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Been about ten days since the last time so let's bring everyone up to date shall we? Well that guy mentioned before? Still really likes (dare I say loves) me. Which you know after meeting pieces of my shattered mind is actually kind of surprising to me. I really did think that he'd be gone… Maybe I'm just speaking to soon and this'll all just evaporate into thin air… I hope not….

Anyway I had some teasing flirtations with another person other than that him so that was fun n both counts. I got a new champion for my computer game. League for the win. smilies/icon_heart.gif The guy who bough him for me has decided that I'm someone he can truly love even with how irritated I can get with him. Which is strange cause more often than not I'm yelling at him to drop a subject or getting tired of his s**t with someone else. Eh whatever.
Anyway today my mother comes to visit. Hope I don't die.