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Character profiles and little stories
if it was that simple
OK Shiboi, just need to jump to the other side. if it was that simple. Sadly it was more complicated then she thought. She ran and jumped but when she landed she fell through the makeshift roof. "Ah!" She screamed as she fell, her arm getting sliced on a piece of metal on the way down. She tumbled when she finally landed and held her arm "ow." She tried hard to hold the tears back. When she heard the footsteps she quickly pulled herself to her feet and made a break for it. However she didn't see the edge and fell again, this time landing on a spike which went straight through her. Now she started crying out of panic. "Ow. Oh god. Oh god." She tried pulling it out but it was too painful. She did however pull out the spike and tried running. Running as fast as her wounded body could take her till she started collapsing under her own wait and eventually crawl into a hole. Putting pressure on her side, where the spike went through, as she leaned back against the cave walls. wincing. How did it all go from drinking Dante, the love of her life, under the table to s**t-ville she's in now? She'll never know. She doesn't have any useful survival skills. All she ever knew was drinking contest where she could drink more then a man due to being able to hold down her liquor. Like really hold it down, she never passed out, she's gotten pretty drunk which may or may not end in a wild night with Dante, but never passed out nor puked.

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