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This is where my mind ponders on.
Silent Hill: No Escape- Chapter: Epilogue
As the two remain on the edge of the interstate, Kaz lies against the mini bus as he sits on the concrete road. Kora then sits beside him as she sits next to the doorway of the bus. Kaz then pulls out a first aid kit from Kora’s purse and props it open and pulls out gauze tape out of the box and states, “Woo, what a hell of a time.” “Yeah, tell me about it!” Kora agrees as she lies against the wall of the bus as she gazes up at the night sky, as she smiles in relief that they made it out alive. Kaz then attempts to mend the wound on his shoulder blade with the gauze tape as he replies back, “So…you and Quincy are brother and sister then, huh?” “How did you find that out?” Kora asks as she then turns her attention to Kaz as she helps him wind the gauze tape around the gash on his shoulder.

“Well, Quincy mentioned that he had a biological sister earlier in the hospital today. But wasn’t sure who it was at first. But then as you left the alley way, I went to go look for you around the hospital. I managed to get in the storage room, hoping that one of you two would be at least around. But then I accidentally bumped into a couple of documents, one of them happened to be your birth records, and I kind of figured out that way. Plus, with the conversation between him and Sherri using the word ‘sister’ when the only people besides those two being around was us should have pulled a major red flag there.” Kaz explains as he looks at her while Kora then snips off the unused part of the gauze tape and seals up the wound on Kaz’s shoulder. “Ah I see, so you saw my birth certificate too…” Kora then replies sorrowfully replies as she gazes down on the concrete floor as she crouches into a fetal position as she finishes mending the wound on his body. “Yeah…sorry that you were lied to by a father figure like that… must be harsh…” Kaz then apologizes for the inconvenience as he then leans slightly against her boot.

Kora then replies as she begins to rub her fingers against his hair as she smiles at him, “No, it’s alright…it’s just…” “Yes?” Kaz asks as he looked back at her as he was blushing, noticing that she was rubbing her fingertips against his hair. “You figured that I was a vampire too.” Kora finished off her sentence as she looked a bit nervous on what Kaz would say after. “Yes. I was in denial at first considering I known you since pre-k. But after analyzing a bunch of items about vampires and that you went through similar situations and what Quincy said, I figured that it was true and I just come to acceptance with that…because you’re my friend in the end.” Kaz then got up from the ground as he replied to her question as he was heavily blushing as he was stating it, not sure how to express himself. Kora then gets up as she then looks at him with an expressionless face at first as she gazes over at Kaz in silence with her hands against her back like a school child.

Kaz then turns his head over to the side and notices that Kora was gazing at him with no expression on her face and then restates his sentence as he scratches his head while blushing heavily, believing that she took it the wrong way, “I mean… in a good way! Not in a bad way!” Kora then smiles and giggles slightly to herself as she twirls around for a bit as she looks at Kaz while walking towards the front of the bus and replies, “Don’t fret about it! But of course, I know what you mean.” “Wait… you do?” Kaz replies as he smiles slightly while blushing as follows Kora to the front of the bus. “Yeah. So…about what you said earlier…” Kora giggles for a moment in agreement as she twirls around for a moment, but then pauses and turns her attention to Kaz as she is gives him a serious look. “Yes.” Kaz then listens in as he smiles at her, as he was eager to listen to what she has to say.

Kora then asks him as she looks at him dead in the eye, as if she wanted him to answer it to her honestly, “What you said to Walter, is it true what you said about going as far as…well, you know, turning just for me?” Kaz then smiles as he looks directly at her as he holds her by the shoulders and he responds to the question truthfully, “Yes, every word. And I won’t mind it, even if it were now.” Kora then looks at Kaz, touched yet in shocked at Kaz’s honest response as he looked at her dead in the eye as he said those words. Kaz then breaks off as he continues to look at her as he smiles at her, “In fact, there’s something I wanted to say to you for a really long time.” “Really, and what’s that?” Kora then responds, curious to know what he is going to say to her.

