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azael ♡
He was known as a demon to most
But that was what drew me to him.
"Angel of death" they called him
But I wanted to play with death
I met him after the trip to the doctor,
he was standing there waiting
For something
or someone
I didn't understand why they were scared,
All I saw was a boy
What was so scary about him?
All he wanted was a friend.
Maybe I could be that friend?
He waited there everyday
searching for something that was lost
I approached him one day,
He smiled at me and said hello
I saw him for who he truly was
He was a gift given by god.
He was strong
A survivor.
He was a warrior,
My warrior.
How could death make you feel so warm inside?
How could something that was supposed to make you feel so bad,
Feel so good?
Maybe death wasn't such a bad thing after all.