2009) comes really close though.
Some of my favorite movies are: the Final Destination movies, the Star Trek movies, all the Star Wars movies, X-men Trilogy, Saw Series and Spaceballs.

So yeah that is about it, if you want to PM me go ahead but don't sound like an idiot or I won't respond.

If you wanna have a petty e-fight with me, take it to my board
I'm not getting myself banned from here cause of idiot people


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(cuz I'm too lazy to edit the boxes with art on here now)

The Wiki







I come from an average planet not far from Earth. My father was a Sumo Wrestler while my Mother was a Warrior.
My brother is Zolterdeus, we're fraternal twins.
My Shadow Spirit is Sombra, he's been with me since birth. He is a good fighter, but is small and serious.
His Spirit is Malva, she is a Shadow Spirit as well. She isn't a great fighter but is tall and a joker.
I used to be part of my planets space exploration fleet, being the chief engineer on the ship.
Then one day my brother was attacked. His shadow spirit partially merged with him and the attack scarred him badly.
He heard his attacker mention something about Earth and while he healed he made arrangements to go there.
I asked the fleet to give me a special assignment on Earth, secretly going to help him find his attacker.
I got the sword my mother left for me and donned a mask to honor my brother.
We arrived on Earth following the attacker.
While Zolter went to one side of the planet, I went to the other.
I arrived at a place called Gaia. There I explored and got tips on where the attacker might have gone.
I got a small house and worked as a photographer in my spare time to get the money for living.
One slow week where I had no leads and no offers for a job, I noticed that my naturally big appetite caused me to gain weight, not knowing Earths food had more calories than my home planet. While I was scared at first, I realised I liked it. So I continued to let myself grow.
One day though I was almost too big to move, so Sombra had helped me exercise, noting that my increased metabolism from my planet helped me lose the weight quickly.
Knowing how it worked now, I decided I'd get fat whenever I wanted.
I eventually got a tip that told me my brothers attacker was a furry. So I had Sombra merge with my shadow and bought a cheap fursuit to blend in with the furries, and called myself Zoltan.
Unfortunately my plan didn't work, and no one believed me. But I happened across a fox in distress and helped him.
The fox, named Shippo, noticed my cheap fursuit and took pity on me. He then took me to a place to get a procedure that turned me into a full fledged furry.
After a few years within the furry fandom, I lost all my leads. Realizing the attacker was likely not there, I decided to turn back. But I had fallen in love with Shippo...
So I regretfully turned back into a human, hoping I could convince Shippo to do it too. But something happened during the procedure, and now Zoltan was his own being. I had tried to get Shippo to do the procedure but he wouldn't. After I tried to forcefully make him do it, Zoltan attacked me and we battled over him.
I beat Zoltan, but Shippo decided he didn't want to be human and left with him.
Sombra came back out from my Shadow and helped me leave
I went back to my house depressed and was approached by a man named Shaff.
He invited me to a place called The League of Extraordinary Morons, it was a small guild on the outskirts of town, and I accepted.
While I was nervous at first, I was slowly accepted into their group. One day I showed up fat on accident, but they thought it was okay. Turns out there was another fatty in the guild before me.
Said fatty returned to the guild, and I feared there would be a fight, but the fellow fatty is cool with it and we became good friends.
I invited my brother to come over and check it out, when he arrived and noticed Shaff, they recognized each other.
Shaff raeged and revealed he was the attacker we were looking for.
My bro and I regretfully fought him, but since he was a trickster and we were srs we couldn't hit him.
TLOEM got massively damaged during the fight.
Other guildies wanted to help, but they weren't sure who they should help and instead ran away.
Zoltan and Shippo happened to be checking out another guild in the area and came over.
Shippo had Zoltan help, reluctantly he did.
Sombra had taken Malva out of the way of the fighting, not noticing as they both wanted to help, the were slowly merging.
All three of us fall to Shaff.
Sombra and Malva wished hardly to help and suddenly they become one being, Malbra. Being the better parts of Sombra and Malva she is a great warrior and able to match Shaffs wackiness.
She defeats Shaff and takes my bro and I to a hospital, while Shippo takes Zoltan back home to care for him.
After I came to, I wonder who saved us, but Sombra and Malva un-merged and lied about what happened. They said some mysterious warrior showed up and then left after she won.
My brother and I decided to stay on Earth while we search for the mysterious warrior
Zolter left to search while I decided to hang around TLOEM and see if she returned there.
I returned to TLOEM and helped them rebuild it.
Without Shaff though the guild descended into chaos, many members fought each other.
Suddenly, Zhaff showed up at the guild.
Everyone, thinking Shaff had returned somehow, became ready to fight him. But he put his arms up and explained he was Shaffs brother and was a good guy.
Whether this is true or not, we still don't know.
We decided to give him a chance, and after he bought people some expensive gifts and did other good things, we believed him.
TLOEM was too battle damaged to stay in though, so Zhaff built us a new guild near the old one. Called TAOLM. We all moved there, he even had larger doors installed for whenever me or the other guild fatty came over.
Eventually he just renamed it TLOEM.
Zhaff went out of his way to treat me like a good buddy, which made me suspicious, but I didn't act on anything since he hadn't proved he was bad.
Afterward, since I wasn't really busy with much anymore I continued to get fatter.
One day while I was pretty hefty I was at the beach and noticed a fatter Zoltan and Shippo there.
Since we were both pretty big I challenged him to a sumo match to once and for all decide who goes with Shippo.
We were pretty evenly matched but I eventually won.
I told Shippo to come with me, but he refused, saying he fell in love with Zoltan and not me.
Zoltan got up and told me to leave them alone, or he'd kill me next time.
I return to the guild to find Zhaff had taken some members on an Adventure with him, several weeks later we get word that they all died on the adventure. But we never found out how.
While hanging out with the rest of the guild, I had discovered that some were great artists, and they would draw me in awesome poses now and then.
I became addicted to the art, wanting more and more of it.
I eventually ran out of money to pay for the art, but I still wanted more.
I went to a seedy part of town trying to find ways to make money, since my photography business wasn't blooming, and found some people whoring themselves out for money.
I was so desperate I tried it out, and actually got a few customers.
Still unable to quench my thirst for art, I forgot about everything else but whoring myself out for money.
Eventually I started getting fatter while doing this, and to my surprise I got even more customers. Many willing to draw me rather than pay me. And I took it.
The guild tried to help me snap out of it and stop before it got worse, but nothing helped me. I was too addicted.
Even my brother showed up and tried to help, even going so far as to beat me up. Nothing worked.
Sombra and Malva knew what had to be done, and merged into Malbra again.
She followed me around wherever I went, and always stole my customers.
Eventually I broke down and noticed just how bad I got and realised that I had ran out of things to do, so I needed to leave for awhile.
I tell TLOEM I'm leaving to go back to my fleet in space, a few go with me and I get them in.
Unfortunately I wasn't as good as I used to be and would constantly be eating Earth food when I was supposed to be eating my planets food again. I'd constantly get too fat to do my job and even fit through the doors sometimes.
The captain noticed my problems and eventually asked me to leave the ship, for good.
I left and went back to my house on Earth, depressed.
Zolter came up to me and said he was leaving Earth, he wanted to find a way to turn him and Malva back to normal, so I said my good-byes to them both.
I fell into a deep depression and ate even more than I usually did.
Now I'm too fat to move, unable to exercise to loose the weight, stuck on my a** in my house, with Sombra taking care of me.

