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A Daydreamer's Diary
Welcome to the world of me
No more pretending.
You know, as much as I hate my piece of horse s**t, hypocritical b*****d, soulless and heartless demon from hell, pathetic excuse for a father...I at LEAST used to pretend that I could at least tolerate him. I would still pretend that I still gave a ********. That I was willing to respect him, in spite of the fact that he's never done a single god damn thing to even EARN it.

But now? After today? I'm officially done. I'm done acting like I give a s**t, because I never did. I will do only the bare minimum. I will do only what I have to in order to help MYSELF.

So no, you ********, I will not laugh or joke with you.
I will not hug you.
I will not spend time with you.
I will not play the stupid ******** games that you ALWAYS want EVERYONE to play because you ALWAYS win them.
No I will not watch your stupid movies/shows with you.
No I will not have a "heart to heart" with you (considering that those were just more reasons to lecture me anyway).
No I will not pretend to be the loving, caring, sensitive daughter anymore.

******** that and you and everything else that pertains to you. You're going to wake up tomorrow to a new Jacqueline Racquel Dillard, b***h. I won't even SMILE at you anymore. From this moment onward, I am, your daughter is, DEAD. TO. YOU.

So you can think of me as your own personal ghost, okay? A ghost that gonna haunt your a** with her presence until she gets a job and moves the ******** out. And then, like vapor, I'm gonna disappear into the air.

You think that taking s**t away from me is going to break me? Really? I'd like you to examine something for me, okay? Just think about this little tidbit:


NEWSFLASH, you little rat c**t! You literally have NOTHING. OVER. ME. ANYMORE. CONGRATULATIONS! You just used up all of you're ******** ammo while I'M only just getting started.

So sit back and brace yourself for Hurricane Jackie. Because I'm about to ********. Your. s**t. Up.

And oh BOY, are you gonna miss the days when I was just pretending.

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