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Summary of Natasha's life with Albert.
Feb 1st 1998, Annette birkins introduces Natasha as her assistant to her husband,William and his co-worker Albert wesker. Natasha comes off as timid, interested and ambitious but also more concerned with her work and is impressed by Albert. Albert on the other hand is just mildly interested in the girl, finding her to be ambitious and quite witty, and well into her knowledge. She is one that he could hold an intelligent conversation for sure.

Feb 10th 1998, The birkins invite both of them to dinner at the birkins’ estate, Neither know that the other is going to be there. Albert arrives to see Sherry curled up in Natasha’s lap and Natasha singing to the sleeping girl. He joins her there and they talk for a long time. Much in common.

Feb 14th, Natasha shows up with a gift for him, at S.T.A.R.S HeadQuaters. Albert ushers her into his office away from everyone else. Everyone gets the wrong idea about them but they are getting closer. Albert hates that he is feeling something for the girl but she has been proving to be a worth it asset with working at umbrella. Irons invites the two to a party..

((Because he is suppose to be an Ash-hole. she’s in like his 1% of being not one too but 99% of the time he is anyway))

By April, they were basically seen as dating though neither of them would admit it, they would try to have breakfast or lunch together or she would show up to bring him something to STARS. Her feeling are almost obvious while his are still well hidden. He gives just enough for her to keep coming back to him.

May, Albert lets her in on his plan to test STARS again BOWs in the spencer manison. She tells him thats she has to leave town, and he is fine with that. She ends up taking one of his uniform shirts with her as a joke.

((This can be a dream or real event but i would really like to see it wrote out, a short scene of )) Natasha Dancing in Albert’s kitchen while wearing on of his uniform shirts and shorts with her long black hair up in messy curly pigtails(looking cute), attempting to cook him an american breakfast but most of it ends up on her face like flour, and on the shirt. He comes in because of the music and her giggles, to scare her and have a cute intimate moment dancing together. The food burns because she’s lost in the moment and him being undisturbed sweet with her.

October 17th1998 -, Natasha receiving news of Albert’s “Death.” Is sadden by this fact but has worked her way into U.S.S under the guise of Valeria Steel. While she takes it bad, she knows there is nothing that she can do for him. I think this would be cool at the USS Training facility. Like she becomes more ruthless and has a more cold demeanor around people now.

1999- She has worked through USS, left and taken on jobs as a Mercenary, still Dancing she took a few months just to enjoy life and work on her own project at her home in Japan.

2000, While working with Excella at Tricell, Natasha blindly walks into Albert as he comes to meet with Excella. Surprised to see him alive, She drops all of her paper work. He leaves her there in the hallway, like nothing happened between them. This is mostly because he denied his feelings and he has to have Excella wrapped around his finger in order to get what he wants. He notices she is more focused now, and less forward with emotional attachments.

While not falling for his game of cat and mouse, Natasha sorts out a way for them to talk without Excella around. This leads to them spending more time behind her back and she agrees to work for him. Her distaste for Excella is more then apparent though as she continues to work with the two of them on Uoboros. Of course she cant deny that she’s falling for him again but she doesnt want to make it out in the open because of Excella and his plans.

Late 2008 into 2009. They’ve become intimate in secret, though hard for them to do with Jill and Excella constantly around now in Africa. Albert finds the time and place when the need strikes him which only excites Natasha more. She craves his dominance and in their private moments, he knows this and her submissiveness during such, is a ego boost for him.

March 2009- Natasha is caught in the cross fire of Wesker’s plan and BSAA that had come to stop him, mistakenly shot in the stomach by a Member of the BSAA. Loosing a child while she’s left for dead, a fact that she hadn’t even told Wesker yet. In her moment of death she injects her own perfected J-virus.

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