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Character profiles and little stories
thanks for everything..
Shayna had just got back from an exhausting mission. she slumped on the couch next to chris. the new alpha captain leaned against her father, all chris could do was hug her shoulders and kiss her forehead. she's been different since china. chris decided she needed some space she he got up and left the room. most likely to take a nap since he too just got home a little bit before shayna. as the room got quiet, shayna looked down at the coffee table, staring down her laptop. the one she uses for personal use, not her work laptop- that one was in her room or was it their personal gym? she couldn't remember. she took a deep breath then opened the laptop only to be met with a picture of her self and someone she's still not ready to let go.. Piers Nivans. they were happy in the picture. she flipped to the next one, their first kiss. the next one, searching for her dad. another, she was sleeping..piers must have taken this. tears started falling. next, piers lending her his scarf. click, piers was giving her an eskimo kiss. tears fall harder. click, a reassuring hug, click, sitting in the park. click click click, snuggling walking hand in hand and finally the one picture that really makes her break down. Piers' smile. she started to sob. curled up on the floor in between the coffee table and the couch. it hurt her so much to let piers go like that, she couldn't do anything. she was locked in the escape pod with Chris. she cried out for him, she remembers that painfully. she still wears his scarf today. never takes it off. it still had his scent, his cologne he wore on one of their dates. she loved it. as she continued to cry in the living room. chris leaned against his bedroom wall, down the hall, with his door cracked open. he too shed a few tears, his heart aching from the pain his daughter was expressing. he too knew that this pain was the only pain she'll ever cry about, and he could relate. but he never cried in front of shayna when he heard the mother of his sweet brave daughter, was dead. yes chris loved shayna's mother. but he knew it was best to let her go for the sake of their daughter. chris had snapped out of his thought when he only heard short sobs. then a low whisper say "thanks for everthing...piers." then the laptop click shut. the only thing left was the soft footsteps down the hall then a door close quietly. "eventually she'll let him go.. but not now.." chris concluded "thanks for taking care of her, piers. if you can see her now.. she made it.. she's alpha captain. she did it just for you." chris whispered to the air. and with that the redfields slept through their day off not waking till the next evening. to a phone ringing in shayna's room and her work laptop going off like crazy. what was next to be heard, a scream of pure joy coming from the young captain's door.

i cried a little while writing this. its basically how i felt at the moment about piers. i feel Shayna's pain in losing him. it breaks my heart everytime and i might just breakdown into a crying fit when me and my best friend finish chris' campaign. i hope they bring back wesker because that would mean, with a high demand from fans, they could find a way to bring back piers as well. that would brighten Shayna's world. especially if the rumor about killing off chris comes true. -cries at the idea- YOU JUST CAN'T DO THAT CAPCOM!? YOU JUST CAN'T DO THAT!? chris is too much of a big part of resident evil, he was there since the first game like wesker. except wesker was an exception, as much as i hate to say it, because he was trying to take over the world.

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