“I like you, I like you a lot. I always have, ever since we were little kids. Even when we went to high school together, I still liked you. I wanted to say this to you for a really long time. I just never had the courage to say it to you up until now.” Kaz then admits his feelings to Kora as he happily smiles at her as his slowly wraps his arms around her. “Really…”Kora replies as she gazes at Kaz in amazement, touched by his words. “Yes, really…” Kaz replies as he nods his head while continuing to gaze at Kora, smiling. Kora then smiles at Kaz as she wraps her arms around his torso, “Kaz, there’s something I wanted to say to you too.” “And what’s that?” Kaz asks, as he was also intrigued to know what Kora wanted to say to him. “I like you too. Ever since we were small I always liked you. I just never said anything up until now.” Kora admits her feelings for Kaz as she looks at him while smiling at him happily. “You have…” Kaz replies shocked and relieved that after all this time that Kora shared the same feelings as he did. “Always…”Kora replies as they both smile at each other, happy that both of them accepted each other’s sentimental feelings for one another.

Moments after, both Kora and Kaz pull each other closer to one another until their arms were perfectly wrapped around each other and both synced with a kiss. While they enjoy the precious sentimental moment amongst themselves, lights came flashing from the distance. As the brightness of the lights flashed upon their faces, both then ceased their moment as they let go of their embrace and turned around to where the flashing lights were coming from. Within moments, both then places their hand over their eyes as they both witnessed a car driving by with its headlights on apparently coming from the direction of Silent Hill. The car then ceases its movement as it stops in front of them as both pull away from being in the middle of the interstate. The flashing headlights remain on as the driver opens one of the car doors as all the doors unlocking themselves from the inside and both stood curious to see who the driver was.

To their relief, it was Quincy who stepped out of the car seeming to no longer have the doctor’s coat on him and had his regular ebony business suit on him as Quincy then smiles at the both of them casually stating, “Hello lovebirds. Sorry to break the mood for the both of you, but as you can see we got to get away from the town now.” Both then rushed to Quincy, as they were both relieved that he made it out of Silent Hill alive. First was Kora, who rushed to give her brother a bear hug as she then shouts in relief, “Quincy, glad to see you’re alright!” Quincy then embraces her back as he smiles at her, relieved that she made it out alright. “Of course, didn’t I tell you guys I’d be right back!?” Quincy then stated as he chuckles alongside Kora as he embraces her patting his hand against her head. “Yes, and I’m glad you did!” Kora then chuckles back as both let go of their embrace as she held onto his hand, but means it on a serious note.

Both Quincy and Kora smile at each other as the agreeably nod at one another. Quincy then turns his attention to Kaz, grimacing at him. Kaz smiles in turn and greets him back in his own way as he pulls out for a fist bump, “Glad to see you back with the crew.” “Thanks.” Quincy acknowledges Kaz back as he returns a fist bump back at Kaz. “So…where are we going now?” Kora asks as she walks back to the mini bus and grabs her purse from the steps and carries it on her shoulder as she walks to the car. “We’re going to Brahms.” Quincy replies as he states in his casual way as he walks over to the car and opens up one of the doors. “Yes!” Both Kora and Kaz exclaim, as they were both happy to leave Silent Hill and to the destination they were supposed to go in the first place.

Quincy then breaks off as he then pulls out a metal case out of the car glove box and inputs, “But first, you two need to change out of your clothes.” Both then turn over as they both give him a blank look while Quincy opens up the metal case, revealing his eye contacts. “Trust me you two look like a bloody mess. And since you’ve been missing for a few days, returning in that condition will not look good on your behalf.” Quincy bluntly points out the honest facts as he looks at both of them dead in the eye. “Trust me it isn’t that bad considering you two have spares with you somewhere inside your belongings.” Quincy then adds as he then removes one of the eye contacts from the metal case as he smiles at the both of them. “Oh yeah, the spare clothes…I completely forgot about them.” Kaz then states as he rubbed his hand against his head, recalling the spare clothes they had with them when they first arrived in Silent Hill. “I forgot about them too.” Kora admits that while they were over there that she didn’t remember anything about the spare garments up until now.

