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Roleplay Starters and RPC's
My starter's and their Character images. Still in progress.
Prince/Princess-Love Triangle

Luxia grew up in the wild south, commonly known as the Waste. It is considered a barbaric country, full of dangerous animals, and the people considered to be no more than savages. It is always hot there, above ninety degrees on the coldest days. Snow was unheard of, rain was always celebrated, and a sign of good fortune. And it is like that along its borders, but once you trek further into the Waste, a kingdom rivaling any of the Northern Kingdoms is shown. The homes are made from carved sandstone, and jewels are aplenty. Their main city, where the ruling family has sat for over thirty generations, is called Mel'Gorath. The King and Queen had nine sons, and their only daughter Luxia. The King passed three years prior, killed by a sandcat. The current ruling family is; Queen Regent Morgase, King Hadrian, twin Prince's Rowin(left) andTerrowin(right), Prince Borin, Prince Ulric, Prince Bryce, Prince Cedric, Prince Dain, Prince Rulf, and the Princess's twin brother, the youngest pair of children, Prince Leo

There was much bickering, and fighting when the King died, but the eldest son, Hadrian took the throne. Their mother Morgase stepped back, becoming Queen Regent, with no fuss. She guided her eldest son in his right to rule their kingdom, and watched them thrive. But he was displeased with marrying off his siblings. The boys were a handful, and his baby sister, the jewel in all of their eyes, was fiercer than the sandcat that took their father. She was brought up to become a lady, a true Princess, and one day a Queen, but with having so many brothers she wielded a sword, and a bow. She relished in the savagery, and loved the hunt, and was not used to being pursued. Her mind was sharp, and she was beautiful. She knew how politics were played, and would make a lovely Queen, if she would just calm down. Hadrian sent out nobles, men he trusted, to find her a husband, a Prince out of the south, one who would become a King. One who could tame his unruly sister, and turn her into the gentle woman she was supposed to become.

She was uninformed about the betrothal when the appropriate Prince was found, and Luxia flew into a rage to find her things packed. Her twin brother, the sibling that was still older than herself by a few hours, and the one who was closest to her, Leo, had to calm her. The others all made promises to come and visit, to be at her wedding, to make sure she would love her new home. To be positive she was being treated properly. Every brother except Hadrian promised her, and Luxia left her homeland with a deep hatred for her eldest brother deep in her heart.

She rode in a carriage for near four months, making her way slowly to her new home, and her betrothed. The entire time she sulked. Her fury grew as she learned that her husband was rumored to be cruel, especially to his b*****d half brother, fathered by the King. That he cared not for any sibling, nor any rules. He chased women down, beat them bloody fi they didn't give him what he wanted. He sounded like a spoiled brat, and a small part of her felt bad for the half brother. It must be terrible to have a sibling like that.

Finally the day came where they arrived at her new home. When the carriage stopped she nearly leapt from it, and brushed aside the doorman. She wanted to go home, but she was glad to be released from the confines. But as soon as she was free from the carriage she wanted to go back in. It was cold here, colder than she ever had felt before. She looked around as her carriage pulled away, and saw servants retrieve her trunks and retreat with them into the palace. Finally her gaze rested on a handsome man standing at the palace doors. He smiled at her, and stepped down. Was this her betrothed, or his brother? Confusion made her mind reel. She didn't know how to greet him.

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