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Angie's Journal
I was forced to create this because there's no space in my profile to display the lovely art I got with my friends. /cries
Short Poems
Might as well dump some of my poetry in here (latest at the bottom). smilies/icon_4laugh.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gif

The way you said my name had sent my heart a-flutter,
And the words that followed after melted it like butter.


The man was blind,
And so she gave him her eyes,
When she herself could barely see.


It took her all of her trust
To step forward,
And all of her pride
To step back.


Soon Enough

I can't wait for the day I run away
Stepping into a new world, getting a fresh start
Nobody knows of my worries or of my doubts
I can leave the past behind and open my heart.

I can't wait for the day I turn a page
The day you, the reader, knows not where I stand
To disappear completely, except to a few
When life deals me a whole new hand.

I can't wait for the day I make my escape
A day that will come soon enough
Over the seas I go, with my mind at ease
With nobody to call my bluff.


Move Along

"It’s okay."

How easy it is to lie, with just two simple words.
Of course it’s not okay. Why would it be?
When you’re left to be cold in the summer heat.
But what could you do about it? There’s little you could change.
Blaming would leave you bitter, whining would leave you in defeat.

Just take it in your stride and move along.
It’s not okay, but move along. Something better will come.

It will never be okay, for you’re bitter and cold.
Knowing not a solution that could heal the wounds time could not.
For all the effort you’ve put in came to naught.
For all the work done was realised only by your freezing heart.
Everyone hears your sadness, but no one listens to its beat.

Just take it in your stride and move along.
It’s not okay, but move along. Something better will come.


Eventually, you won’t bother to count
Because the numbers will just add up to
A value you don’t want to see.


Fighting through the storm
For when it doesn’t rain, it pours.
Balancing on my own two feet
Trying not to fall at yours.

There will always be a gap

There will always be a gap.

You can fill it up with water
Bury your fears inside
Overload it will your wonder
Stay so close by its side.

Or pretend you never saw it
Continue on your way
Perhaps you could check up on it
On a cold winter’s day.

But no matter what you try out
The outcome is the same
There will always be a gap there
Only that much remains.


Not knowing where to turn

I would run around the city

Search near and far
Not knowing where I’ll turn

Or where you are.

All in the hopes of seeing you
To set my mind at ease
Knowing you’re okay
At the very least.

But once you look my way
I’ll run away
In fear.

Not knowing where I’ll turn
As long as our eyes don’t meet
And you don’t get the satisfaction
To see all I hide beneath.

Behind the indifference and annoyance
The sarcasm and contempt
Is a girl just like the rest of them.

Mulling over the careless jokes you make
The fun you always have
How you brighten days grey and bleak
You’re the highlight of my every week.

It’s not fair.
You shouldn’t be doing these things.
It’s not right. It hurts.
And you know it.

And if I don’t find you
And I’m left wondering in the middle of the city
Not knowing where to turn
At least I could say,
“It was worth a shot.”

So I would run around the city

Search near and far
Not knowing where I’ll turn

Or where you are.


It’s been eight months since I fell
The details, I shan’t tell.

But here I am still falling
With all my heart, I’m stalling.

How much will it hurt
When I finally land on the dirt?


Without you here to
Hold me in place, I’m slowly
Slipping away now.


There are those who dream of riches
While others lust for fame
I find myself a simpler creature
For all I require is your name.



You’ve opened up my eyes to worlds I never
Would’ve imagined. Taken my happiness
And misery to totally new extremes.
Filled my mind with questions I
May never find the answers
To. Helped me live a life I
Thought existed only in
My wildest dreams.
Now that I’ve met
You, I know no
One thing is
Ever what
It should


Beauty is in the
Eye of those lucky enough
To get to see you.


You may never understand
How easy silence can kill a man
Nor will you comprehend
Why certain things are hard to mend.


Why do we choose to

See the darkness in a world

That's so full of light?


It's hard to forget the things I've felt
After all the pain you've dealt
Do you not see how much I've dwelt?
With you around, my heart still melts.



I have some coins in my pocket
But not enough to afford
Getting into trouble with you.

I have some lights and a socket
But not enough to blind me from
The truth of what it is you do.

I have some troubles weighing me down
But not enough to get me to drop.

I have some tears in my eyes
But not enough to get you to stop.


The more they told me
To be careful, the closer
I stepped to the fire.


I knew that with you, it’s all just bad news
But I subscribed to your papers anyway.

I knew that with you, the chances are few
But I’ll let the leaves fall where they may.


The fall was accidental.
Its effects, detrimental.
I beg you, please be gentle.


I guess at the end
Of the day, I'd take
A bullet for you
For it would hurt much
Less than the pain of
You leaving me, and
The pain you cause me
While we're both alive.


I have two left feet
And a fragile heart. Please don't
Push me down again.


Dearly and Clearly

You make me feel like something is missing
A little candle absent of a flame.

I have loved you so dearly and clearly
But you,
But you have never felt the same.

You make me feel oh so hollow inside
A redwood with only height to its name.

I have loved you so dearly and clearly
But you,
But you have put my love to shame.

You make me feel like I'm a complete fool
To you, romance is nothing but a game.

I have loved you so dearly and clearly
And I,
And I have but myself to blame.


Down with the flu
And excessive thoughts of you.

Maybe I wouldn't be this way
If you had held me closer
Instead of leaving me cold.


I loved you to bits
And I loved each lone piece

After that.

Dearest Boy

Dearest boy,
I have loved you with all my heart.

Being together
Made time stood still
Seeing you smile at me
Was all I had hoped for.

But were we meant
For something more?
Could the truth not hurt me
If my true words broke free?

With the way my life had been
My courage was in pieces
On the floor.
Carefully I picked them up
Not wanting to break the fragile things
Any more.

I put the pieces together
And took a step forward
But it took too long
And the timing wasn't right.
Before I knew it
You had gone, disappeared
To somewhere far from me
Deep into the night.

Dearest boy,
I have lost you with all my heart.


They ask me where I've gone
And they tell me that they miss me
But here's the funny thing:

I never left.


There was an odd way

How a tinge of sadness marked

Her every sentence.

And if you listened

To her laughter, you could hear

A hint of despair.


Flirt, flirt, you’re such a

Flirt. But where will you be when

My heart’s in the dirt?


I want what people

Can’t afford - I want them to

Spend some time with me.


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