“So who goes first?” Kora then asks as she looks at Quincy while she pulls out her spare attire from her purse. Quincy then states as he closes the metal case, seeming to have both eye contacts applied on his eyes as he replies, “Ladies first as always.” “Alright then, I guess I’ll go change now.” Kora then states as she walks inside the mini bus and shuts the door behind her. Quincy then follows behind and waits by the door way, making sure that she’s safe. Kaz then follows after the two as he shuts the car door and waits beside the door for her as he then pulls out his spares from the satchel he was carrying. After waiting for a few minutes, Kora then steps out of the minibus as she carried her double saber from the back with her leather buckled boots and blood red dress inside her purse as she steps down. As Kora steps out, she wore a black zipper jacket with an ebony cross and white angel wings embroidered near the neckline and a hood attached to it, and alongside that she wore a black jeans with a belt along the waist line and black leather shoe laced boots. Kaz then marches inside the minibus as he changes out while the other two wait on him.

A few minutes later, Kaz then steps out of the mini bus as he carries his pair of jeans and ebony graphic tee inside his satchel as he wears a black hooded jacket and a pair of dark blue Wrangler’s. “Let’s go!” Kaz exclaims as he then eagerly marches towards the car as the other two follow behind him. Quincy then chuckles to himself as he states under his breath, “That’s the spirit.” Kaz then props open the door and jumps in the back of the car as he shuts the door behind him. As Kora reaches for the car door, Quincy then grabs her attention as he holds out to her a polished leather case smiling at her, “Kora, I think you’re going to need this on our way back.” “What is it?” Kora then asks as she smiles back at her brother as she takes the leather case and opens it, curious to know what’s inside of it.

As she opens it, she notices a pair of eye contacts inside and takes one of the lenses out of the case as she looks back at her brother smiling back at him, “You got me eye contacts.” “Yes, a pair just for you. Now you can blend in with the other humans during the day light.” Quincy nods as Kora then tries out her new contact lenses and smiles back at her as he replies. As Kora finishes applying her new indigo colored lenses, she then hugs Quincy as she expresses her gratitude, “Thanks for everything!” “Anytime little sis!” Quincy then embraces Kora as he smiles at her. Both let go of their embrace as he then opens up the car door and states to her, “Now hop in the car so we can all head off for Brahms.” Kora then giggles as she opens up the car door on her side as she removes her double saber and her purse and places it beneath the car seats on the back, “ Alright, let’s head off now!” Kora the hops in the car as she shuts the door beside her as Quincy smiles at her as he opens up the car door to the driver’s seat as he states, “My thoughts exactly.” The car doors then lock simultaneously as the car engine starts and the car speeds away from the town.

Within several minutes of driving through the thick fog, the fog then slowly disintegrates as clear skies begin to show as they continue driving through the road now back on the interstate. “Alright, we’re out! Look Kora!” Kaz exclaims to her as he points out at the sky as dawn begins to break from the horizon of the Atlantic coast. “Wow! I can’t believe we escaped Silent Hill!” Kora exclaims at amazement as she looks at the brilliant sunrise sky. Quincy then smiles as he then changes signals as he heads for the right as the signs says ‘Brahms, Exit on next right’ as he replies, “At long last, I get to be out of that blasted town.” “So… how does it feel to step foot out of that freaking town after 30 years?” Kaz asks as he pulls out of the journal and opens it to flip around a few pages. “Awesome.” Quincy smirks sinisterly as he makes the exit for Brahms on the right.

The three then begin a conversation as they traveled on the road as they head towards Brahms. Kaz then starts off the conversation as he then asks Quincy, “So, how the fight with the monsters go?” Quincy then replies as he had his hand on the steering wheel as he replied bluntly, “Pretty interesting actually. I used several Molotov cocktails, a couple of shivs, a smoke bomb, and several rounds from my shotgun.” “Damn, you’re loaded!” Kaz then looks at Quincy as he shook his head while he has the journal open and Kora starts giggling as she leans against the car door, listening in to the conversation. “Like I said, I had plenty of time on my hands in the last three days.” Quincy states as a crazy driver before them speeds for their direction as the other driver honks the horn and curses out “******** you!” “******** you too sir.” Quincy states as he places out his middle finger right at the driver as he continues to drive at a smooth pace.

