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Infinite Space
In this journal I plan on writing stories for that is an interest of mine

I can hear a voice...tyhier_uchiha
They call me Static Shock or Static
But I’m secretly Virgil "Ovid" Hawkins
I may be a Hero
Though I’m only 16
I tend to use Super-Conductive Electromagnetism, get this; I'll literally put a shock to your system. I'm capable of many things dealing with magnetism, electricity, and construction. Though I've yet to achieve full electrical form like my future self. Also as evidenced by Madeline's fried brain, telepaths; totally immune to them, forced entry will be your biggest mistake.

Here’s how it all went down... Virg here, sup ya'll? Whats that, ya'll want to here about how such a awesome guy became even more awesome as Static? Well listen up, back in the day my school used to be plagued with serious jerks, one of whom chased me into the middle of a gang war at the docks. Little did Mr. Big Bad Francis or I know, there were chemicals lying around, dangerous stuff too. When the cops showed up they tossed some gas in, but there was a big explosion; I got away under the cover of smoke.

When I woke up I was all sparky. Francis, meanwhile was heating up at the hospital. I told my best bud Richie and we've been tight lip about my secret. My first real bang baby battle, can ya believe that? Static versus Hotstreak, also know as the big bully; Francis.

Ever since that day, I've been kicking it with my bud and saving lives. Along the way Richie became Gear, dude actually got a small bang baby high from hanging with me for so long. As a cool team of two me and Gear have seen a lot of troubles come our way. I even fought my favorite hero, Green Lantern. Through thick and thin though, we've managed to work things out.

Right now, after almost losing my powers me and Gear are back on the scene. You know how it is guys; I'll put a shock to your system.

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