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Silent Hill: No Escape- Chapter 16: Final Night Part 3
As the trio ventured through the depths of the warehouse, constant churning of metal could be heard echoing through the steel walls of the warehouse. Yet, none of the trio knew where the churning was coming from in the warehouse since nothing looked like it was turned on. Quincy then turned to the corner and noticed that a door was slightly adjacent, and seeing that was the only door left wide open he decides to walk towards the door. Kora and Kaz then noticed Quincy calmly walking towards the door as they turned their heads to the corner. Kora then follows after Quincy, thinking that he is onto something. Curious, Kaz then asks as he trudges over to the two vampires who were standing by the adjacent door, “Did you find anything?”

Quincy not saying anything then opens up the door as he pulls onto the door handle, only to discover an oval shaped room with rusty walls and an iron caged floor with a whole on the center to go along with it. “I think I have.” Quincy states as he gazes down on the odd floor with a peculiar hole on the floor. “What’s a hole doing here?” Kaz then enters into the odd room as he looks curiously at the floor, more especially the odd floor. “A gateway…wonder where it leads?” Kora questions as she gazes down at the large hole lying on the steel floor, kneeling beside it. “A portal, that’s interesting…” Quincy then steps closer to the hole as he continues to glance down at the portal, intrigued by this discovery. Kaz then listens carefully to the churning noise and noticed that the sound was coming from the hole before them. “And judging from the sound, it seems like it’s coming down from there...” Kaz states as he analyzes his surroundings of the room as he hunches over besides the hole and places the umbilical cord back inside his satchel.

Kora then looks over at the hole and switches her attention to Quincy as she states, “Wonder if Walter is hiding beneath there…” “I’d be surprised if he didn’t.” Quincy replies as remains a few inches away from the floor, gazing upon it. “So, who gets to go first?” Kaz asks as he glances at the hole and to his surroundings to make sure nothing was behind them. Quincy then looks back at the adjacent door and notices a loud roaring sound coming from within the warehouse, luckily nothing was behind them. He then turns his attention back to both Kora and Kaz and suggests, “Have Kora go first.” “Wait, me?” Kora asked as she now turned her full attention towards Quincy. “Yes you, I’m not going to have my sister stay behind while everyone else goes. Kaz will go after and then myself for last. But if we’re going to jump in, we’re going to do it quick. I don’t want any of the monsters to follow us in.” Quincy explained as he crossed his arms, giving out his usual stern look.

Both Kora and Kaz nodded agreeably as they looked at Quincy for a slight moment and turned their attention back at the hole before them. “Alright, ready?” Kaz asked as he looked at Kora for a slight moment and then gazes back at the floor anxiously. “Yeah…” Kora nods her head as she replies while looking at the hole before her. “Well, here goes nothing…” Kaz then states as he was ready to make a jump for the hole. Kora then immediately jumps through the hole without hesitation and disappear into the portal. Kaz then jumps in after her as he seeped his way into the hole. Quincy then jumps in last as he plunges into the depths of the peculiar hole.

Moments after, all three managed to sink into the bottom of the hole as they landed on a steel floor which appeared to be a platform in a shape of an ellipse. But that wasn’t the strangest part of this place. The platform seemed to be surrounded by a black cloud setting with eight odd tables as its barriers, seeming to hold corpses of human bodies disfigured in flesh with spears attached to them. As the look up in front of them, they noticed a metal spindle churning inside a pool of oozing blood at the center of the platform and just on the other side of the platform from where they stood resides a giant ghost as it remained tied up to metal chains and was roaring within the odd chamber. Unlike all the other ghosts though, this one was about ten times larger than the average human.

“I suppose you’re wondering why I gathered all you here. Well, maybe not.” A deep male voice then spoke within the darkness. Kaz then pulls Kora towards him as he holds her close to him securely. Kora, sensing by his familiar voice pattern sounds like Walter Sullivan and wields her weapon slightly in position, keeping her guard up. “Well look who came out of the closet. Walter Sullivan I presume.” Quincy speaks as he grimaces, seeming to be glaring at the shadows before them. Within the shadows, footsteps then echoed through the steel floors and Walter appeared from the shadows moments after with his shaggy blond hair and his dark blue jumpsuit, wielding a machete to his side. “A very keen perception Dr. Harker, though I would expected from a vampire such as yourself, and I assume that your sister knew as well.” Walter Sullivan speaks as he glances at Quincy for a brief moment, but then glances at Kora whom stood beside Kaz. Quincy’s grimace then disappears and begins to scowl at the ominous man for something didn’t settle right at all.