Kaz then look at Quincy in shock as Kaz then asks as he continues to look at him in disbelief while Kora chuckles to herself, “What ever happened to Victorian people being courteous on the road?” “When you’re in America, there is no such thing as courtesy on the road.” Quincy explains as he continues to drive on the road smoothly. “This is true.” Kaz then nods in agreement as he then picks up the journal and continues to flip through the pages. As they continue driving they come across a van filled with a bunch of bickering women. As Quincy then overhears the conversation in the van, he then sighs, “Jealous women...” Kaz ironically stumbles upon a journal article as he skims over through the page, he states as he glances at the journal, “Speaking about jealous women, this all makes more sense now.” “What does?” Kora asks, curious to know what Kaz was talking about. “Here, I think it’s better if you read it yourself.” Kaz replies as he hands her over a journal entry, seeming to be the final one of the journal. As Kora looks more closely, she begins to realize that it a journal entry about her written by Lucia herself and begins to read through the entry.

Journal Entry: Kora Hale
As I continue to search through the documents, I stumbled across the doctor’s journal entries and I come to realize that Kora is Quincy’s younger sister and is indeed the second vampire mentioned in the documents. Well I never liked her… I was always jealous of her. She always had what she wanted: a family to love, best student, people talk about her all the time, and getting the guy of her dreams. My blood boils every time she’s with Kaz, and no matter how many times I try to wrap him around my finger…he’s always seem to be looking at that b***h! Now that I know what really is, I’ll do what I planned to all these years: kill her. She deserves it, after all I’m the one who should be getting all the attention and not her! It’s not ******** fair!

Kora then closes the journal and tosses it to the side as she responds, now knowing the truth of what really happened, “So all this time…you killed her only ‘cause you wanted to protect me.” Quincy remains silent for a moment as he keeps driving, then he replies to her in usual stern tone as he keeps his eyes on the road, “Yes. Apparently I read her mind on what she was going to do to you when she entered the diner. So I had one of two options, either I let Lucia kill you or I kill her.” “So…Lucia was plotting to kill Kora the entire time out of spite…that b***h.” Kaz then imputed as he angrily tosses the journal onto the floor of the car. “Hey Quincy…” Kora then spoke softly as she leaned against the driver’s seat as Quincy continues on driving. “Yes.” Quincy replies as he glances for a brief moment over at where Kora was sitting as he continues driving along the road. “Thanks for everything!” Kora thanks him as she smiles back at Quincy. “Anytime sis!” Quincy smiles as he continues driving on the road as he looks at the corner of his eye and notices by the huge sign over that they were about 2 miles away from Brahms.

Kora then pulls herself off the driver’s seat as she lies back against the back seat of the car. Kaz then sighs as he then begins to smile and states as he draws himself closer to her, “I’m just glad that Kora’s safe and sound.” He then embraces her around her shoulders with his arm as he continues looking at her, smiling. “Thanks Kaz.” Kora replies as she smiles at him while enjoying his embrace while they both sit in the back of the car. Then Kaz looks over towards where Quincy’s was driving as he asks, “Hey Quincy, now that we’re close to Brahms, any idea what to do with the journal?” Quincy then replies as he continues to drive along the road as they are getting closer to Brahms, “Put it in your bag for now. I’ll personally dispose of it when we arrive there.” “Alright.” Kaz lets go of his embrace with Kora as he picks up the journal and places it back into the satchel.

