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Notes and Scribbles~
All the things I'd like to write. Feel free to read anytime, and I try to update when I can~ though sometimes I'll have more or less to say, but that's okay isn't it?
a new, but rather different day
so it started with me waking up late. yes, late. =w=; my dad or brother didnt bother waking me up earlier D; ima just use my phone as an alarm from now on then ; n ;

...and since i woke up late, i also... got to school late T^T for once in like two years or somewhere around that. but srsly DX i was only a minute or so late when i walked into the classroom X.x at least i didnt get detention or anything. then again, that was only my first time so meh. =w=

well thank goodness there wasnt a tardy sweep today. whats a tardy sweep? well, my school has a rather strict "get to class/ school on time" policy and sometimes (and randomly o A o ), theyll announce over the speaker thingy, "teachers, plz close ur doors. this is a tardy sweep." and if ur not in ur classroom, since you should be.... eh well ur pretty much screwed lol. X'D you cant get into a classroom since the teachers closed/ locked their doors, and you cant hide or run cuz theres some staff or teachers outside that will be looking or waiting... and then you get detention or saturday school if ur caught. which you probably will be. i know, its kinda scary. DX i heard the school say that one time, during a year, they did a total of like 200 or something tardy sweeps. (and they dont have restrictions on how many a day they do. once they did it like three times in a day lol) so yeah... i really dont wanna get stuck in that situation. ever. D:

anyways, i came home early today bc of finals. XD the schedule changes a bit. we only had periods 0 (if you even have one lol. i dont so meh), 1, 2, and 3. and then school ended at 12:30 so yay XD tomorrow is the same thing except with periods 6, 5, and 4. and for me, that would mean spanish, english, and biology, in that order. i took my history, math (algebra 2), and pe finals today. XD pe kinda killed me x.x im not very athletic so yeah =w=; lol

also, i heard the biology bm has 200 questions (omg that number seems to be popular today) and it covers everything. like, literally everything that was taught so far. so today, im actually studying for once in my life. well, not once, but the times i "studied" before was barely anything. which meant all i did was skim and skip through things a bit for a few minutes and i was done. but yeah... =w=; i cant do that now D; why does high school have to be hard ; n ; (although i shouldnt complain since i know quite a few ppl that are in college right now)

anyways... hmm, oh yeah. i wonder if its weird that even though im atheist (or technically agnostic but its sorta the same thing. agnostic is like you dont believe in a god, but you think it might be possible. in other words, you never know), im wearing a mala, aka one of those buddhist bracelets with the little wooden beads on it. idk why, i just thought about it and found it and decided to wear it. =w= my family is buddhist and i used to kinda be all religious, so i have like two or three of these lying around my house somewhere. meh. so much religious stuff again DX one of my friends was talking to me about christianity and i almost thought of sorta just finding a bible or something and reading it but meh. i think im fine with staying agnostic/ atheist. i get easily influenced too (and i was told that once lol xD) so yeah; im just trying to stay with what i want to stay with and not go all over the place or get confused =w= religion is confusing stuff anyways so meh. i think the only reason im wearing a mala anyways is bc i sorta like bracelets and its kinda calming if you run ur fingers over the beads or pass over them one by one. this one has 28 beads. XD lol.

well, since i rambled on so much about stuff and this is rather long, i dont really wanna bother ppl and waste 10 minutes of their lives just reading my random weird stuff lol XD so cya later~ =w=

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