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Bah, I'm only here because I'm angry and I want to write.
You Think You Have It Bad?
You think you have it bad?
I wake up everyday to a mother
Who doesn't know half of what I am
I wake up to a father-less household
My real father is out banging some chic he just met,
Telling her about his money and social status
I wake up to go to a school
Where more than half the people I care about
Probably don't give a single f*ck about me
I wake up to go to a school
Where the people who do care about me
Are out with other people who don't
I wake up to a world
So bland and boring
That sometimes I have to let
My imagination run wild
Just so I wouldn't be so bored
I wake up to a world
That ridiculed me
Called me names like "weird" and "retarded"
And said that, "That's the reason why she has no friends."
The last time I did let my imagination run wild
I wake up everyday thinking that everyone in the world wants
To stab me in the back
Or just talk behind it
A frontal stab is an option too
I wake up everyday thinking
No one has my back
I'm alone in a sea of people
A sea whose only desire is to drown me
Watch me choke and suffocate
I wake up everyday
Talking myself down
Because I know that if I let myself
Get even a little proud,
That's when the world will strike,
Call me, "arrogant" or "narcissistic"
I'd choose pessimism over pride any day, anyway
I wake up everyday
Wondering when I'm going
To stop being so depressed
When I'm going to finally pat myself on the back,
And when I can honestly say that I'm proud of myself
It'll be a long time before that

So... you thing you have it bad?
Well, f*ck you

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