“Unfortunate I don’t have my lovely assistant here today. She was killed off three days ago…so to speak.” Walter sighs for a slight moment, but then begins to chuckle maniacally at Quincy. Quincy then clutches his fists tightly, for something did not settle right at all. “And if I recall, Quincy was the one who killed Lucia. Am I not correct?” Walter imputed manipulatively as he smiles sinisterly at Quincy as Quincy glares angrily at Walter. “Yes, but either was that or Kora would not be standing here with me right now.” Quincy responded truthfully as he scowled at Walter Sullivan while clutching his fists. Walter who seemed to be expecting a different answer from Quincy gives a slight smirk as he sighs, “Ah, I see…” Walter then wields his machete and attempts to whack Quincy from the side, “I wonder... can you really save your sister from being a sacrament? Can she save you in return for saving her?” Before the blade of the machete came into contact with his skin, Quincy manages to dodge the blade with his spear as he pushes the blade away from him.

As Kora glances her attention back at her brother and notices that Quincy was dodging the blade of the machete away from him, but isn’t sure on how long he could hold off for. Kora then smiles as she grabbed Quincy’s attention for a mere second and expresses her gratitude to him for a brief moment, “Quincy dodge!” As Kora’s voice can be heard, Walter also diverts her attention to her for a mere second noticing that she’s talking to Quincy. Before anything else could be said, Kora then throws her double spear at Walter and successfully impales him, bringing damage to his shoulder. As Quincy lunges away from Walter and manages to get away from his grasp, he then picks up his spear from the side and pulls himself of the ground. Quincy then replies as he places his spear on to his back, “Thanks. I owe you one.” “No problem!” Kora replies as she throttles herself towards Walter and pulls her double saber out and house kicks him on the shoulder. “The holy spears…that should take down the ghost right over there.” Quincy mumbles as glances over to where the ghost was and glances back at where the spears were, attached to the corpses. Quincy then jumps from the scene as he makes his way towards the spears on one of the fleshy corpses.

Kora nods as she sees her brother aiming for those spears, though isn’t sure what for. Kora then notices that Walter Sullivan was trudging towards Quincy as he attempted to grab one of the spears. Kaz the pulls out his pistol from his satchel and cocks the gun as he stood beside Kora while Kora wields her double saber as she stood beside Kaz. “So, thinking about kicking a** tonight.” Kaz casually states as looks at Kora while lifting his gun up in the air. “Hell yeah.” Kora replies as she grins back at Kaz while she clings on to her saber for a slight moment as she looks back at Kaz. “So, who’s going to go first?” Kaz then asks as looks over at Kora as he locks his gun right at Walter Sullivan. “Well if you’re going to make the first throw, better make it quick.” Kora then states as she then nudges her head over to where Walter Sullivan was, who was about a few inches away from where Quincy stood as her brother tried to pull out one of the spears from the corpses.

Kaz then replies as he pulls the trigger of his gun as he aims it for Sullivan, “Trust me, I already got it.” Within moments, the bullet ricochets its way across the platform and pierces Walter on his shoulder blade. Sullivan, feeling his flesh stinging from the bullet then turns around and notices Kaz having the gun pointed at him. With his uncanny smile, Sullivan then trudges his way over to where Kaz and Kora stood. Kora then holds her weapon at the ready as she aims it for Sullivan while Kaz continues to lock his gun onto Walter Sullivan. As Walter came closer, Kaz shoots out another casing and the bullet pierces Walter through the torso. Moments after, Kora then lunges her double saber at Walter and stabs him through the abdomen as she clings onto the handle of her blade.

