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The day I became someone else
I came home from school which seemed normal till the day I got news....of the information I little knew ...that would comsume me for the rest of my eternity I will never forget the day they took him from me...I was the age of 11 r around that age when I woke to see my family in glee they were happy ,smiling as can be , then we all got ready as u see...he woke me up to get ready as he drank coffee and told me to get ready nd saw mommy he told me he loved and I said I did too I kissed him on the cheek nd he smiled not knowing the grief of what was to become of him nd the...we told me to get my backpack nd go to the car like we were ready to go nd then I remember seeing his face that lit the light in thus my way .he dropped us off to the shool that was big hoping that I would be a good kid nd knowing that his little daughter was growing to be me d he was happy has can be to see all of us glad nd with glee ..we all were becoming to be ready to go to the thing..in which we called elementary....little did I suspect that ...that little moment he would be forever unseen..... by me for 3 yrs of me growing to be... his big girl as he wanted me to be. The day of this tragedy I remember coming home with this uncertainty of the fact mommy wasn't glee or happy for me to be home...she had this look of worry that I couldn't understand for she was terrified inside of what was said to be ....the day our family become a nothing...left in the past with tragi ties of the day he didn't see...when he was with his friend he solemnly cared for from here to barbatoes....during this day I forgot the thing that made him happy....it was his cheek this week of Wednesday he breathed....it was my cheek nd I wanted to drink only alittle I promise honey...he told me this nd I didn't believe his vow to undrink...he told he was going to go get his friend then that came to an end wen I found out that....that ay he drank more then hes supposed to be ....nd his friend made this true to become of this..all I culd remember is mommy's face fading to grey as she told me these story that were my daddies nd she said pacing the floors 'were is he he got off of work early"..? them we all got this feeling deep inside something was wrong it must be....the feeling was horridly the most awful feeling iv ever felt in me...it made me tear as I thought of wat has become of daddy nd it made our stomaches grieve...as we checked to see where daddy was supposed to be...nd we went to my older sisters huse to see wat happened to dady nd she looked at the repot of a crash recently.....it couldn't be I convinced myself to believe but I was indeed the truth covered the...to the extent it hurt me choking on the air of the words that have become to be the truth itself reportable that daddy got in a crash nd the car flew in the air causing him to flip oer there in the middle peak of the street but daddy..was hurt with bookie(his so called friend who told him to drink the poison which caused this crash to be...)with tears in her eyes I said what no how did this happen then they told me ..he was in jail for the....dui they gave him from this thing that also got him known as a un registeeery....that caused him to get plain as can be deported for beng Mexican like me...they gave him a court date it was settled nd he went to the thing... as he was told to be by the man in uniform I humbly vow to treat....as hated by me for taking daddy away from me...Imymommy cried nd so did we as we found out daddy was in keep...nd they next day we woke to go outside as a normalty nd were shocked to see that the whole neiborhood heard of this thing...that I just wanted to go be a nothing to the....)I unwittingly forgot the neighborhood disliked us for me being me....nd when they got this news they were compelled with joy to fact they yelled and screamed with glee "haha ur dad got deported haha haah" ,"haaaa ur dads gone haahah " they all said the our familly," haha he was a immigrant",,,they laughe in our face nd screamed nd smiled like they won the lottery...my siter begged nd screamed "stop leave us alone" stop saying that to me as they called her fat nd yelled nd scream its ur fault for not being American like me..she cryed nd cryed and they all seem t find amusment because this happened to 3.....children who were never the same as mommy stop nd couldn't breath nd or eat nd was saying "I want to die god plz kill me" she would cry everyday nd anyone could see by her face.....she was not the same...I said its okay mommy im here we all plied up to say things nd such to make ur mom not cry for us..she wipped the tears nd went to somewhere else nd cryed again with the doors exscpectedly closed....we were never the same after that wen they made fun of us t the point we had no more dadd..I will never forget the faces they made on the day I regret not hugin my daddy for one last moment of the time I woul never get...back to seeing him again...this day will never be forgotten becuz its the day I became someone else besides me again....T_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_T

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