yum_strawberry Things you should know about me:

1. I like cute things. I can't list anything cute because that'd take too much time. Pretty sure you get the jest, anywho.

2. I act immaturely, but most of the time I can think ahead of my age.

3. ( relates to number two ) I loath people who, because are older than me, try to take advantage. I'm young, not stupid.

4. If you don't treat me as an equal, don't expect me to do the same.

5. I don't take lightly to people who judge me for what I wear, what I like, what I listen to, what I watch or what I do. I will hold it against you if you do. I'm an awesome person. So are you. Pretty sure you wouldn't like me to do the same. EX: "EW, YOU LIKE LOLITA? THAT'S FOR LITTLE GIRLS". Unacceptable.

6. I like people more than anything when they accept me as I am and don't try to change me.

7. I like to eat. Therefor I like other people who like to eat. I don't like people who make remarks about what I eat. It's rude and will lower anyone's self-esteem.

8. I don't tolerate bullying. I've been bullied for far too long to not do anything about it. I will beat you with my cats.

9. The music I listen to depends on my mood or what at the moment I'd prefer to listen to. I dislike rap and screamo, but won't tell you not to listen to it or make any remarks. So don't do that to me, please. Thanks.

10. I'm beyond forgiving. No matter what you do I'll always forgive you. Unless you kill me, then I can't. Sometimes I need someone to show me where the line is drawn.

11. I'm adventurous. I hate being cooped up and would really prefer to be out of town.

12. I collect plushies. Give me a plushy and I'm yours forever.

13. I get quiet in fights because for the most part, fighting scares me. I can be aggressive and lash back, though.

14. I cry easily.

15. My nicknames consist of: Tea, T-Bird, T-Dog, Turnip, Kupo, Strawberry, Boo, BabyBoo, BooBoo, etc. (Thank to friends, family and my boyfriend~ emotion_bigheart )

16. I have two cats. If you take me you take them.

17. I dye my hair. It's naturally a dirty blonde poo color.

18. I get moody often and for no reason. Especially in summer. (Probably because of the heat, eh)

19. Sweets and strawberries are my best friend.

20. I want to have a themed wedding. IT WILL HAPPEN.

21. I want to live in Ireland.

22. When there is more to post I will update this journal entry. yum_puddi