Suddenly a cell phone goes off as Kaz places his satchel aside and they were at least a mile away from their destination. Kora then immediately picks up the Coach purse and opens it up and pulls out her cell phone. She looks at the collar ID and realizes that it was Solomon Hale calling as she then bluntly states, “It’s Solomon.” Kora then accepts the phone call and places the phone against her ear as she speaks the through the cell phone as everyone in the car remains silent, “Hello, dad.” “Thank god you’re alright! You had me worried. What happened?” Solomon replies as he talks to Kora through the cellular, seeming to be in a panic. Kora then replies coolly as she speaks to him over the phone, “It’s a long story.”

“Ah, mind if you tell me everything that went on for the past 3 days?” Solomon asks as he's relieved that Kora is safe though is still worried what happened to her while she was away. Kora then glances over to where Quincy was driving as something told her that it be better to confront it in person. Kora then replies back to Solomon as she then glances through the window as she notices that they were only a half a mile away from their destination and smiles, “I think it be better if we wait till we get over there. We’re half a mile away from Brahms, so we should be over there soon.” “I’m glad to hear that! I shall see you guys when you head over. I’ll be waiting for you guys over at the stadium. Do you remember where that is?” Solomon replies, now seeming to be eager to see Kora and the rest of them as Quincy and Kaz overhear the conversation on the phone.

“Oh, you mean the big dome right near the front?” Kora points out as they are heading close to the entrance as she looks at a metal dome that is right near several brick buildings at the front entrance. “Yeah.” Solomon replies in his eager tone. “Okay I know where it is.” Kora then nods as looks away from the window. “Okay, I’ll see you then. Love you darling.” Solomon replies through the phone as commotion could be heard from the other end of the phone. “Love you too.” Kora then replies as she nods while continuing to have the phone in her ear. The phone call drops as Kora glances at her phone and places it back inside her purse. Quincy continues to drive through as they finally pass the sign reading ‘Brahms’ on the billboard as he states, “Here we are.”

Quincy then drives through the town, passing through several buildings in the town’s premises as they head towards the stadium as he asks while grinning, “Where to?” “The stadium, it’s just up ahead.” Kora answers as she then grimaces as she glances back at her brother. “I’m already on it.” Quincy replies as he then increases the speed of the car as they make their way to the stadium that was a few blocks from the entrance. The car continues to travel its way through the streets as it heads for the stadium until the car comes across a crowd that was gathered around the stadium. Within the crowd stood a man with grayish hair, rugged looking with tan skin, and wore a grey top and jeans.

As Quincy looks around and glances at the familiar figure that was standing among the crowd, he then points out to Kora as he turns his head over to where the male stood, “Is that Solomon over there?” “Yeah it is!” Kora exclaims as she turns her head over as she then looks over towards where Quincy was looking at. Kaz then looks over to where the male stood as he turns his head over and replies, “Yeah, that’s him alright.” The car then comes to a sudden halt as the crowd ignores the car as other cars were parked from the front and back. The car door opens as Kora then steps out of the car and shuts the door, carrying only her purse around her shoulder. Kora then immediately rushes over to where Solomon was as the crowd then turns around, noticing her running towards the stadium and the crowd then creates commotion amongst themselves.

“Dad!” Kora shouts as she runs to Solomon as she gives him a large embrace as the crowd cheers. “Kora! I’m so glad you’re alright darling! Where have you been?” Kora then replies indirectly as she lets go of her embrace, noticing that the cameras are now eying on her, “A town nearby here.” Kaz then walks over to where Solomon stood as he got himself out of the car to go greet him, “Hey Mr. Hale!” “Kaz! How are you?” Solomon greets Kaz back as they both give each other a fist bump while the camera continues to eye on the three as many fans continue cheering and wooing from the crowd. “Hanging in there.” Kaz replies as he smiles while nudging against his shoulder blade where the wound was. “I’m glad to hear you’re doing fine.” Solomon then smiles, relieved that two of the band members made it out alive.

