MiLynn Aiko
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Bubby was due the 8th and was born the 18th of feb. 10 days overdue and 9.55lbs.

I had some complications with the epidural and bubby was too happy in my belly and so after being induced, I ended up having a c section. Nothing wrong with Bubby, but the issues with the epidural left me more or less bed ridden until they transferred me & bubby to another hospital to fix it. After that I was discharged and got to surprise Rangalord with our return home.

Now that I'm home I'm trying to adjust to being a new mother as well as remember to drink and eat myself--I'm so focused on Bubby that I think I forget to eat or drink.. heck i've been practically in my pajamas every day until mid afternoon.. But I'm confident I'll get the hang of things..

I've been giving myself a bit of time away from here to focus on Bubby. I'm slowly working on returning, so for the rp's i'm currently in or holding a place in, I hope everyone will understand and be a bit more patient with me. And if so I'm very greatful.

:bigheart: The most important people in my life are Rangalord and our son, Bubby.

tentacl = gaia for adults :)