As both Kora and Kaz distract Walter Sullivan, Quincy then pulls out the spear attached to the fleshy corpse as he targets his attention at the humungous ghost before him. He then dashes over to where the ghost resided as he clings on to the spear and aims the spear directly at it. Moments later, he pierces the holy spear into the ghost as the ghost bellows out screaming and jumps away from the ghost as quickly darts over to the next corpse and grabs for another spear. “That’s one down.” Quincy then looks over to where Kora and Kaz, whom seemed to be struggling as they hold off Walter. Not sure how long they hold off Walter for, Quincy then pulls out the spear from the second corpse and immediately darts over to the ghost. Quincy then realizes as he confronts the ghost before him that if he wants to take the ghost down, he has to have the right timing for each blow that he inflicts upon the ghost, for one wrong move he makes and it’s over. Quincy then pierces the ghost with the second holy spear as it begins to screech in pain and immediately rushes over to the next corpse to grab the third spear.

Kora and Kaz then inflict several blows on Walter, Kaz continues to shoot bullets from his pistol and Kora impales him repetitively through the torso. Though no matter how much blood loss Walter takes, it seems that it doesn’t take that much effect to him. Walter then grimaces cynically as he wields his machete, seeming to be aiming the blade at Kaz. Kaz suddenly lowers down the gun as he stares at the machete in fright, stunned for that one moment. Kora noticed that Walter was about to whack the machete at Kaz and runs to him in panic as she tries to defend Kaz and screams, “KAZ!!! NO!!!” Before Walter can whack the machete at Kaz, he then grabs out a silver blade and quickly pierces Kora through the torso as he shoves it against her. Kora hisses in pain as Walter shoves her towards the edge of the platform inches away from the metal spindle was and Kaz turns his head over and witnesses Kora having a silver blade pierced against her, bleeding. Before Kaz could even have the chance to react, Walter then whacks the blade of the machete against Kaz, leaving a gash on his shoulder as blood spurts out.

Walter then quickly whack the back of the machete against Kaz, instantly knocking him down as screams of the ghost can be heard from not far. As Kaz lies paralyzed on the ground groaning in pain, Walter then kneels down hovering over Kaz body as he gazes with a soulless expression on his face and begins to chuckle for a bit. Then Walter then smirks at Kaz watching him bleed on the floor as he coldly states, “Um…seems that the girl is very fond of you. Are you very fond of her?” Kaz remains silent as he angrily glares at Walter Sullivan as he shudders in pain, “What about it?” “Um…I see, so you are. I’m pretty you are already aware that the girl is a vampire, am I right?” Walter continues to speak to him as he remains expressionless before him. Kaz gives him and angry glare as he continues to bleed faster on the floor as he yet heard another shriek from the ghost nearby. “I also take that as a yes.” Walter then shakes his head as he then chuckles at Kaz as he watches Kaz bleeding profusely on the floor.

Kora then removes the silver blade from her torso as she then hisses in pain and tosses the silver blade into the pool of blood. She then gazes up and realizes that Kaz was lying on the floor as Walter hovers before him as he watches him bleed to death on the floor. Kora then pulls herself up from the ground as she quietly grabs onto her double saber as she holds it from behind, silently walking towards them. Walter then speaks as another bellow from the ghost could be heard from afar as he continues to watch Kaz bleed, “Tell me something, how far are you willing to go just to be with her?” “What do you mean?” Kaz questions sternly as he was glaring directly at Walter as he continues to bleed profusely. “Tell, would you do anything just for her? Even if it means becoming immortal yourself?” Walter replies to the question manipulatively as wields the machete from behind.

Kaz then gazes up and realizes Kora was right there as she stood behind Walter, wielding her double saber from behind. He then smiles for a bit as he looks up at Kora and replies truthfully, “Well, if you mean by becoming a vampire, then I’d be more than happy to just for her.” But then he turns his attention back to Walter and replies sternly as he scowls angrily at him, “Now, if it’s to be one of your sacrament trophies. I’m going to happily refuse that offer.” Kora then raises her double saber up in the air as she attempts to stab Walter through the abdomen. Kaz then pulls himself off the floor as he then shouts, “KORA NOW!!!” Kora then impales Walter through the torso as Kaz quickly tosses himself out of the way as he then grabs a hold onto his pistol.

