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Fall Protection - Fall Protection and Security

In fact, falls are thought the largest safety hazard for construction workers on most sites, particularly those that need work on extremely elevated heights, such as bridge construction.

Construction safety related to fall protection contains an assessment of the correct types of accessibility to the heights where the work needs to be done, safety precautions followed at all times and being set in place, and often clearing the building work area of all debris.

Equipment and clearing debris is truly a vital section of fall prevention and fall protection. A large amount of fall injuries occur as a result of excess debris and an excessive amount of gear that's lying around. Simply by placing things where they go and keeping the main building work area free of additional "material," you are able to reduce a great deal of accidents that occur from falling and tripping. As an added plus, the after-work cleanup will likely be a lot simpler and faster if you "clean and clear" as you go.