Quincy then walks over to where Solomon stood over with the other two as he gives out his greeting, “Hello Mr. Hale.” Solomon then glances over and notices Quincy as he stands in the crowd as the camera men look over as the crowd talks amongst themselves, as he did not expect him at all. “Well, hello Quincy. Didn’t expect to see you here.” Solomon replies as they both reach out for the handshake, and while Quincy smiles at him he begins to feel unease. “It’s been a while.” Quincy replies back as both let go of each other’s handshake. Quincy then whispers in his ear as he tries to keep it out of earshot from the public, “Mind if we talk somewhere private so we can talk about you know what?” Solomon’s fears have come to life as he begins to realize that after all this time that the band was in Silent Hill for the past three days. “Of course... come with me…” Solomon agrees as he then walks through the crowd and the three then follow behind him. As camera crews tried to follow them to catch the latest story, Solomon then taps the security guards and tells them, “Make sure that the camera men don’t follow us.” The security detail then leaves to fend off the camera crew from following the group.

They continued walking through the crowd until they entered the stadium where it states ‘authorized personal only’ and walked beyond those doors. As they entered through, it was dark, quiet, no one around and the walls were sound proof so no one can hear. Solomon then turns his attention back to Kora as he asks, “So what you mean by the town nearby, did you mean Silent Hill by any chance?” Kora answers the question as she looks at Solomon dead in the eye as Kaz and Quincy listen to the conversation, “Yeah.” Solomon, shocked as he looks over at Quincy for a moment and then looks back at Kora and then asks Kora, wondering whether or not Quincy told her about her real parents were, that he is her brother and she is a vampire, “Did he tell you about who you really are?” “Yeah, he did.” Kora nods, confirming that Quincy did indeed tell her all of the above as she looks at Solomon dead in the eye. “Did he already remove your talisman and complete your transformation as a vampire?” Solomon then asks Kora as he begins to feel somewhat guilty, regretting not telling this to her sooner. “Yes.” Kora replied as she nodded once more, confirming that Quincy did remove the talisman and became a vampire as a result.

Solomon then embraces Kora as he apologizes, for he regretted not telling her sooner, “I’m sorry I haven’t told you this sooner darling. I really am, I didn’t mean for you to go through all of this.” Kora then forgives him as she hugs him back, “Nah, it’s okay. Plus I think it’s better if I did find out about it this way.” Solomon then chuckles amongst himself while everyone else joins along, “You vampires and your pride.” “Yes, but I’m still your darling.” Kora makes a comeback as she smiles at him cheerfully at him. “Yes you are.” Solomon then smiles at her, feeling touched that she still recognizes him as her father despite that they are not completely related. “So, who else knows about this besides me and your brother over here?” Solomon then asks Kora, as he is curious to know who else is aware about her secret. “Kaz knows.” Kora replies as Kaz gives a kindred embrace to her as the two smile at each other. “Kaz…” Solomon then blabbers out in shock as he then looks at Kaz as he continues to embrace Kora, then gives out a distrustful stern look at him.

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on telling it to anybody else.” Kaz replies at both him and Kora continue to kindle in their embrace. “Trust me, this boy seems like the knowledgeable type. I doubt the boy would do any harm to Kora anytime soon, plus they fancy one another.” Quincy inputs, as he looks at both Kora and Kaz in an intrigued manner. Solomon then chuckles to himself seeing that Kora nor Kaz seemed to mind each other’s company, even after finding out she’s a vampire then states, “Ha, I’m not surprised though…those two known each other for so long, it’s crazy!” Solomon then changes the subject as he asks the group, curious to know what happened to both Victor and Lucia as he looks directly at Kaz and Kora, “So, where are the other two at?” “Oh, you mean Victor and Lucia right?” Kaz then asks, making sure that was the people he was referring to. Solomon then nods his head as he looks at the two of them as Kora spoke in half-truths, “Both of them died in the car accident.” Solomon then gives her the disbelief look as he glances over at both Kora and Quincy.