Walter then turns around and realizes that Kora was behind him as another shriek could be heard from the ghost. Walter then smiles, lying down on the floor as he grabs his machete and attempts to whack his machete at Kora. Kaz then shoots the gun again at Walter; this time manages to knock out the machete off of his hand. Kora then smiles at Walter sinisterly as she then raises her double saber at Walter and impales it through his spinal cord. Walter then groans in pain as he is left paralyzed on the floor with the double saber still attached to him as yet another shriek from the ghost was heard from the distance. Kaz, making sure that Walter doesn’t attempt to reach for the machete again, then shoots his hand three times with blood gushing on the floor with his hand completely demolished.

As the shriek was heard once more, Kora then holds Walter’s other arm down on the floor as Kaz then pulls out the umbilical cord from his satchel. Kaz then lunges himself onto the struggling Walter as he strangles him with the umbilical cord as Kora continues to hold him down. As Walter then gags for his breath, a light from the distance shined from the hole above them and both pulled themselves off of the floor as the both gazes up at the light. Walter then reaches for the light above him as he gags out his last breath, and within moments the cold shuts his eyes and his hand then plops onto the ground. Both Kaz and Kora then glance below them as they witness that Walter Sullivan is finally dead for good. “Finally, that b*****d is dead.” Kora states angrily as she stares at the corpse coldly with an umbilical cord tied on to Walter’s neck. Kora then embraces Kaz and hugs him tightly, and Kaz embraces her back and hugs her tightly.

The spindle in the middle of the platform then ceases churning and comes to a sudden stop with all the corpses with no spears attached to them and the ghost before the spindle was killed off with all eight holy spears pierce on its body. Quincy then jumps back to the other two as he sees that they are perfectly safe, despite the wounds on their bodies. He then glances at the Walter’s body on the ground and notices the umbilical cord around his neck with a pool of amber blood surrounding it, assuming that he is dead. “So, Walter’s now dead.” Quincy states as he gazes down at the body as he smiles at it sinisterly. “Yep and about time too.” Kaz replies as he continues to hug tightly on to Kora, smiling down at her while blushing.

Suddenly rumbles within the room begin to echo through the walls as the grounds begin to shake and the trio then paused and looked around. Kora and Kaz noticed that the hole on the wall was crumbling as they gazed up in the air and both let go of their embrace. As Quincy notices the crumbling on the wall, the then states as he was looking at the random staircase which led to the hole on the ceiling and shouts, “The ceiling is about to crumble! Hurry, we got to get moving!” Both Kora and Kaz nod as all three of them run on the staircase and make their way to the portal above. All three passed the portal as the ceiling continues the crumble around the portal. The trio then jumps out from the peculiar portal as they returned to the peculiar rusted room again and all three then sped out of the room and head their way out of the warehouse.

As the trio exit out of the warehouse, the streets fumbled quietly with snow while the sirens sound off from the distance as the trio then quietly headed out of the town, seeing that there was no point in staying any longer. Suddenly as they were walking out in the streets, growls and shrieks echoed through the distance and both Kora and Kaz’s radio blasted out static from the speakers of the radio. The trio then turns behind them and from the distance monsters were making their way towards them. Quincy then glances from the entrance of the town and back where the monsters were charging from. Quincy then states as he made his way towards the monsters, “You two go on ahead.” “Wait, what are you going to go to do?” Kora asks, as she looks worried for her brother’s safety.

Quincy then bluntly replies as he smiles at the two, “I’m going to distract the monsters for a bit while you two go on and escape.” “Will you be back?” Kaz asks as he looks at Quincy in shock as he holds tightly onto Kora’s hand. “Course I will. Now, go the both of you or the monsters will catch up to us.” Quincy as nudges his head towards the entrance of Silent Hill as he gives out his usual stern look at the both of them. Both of them nod back as they depart from Quincy and make their way from the exit, leaving him behind.

As the two pass several building in the town and come across the dinner that was right by the entrance, several nurses and air screamers came towards their direction as both of their radios blast out in static. Within moments the monsters were from twenty feet to ten feet from where they stood. Kora then places her double saber against her back and pulls out the Molotov cocktail from her purse and tosses it at the monsters and Kaz then pulls Kora towards the entrance of Silent Hill as the monsters became engulfed in flames. Kaz and Kora then made their way back towards the entrance of the town as the town slowly engulfs itself in flames, turning the once white snow into ebony ashes of the flames within the town. The two kept running without looking back behind them until they reached back to the wrecked mini bus lied at the edge of the interstate. *

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