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The Dawnstar Journals
A rough timeline of events in the lives of Aemorniel & Malthorion Dawnstar, and Calendil Sunwing.

All years are given by the King’s Calendar.

437: Calendil Sunwing is born to House Sunwing during peacetime in Quel’Thalas. House Sunwing is heavily bound to the Paladin Order; however, as the second son, Calendil is permitted to enter the priesthood rather than the paladins.

517: Calendil Sunwing’s son Ratheldur is born. Calendil is 80.

522: Malthorion and Aemorniel Dawnstar are born to House Dawnstar, also bound to the Paladin Order. Being more focused on the idealism of the Light than the political aspects, they have been in conflict with House Sunwing for generations.

592: The orcs invade Azeroth. King Anasterian Sunstrider sends in a token army, including Calendil’s older brother. The brother dies, leaving Calendil and his son as the heirs to the Sunwing family. The twins are now 70. Calendil is 155 – a young man in his “prince” phase – and taking to his new responsibilities very seriously he joins the Paladin Order in his brother’s stead.

598: Calendil Sunwing, Emerion Dawnstar, and both their eldest sons, join the High Elf army and begin seriously establishing themselves as Knights under King Anasterian. They quickly realize that the quarrel between their Houses is causing disharmony in the Paladin Order. Calendil proposes that Ratheldur become engaged to Aemorniel, in order to present a symbol of unity for the army. Calendil is now 161 – “not yet thirty”; Ratheldur is 82, and Aemorniel 77.

600: The Battle of Grim Batol takes place. After the war is won, Anasterian withdraws the elven support from the Alliance.

602: Having attained peace once more in Quel’thalas and second-guessing his decision to betroth his daughter to Ratheldur, Emerion responds to Calendil’s request for their marriage by sending her to Dalaran while he contemplates his options. She is 80.

617: Dalaran and Quel’thalas are both attacked by Arthas Menethil, Prince of Lordaeron. Anasterian Sunstrider is killed; the Sunwell is destroyed. House Dawnstar and Sunwing pledge their loyalty to his son, Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider. Aemorniel is believed to have been killed in the attack on Dalaran (age 95); Ratheldur Sunwing (age 100) and Emerion Dawnstar are both killed in the battle for the Sunwell. Calendil is 180 – “just past 35″.

618: The elvish population declines steadily. The elderly and the children are particularly susceptible to the madness and death that the loss of the Sunwell has caused, and Mirian Dawnstar, despite surviving her daughter and husband, succumbs to the mana sickness. Kael’thas Sunstrider joins with Illidan the demon to procur fel magic for his people, and takes a handful of people to the Outlands. The Blood Knights are founded from what remains of Anasterian’s army and alongside the Magi, oversee the rebuilding of Silvermoon City in Kael’thas’ absence. Calendil quickly seeks to re-forge the alliance between House Dawnstar and House Sunwing by befriending the young and upcoming warrior that Malthorion has become. Malthorion is 96; Calendil is 181 – “the 18 year old son and 35-40 year old father”; each unwittingly fulfilling for each other what they have lost.

624: Kael’thas returns from the Outlands expedition to the awaiting Blood elves. His mind having been warped by the fel energy, he seeks to use the tainted Sunwell to bring forth Kil’jaeden. The Blood Knights remain loyal to Sunstrider.
The same year, Aemorniel Dawnstar (not dead after all) is forcibly returned to Silvermoon City, having been caught for using illegal magic in Shattrath City. Malthorion looks to sweep the matter under the rug when he learns it is his sister. Kael’thas is killed. The Blood Knights survive, and pledge their allegiance to the new Regent, Lor’themar Theron. The twins are both 102; Calendil is 187. Aemorniel leaves for Northrend; Malthorion journeys to Orgrimmar and joins the Horde army.

626: Arthas Menethil reveals his location in Northrend, and the elvish military force moves to take him out.

628: Arthas Menethil is slain.

631: The Blood Knights are called to war again – this time against the dragon Deathwing – who is defeated that same year.

633: The mana-bomb is dropped on Theramore Island; the elves are purged from the Kirin Tor. Calendil and Aemorniel agree to marry to fulfill the original betrothal. The twins are now 111 and fully recognized as adults in blood elf society “21”. Calendil is 196, “approximately 50”.

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