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Unique Collection of all my RPCs.
Okay so I MAY be copying off Maria/Nimphadox but here I go.

{ These are in no specific order, just going with it. }


You. You may in fact make me go blue in the face as I've tried time and time again to tell you how much your friendship means to me. You've always been JUST A LITTLE hard headed. Especially when it comes to anyone trying to get close to you. I was one of the lucky ones, you let me in. Vani wouldn't be the same without Church and I wouldn't be the same without you. You helped me through the worst of my times and understood me, which that itself is scary.How do you always know when I'm smiling? That seems to be a knack you have and with it, you always cheer me right up, even when I'm trying to be stubborn. You refuse to let me mope, more people in this world need someone who never takes no for an answer, like you.

You listen to me when I'm ready to tear my hair out and somehow manage to come out of some of my worst rages unscathed. You are the best guy any girl in the world could ask for, and in the past I was even luckier in that sense to be with you. Now, you're one of my best friends. You forgave me when I KNEW I didn't deserve it, and you helped me see that I did deserve it. You prove me wrong all the time, and for good reason. Whenever you need something, I will be there at your beck and call and happily. You deserve all the love in the world and anyone is lucky to have you as a friend. You're one of a kind. You don't seem to grasp that concept, nor do you ever seem to plan to. You see people for the best in them. You bring out the best in people. I know some of your fears and worries, and I wish you would stop being so hard headed and realize that you are loved far more than you seem to think. The one thing in life I gained when I met you was the realization that I never want to lose you. You truly made me a better person than I could on my own and I am and will always be determined to return the favor.


Oh my goodness. This would drag on and on if my fingers had any say. You are one of the BEST friends anyone in this world could ever ask for. You're my sister and my friend. We've each butted heads more times than we like to admit; But you know what? We got past that. You drew me in from the get go, and look at us now! Year(s!!!!) later and we're still going strong. You have that vibe about you. Happy-go-lucky and cheerful, always optimistic, even after a rough patch.

You are always determined to catch me off guard. And you always do. Your laugh makes me smile, even when I could be feeling like crap. And you make me forget why I'm mad when I get mad. I would and will give anything and everything for you forever and ever. When we meet up, the world will be in so much trouble, because whenever I'm with you, I want to be just like you, because you are just that amazing.

I love you Maria. You are a kind, sweet, caring person and I cannot be happier to be blessed with you in my life.


Oh boyyyyy. Welp, you are a hard one to write about. Why? Because there's just too much to focus on any one thing. When we met, boy did I think you were a jackwagon. You proved me wrong and I'm glad you did. I'm actually sincere when I say that I'm glad you are jackwagon. For real, you took quite a bit of getting used to, but I love the fact that I did get to know you. Your wisdom when someone is upset is endless and insightful and when you consider someone your friend, your protective lovey-ness is always appreciated. People can say what they want about you, don't ever let them get you down. You WILL find your niche in life, and I love you Jeff. Someday you will find out what you're meant to do. In the meantime, I will help you get there <3


Words are not enough to express the respect I have for you. You are my "older" sister I always wanted. My role-model. I wish to have the patience you have, the peaceful way of telling someone you care. You, when we met, you intimidated me. Why? Because I immediately wished I could be remotely like you. And the more we talk, the more laughs, rap battles and heart to hearts we share, I am happy to say,
you're rubbing off on me. One of these days when we meet up, we will go get a huge bag of sugarcubes and just run around tossing them everywhere. Not.So.Fast~ Don't think I'm done just yet.

Sierra, you are the calmest person I know, yet when it's needed, your passion for everything really shines. I've been lucky enough to have you trek through my worst life events and really drag me out of them (kicking and screaming) while you just smile and calm me down. You always know the right thing to say or do and honestly, just keep being yourself, you do great things.

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