I went to 1D World, Singapore yesterday with my younger sister and dad. The pop-up store was humongous! (At least, according to me.) There was a wide variety of One Direction merchandise one can get there. It's pretty amazing. First of all, I saw a Signing Wall next to the merchandise. There was a guy sprawled on the ground and just scrawling on the board with a fat, black marker.

I giggled and checked out the merchandise. It was AWESOME! There were beanies, caps, clothes, wristbands, phone casings, keychains, the life-sized cut-out and basically everything. The bags were cool too. There was also a little corner where you can get your picture taken in front of a green screen. Your photo will be cropped into one of the One Direction templates you choose.

*sighs dreamily*
Well, here's what we bought;
- The Ultimate Directioner's Collector Box
• Large One Direction calendar x1
• Wristbands with their names on it x5
• Tote Bag x1
• Floating pen x1
• Necklace x1
• Photo sets x5

- Purple Cap
- Louis Tomlinson mini figurine with keychain
- Harry Styles mini figurine with keychain (for my friend)

In total, it costed $107. We could've gotten the $50 voucher and saved some cash! (;

By the way, the pop-up stand will be opening from 19 August, 2013 to 2 September, 2013 at The Cathay, Cineplex, Level 1 External Atrium. (;