And that's my story.


^100k, [color=emo]

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^?k, Splatterdash, bought by Shaff <3

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Fatty avatar artz

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Pif It Uh
check the hat baller right theres a purple one too
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Spirit Reborn
Heya, budd!
How's it going? : )
Just thought I'd spread some love to random people I meet, 'cause you know..
love's pretty awesome ♥

Haffs Report | 06/01/2013 12:56 am
that backstory wtf dude
Volkov Seraphim Report | 05/24/2013 3:26 pm
Volkov Seraphim
well good luck in that biggrin
Volkov Seraphim Report | 05/24/2013 3:19 pm
Volkov Seraphim
ooh cool! What are you going for? I'm undecided what to get my bacholer's in >_< Same job though lol.
Volkov Seraphim Report | 05/24/2013 2:32 pm
Volkov Seraphim
Alty! I'm not sure if you remember me, I used to go by [Alt]. We chatted a but a few years ago XD How ya been?
renrenners Report | 05/12/2013 3:59 pm
So I see that in 2007 you claimed you only had three years left to live.

How did that turn out for you?
plan|face Report | 04/13/2013 10:12 am
Nah my tumblr isn't so cray, you can comment there if you like. :3

And thanks! I'm glad you like her. biggrin

Yes, Lucy did an amazing job, I'm really happy with it.
Mythey Maysonia Report | 11/19/2012 10:55 pm
Mythey Maysonia
EEEeee! Thank you for Sno the Moga! He's such a cutie, I'm glad I finally have him!
Simply Angle Report | 11/19/2012 12:30 am
Simply Angle
Is there an item you'd like? Checked your profile and I don't see a wishlist. ; 3 ;
It isn't fair if only I get a gift. I WANTZ 2 GIV JOO UH GIFTZ

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