He then looks over at Kaz again in hopes to give out a truthful response and Kaz out of nervousness then gives in as states, “Okay correction. Victor died in the accident along with the bus driver. Lucia was killed by Quincy cause she was going to kill Kora.” “Ah, so that’s the story.” Solomon replies as he smirks, knowing he was able to cough up the truth as he glances at the trio. Solomon then shakes his head and states while crossing his arms as the trio look disappointed, “Well, I always figured that girl was spiteful somehow…” Solomon, rather than reprimanding them for it then let it slide as he responds, “Normally I don’t let this kind of stuff off the hook, but considering that my daughter’s safety is involved I’ll let this one slide. That and if the media asks, I’ll tell them that both band members died from a car collision and you two got stranded in a wasteland for three days and bumped into a relative along the way.” All three then exclaimed in silence as they clutched their fists to themselves, “Yes!”

Solomon then shakes his head as he reached for the door handle as he responds casually, “Yeah, you guys have been around each other for too long.” “Come on, there’s two people I like you all to meet!” Solomon then opens the door as the trio then follow them out of the door and starts walking. Then as they reach about ten feet from the door, two other men were standing that looked around the same age as Kora and Kaz. One had red hair and slim with a white bandana wrapped around his head, an orange graphic tee, Wrangler’s, and converses. The other was muscular built with long straight hair wearing black tee, Tripp pants and boots, and he looked from Native American descent. As the group walked closer, Kaz then whispers to Kora’s ear, “I feel like I known them from somewhere before. As the man with the white bandana turns around and notices the group and Kora and Kaz were among them, the two men approach them as the man in the red bandana randomly greets them with a hug with a Brazilian accent, “Kora! Kaz! Boy am I glad to see you guys!”

The man in the red bandana then turns his attention to Kaz as he then asks him how he was, “So how’s my little Asian man been? You ain’t so little anymore the last time I’ve seen you man.” Kaz, now recognizing who the man was then greets the man back as he chuckles to himself a bit, “Oh, hey Raul! I see you haven’t changed a bit. How’ve you been buddy?” “I’ve been good, me and Omar have been around town in the last few days looking for a band to join. So far we haven’t seen anybody yet.” Raul explains as he places his hands against his head as he lazily looks up in the sky. “Hey Raul! For a moment I didn’t recognize you or Omar back there.” Kora greets Raul as she places her waists around her hips. “Well time flies when you’re no longer in high school! And you look very stunning.” Raul smiles as he then Kora offers a fist bump as he holds his fists out to her. “Aha, thanks.” Kora then returns a fist bump as Solomon walks over to the camera people as he starts talking to them.

“So, are there any positions open in your band?” Raul asks as he looks at both Kaz and Kora, hoping that there would be positions are open. “As a matter of fact, we do. In fact, two are open.” Kora then explains as she smiles at them, seeming like she was willing to help them out. “Really? Which ones?” Raul asks as Omar continues to remain silent as he looks at the two for a response. Kaz then answers as he was willing to help them out as well, “We’re open for a bassist and drummist, you guys are more than welcome to join if you want.” “Yes! I call bassist!” Raul exclaims as he is excited to be part of the band alongside his high school buddies. “Drummist you say…” Omar speaks as he holds a pair of metal drumsticks in his hand as he has his arms crossed. “Awesome, glad to have both of you in!” Kaz exclaims, as he confirms their automatic acceptance into the band. “Do we have to do an audition though?” Raul asks as he seemingly worries though.

“Well…cause it’s a last minute thing, we aren’t sure if we have time for an audition. Plus, you’re pretty good at playing bassist.” Kora explains as the four travel start walking around the stadium. Quincy then walks over to where Kaz and Kora where as he tells them the news, “Okay good news, you guys will be performing in three days from now since you got back and lost two band members. That and they just recognized the newest band members of your band. That should give you plenty of time to rehearse.” “Awesome! Thanks Quincy!” Kora replies as she smiles at her brother as he smiles back at her. “No problem.” Quincy responds back as he begins to walk around with the other four. “Oh cool, so we get time to rehearse!” Raul exclaims as he raises his hands up in the air. “Yep.” Kora answers as she nods her head while smiling. “Great! While we’re here, let’s talk! There’s so much I have to tell you guys!” Raul exclaims excitingly as he places his hands against his head lazily. The group of five walk through the stadium while they talk amongst themselves as the dawn fades into morning grey clouds.*

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